Is Traditional Marketing DEAD

By | wednesday, December 30, 2015

Digital Marketing


Marketing is the way to communicate with people and make them understand and update about a particular brand, value of a product to the audience. As the technologies are evolving at rapid rate, Market is directly proportional on it. Traditional Marketing includes: Advertising through news papers, TV, Radio, Flyers, Cards etc on the other hand Modern Marketing or precisely #DIGITAl_ MARKETING focus on a more set of targeted audience through #internet & #social_media. No doubt traditional marketing techniques has delivered high success rates but with high use of internet and mobile, traditional marketing finding it difficult to deliver result in #isolation, on the other hand Digital Marketing has proved itself as cost effective and highly result oriented as it reached to millions of users. These days people are spending more time on #Facebook than on TV, using watsapp over normal text messages. The ability to target more defined set of audience is more in Digital Market with the measurable techniques to check the return rate in real time is making more difficult to stand the old school marketing techniques in today’s demanding market. There is no second thought on the fact that #Digital_Marketing is doing great these days, and to complete any Marketing plan successfully, Digital is now an essential part of the plan and has engulf a large section and budget and management strategies. If your business/brand is not visible on google or other search engines, there is a doubt on your existence in customers mind, visibility on search engines are somehow helping to build your Brand Image. Go with the flow by adopting new trends of Digital Marketing, you don’t need a marketing background for this. Your urge to learn more can help you out. We are arranging a Free Workshop on 10th & 17th Jan 2016 Who all can be a part of the workshop Students Job Seekers Working Professional Entreprenuers Location: Pitampura, Delhi register your seat
Create A Headline, To Grab Attention!!

By | Thursday, December 31, 2015

Digital Marketing


When we talk about promoting a business these days, the first thing come into the mind is the “Social Media, and when it comes to Social Media, keyword used on the website or promotional images has its own essence. Nowadays Business owners have almost discarded the traditional world of marketing. New technologies take over the old conventional ways of promotion. While doing promotions through Social Media or making the products and services visible on the website. Content Marketing plays an important role, In brief Content Marketing is talking to the audience and purpose is to pull the traffic on the website and retain them by creating meaningful content after that. Content Marketing is the way of communicating with the visitors without selling the product or services in actual to them. Content marketing is a continuous process and undoubtedly helps in generating leads. Content Strategy includes delivering the valuable information to visitors, buyers , which in result helps in generating loyalty with the customers, branding and business. Future of Content Marketing: Earlier Content Marketing is being used by some of the greatest marketing organization in the world like Microsoft, CISCO, P&G, Nestle etc. Now the Content Marketing is no more restricted to any territory of the Big Giants of the market, but has stepping into the territory of small businesses and one person shop. Content marketing covers a 360 degree marketing which includes content visible on the website, information sent by the companies time to time over mail or message through promotional ads etc, what matters is whether the content is relevant and valuable or not. Appropriate content is not about numbers of words in it, it is more of where a person Stop, Read, Think, Reflex. Content Marketing is simply indicates”Be The Best Answer”
Form a Strategic Internet Marketing Plan: Be A SEO Strategist

By | Friday, April 19, 2019

Digital Marketing


SEO undoubtedly is the most important word in Digital Marketing, but unfortunately lack of knowledge about this unable the marketers to work around SEO Strategy. It is common being a user when we Google something we generally review first few search results. So if a websites manages to come on the first page of Google, that website can enjoy heavy traffic on the website. Here, SEO plays a crucial role, SEO is not a rocket science, there are facts behind it. Search Engines rank a websites according to complex algorithm, which helps in finding website relevant to search terms. Algorithm mainly works on keywords density, Meta tags, tittles, inbound links, website content and website traffic. Coming on the first few search result not only generate heavy traffic on the website but also give ample opportunity to convert visitors into customers hence in short "High ROI". The world of SEO is becoming more complex day by day and making it difficult for business owner, who do not specialized in SEO to complete. Hire a SEO Expert or be your own boss. Investment in knowledge pay the best interest!! Join us & learn how to achieve the Best Interest
Beyond Google

By | Monday, March 18, 2019

Google Updates


Nowadays every one is looking for options be it food, apparel, studies, career, business, ......................promotions. After more than a decade of dominating the market, Google may be on decline. Marketers are now searching other stones to keep their foot on and make them self stable than before in the market. Though Google has created its branding as search engine very well long back, and in lay mans language a search engine means GOOGLE!! But as per the current trend and competition, Instead of relying just on Google, Entrepreneurs are engaging in more direct forms of Interacting with their Target Market. Digital Marketing has emerged as a ineluctable part of any business. Be a part of this flow and learn how to grow If you are: - Working Professional - Job Seeker - Entrepreneurs - Student Join Our Demo Class on 27th Dec, 2015, visit us @
Mark Zuckerberg planning for own Artificial Assistant in 2016

By | Monday, March 18, 2019

Google Updates


CEO-Facebook Mark Zuckeberg shared his dream to build an assistant, who can do households work, recognize faces baby sitting with his own baby, and showing company data in the presentations when required. Every year Mark Zukerberg takes a new challenge and this year he is working on his own artificial intelligence project, by building an assistant for user through the Messenger App. Every year, I take on a personal challenge to learn new things and grow outside my work at Facebook. My challenges in recent years have been to read two books every month, learn Mandarin and meet a new person every day. My personal challenge for 2016 is to build a simple AI to run my home and help me with my work. You can think of it kind of like Jarvis in Iron Man. Im going to start by exploring what technology is already out there. Then Ill start teaching it to understand my voice to control everything in our home -- music, lights, temperature and so on. Ill teach it to let friends in by looking at their faces when they ring the doorbell. Ill teach it to let me know if anything is going on in Maxs room that I need to check on when Im not with her. On the work side, itll help me visualize data in VR to help me build better services and lead my organizations more effectively. Every challenge has a theme, and this years theme is invention. At Facebook I spend a lot of time working with engineers to build new things. Some of the most rewarding work involves getting deep into the details of technical projects. I do this with when we discuss the physics of building solar-powered planes and satellites to beam down internet access. I do this with Oculus when we get into the details of the controllers or the software were designing. I do this with Messenger when we discuss our AI to answer any question you have. But its a different kind of rewarding to build things yourself, so this year my personal challenge is to do that. This should be a fun intellectual challenge to code this for myself. Im looking forward to sharing what I learn over the course of the year.
Are You A Start-Up??? Lets have a Quick look

By | Friday, April 19, 2019

Digital Marketing


Digital Revolution is the Third Industrial Revolution. It a weapon in the marketing world, if used significantly to target the set of specific audience, branding, engage customers, measures results. If you are planning to open a startup make sure that your are aware of the fact that people today are dependent on digital tools and techniques TV, radios, news papers has been replaced by smart phones, tabs, facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and You tube etc. Options are many but again if you want to avail all you will lack in all, so here are some tips you can consider while making your Digital Marketing Strategy for Social Media: #Target Audience Audience these days are easy to reach, but you have to give a considerable time in extracting the set of audience you want to focus out of the large sample set. Being a startup the temptation to reach all is normal, but this would be a big mistake for entrepreneurs while starting up. You have to set some question before targeting the audience What is your product What age group your are focusing Which location you want your establishment initially Choices available to reach your audience How your message would be designed so that audience can relate that What is your USP Should you be targeting B2B or B2C You have to decide all the above before taking the Digital Way #Digital Platform Websites, blogs, video and pod casts, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin - where do you fit in and how? You have to make a strategy to convert audience from these social media platforms to your websites, and if you are using the Social Media don’t be a spoiling spot , you have to be as much as active you can be through your posts and comments. Post Creative, interesting, unique information, which your target audience may want to see and explore. Access of every thing has their other sides as well, too much posting or posting on others walls may result “BLOCKED” by other people or ignorance by the audience. There is no Rocket Science behind #Digital_Marketing, A proper strategy will make you feel the difference
What Will Be Your Digital Strategy for 2016???

By | Monday, March 18, 2019

Social Media Marketing


Facebook Messenger: Few weeks back Facebook announces that the businesses can also install a facebook messenger box on their website to utilize as a live chat option on Website. Native Advertisement: It is a form of paid media. Native ads will become the essential part of your digital marketing strategy in 2016. “As some websites already losing upto 40% of their ad revenue because of ad blocking.” Automation is important: Automation Strategy Would Be Widely used by the marketers who wants to find gaps in theirs sales and marketing funnels Pay Now button: Functionality to buy directly from a social media is going to be popularly used in 2016 Social Advertisement: In 2015 Digital Ad spend will have grown 17.2% and 13.5 % in 2016(source: Interpublic Groups Magna Global). Social ads will encourage people to do something, not just reviewing the Ads. Non-responsive website will hamper your SEO visibility: Mobile user experience is about to become essential to success in search, Mobile would be the king. Firefoxs new Partnership with Yahoo and Googles Market share: Yahoo and Bing will get a boost from yahoos partnership with Mozilla. Yahoo and Bing currently hold a combined share of around 30 percent which will likely to increase by 5% to 10%. Video: Facebook video views have surpass the Youtube in the last half of the year 2015, so we can predict how influencing the videos would be in 2016 Hope you have kept the above points in mind while making you 2016 Marketing Strategy.
Dont you have enough likes on your facebook page??

By | Monday, March 18, 2019

Social Media Marketing


Though there are so many other Social Media Platforms, Facebook is still the KING. In order to get result from social media Facebook must be on the top in your Digital Marketing Strategy Having thousand of like on your face-book page ensures you have fans who will visit and probably read your next article. Setting up a page on facebook is not enough, you need to make a strategy to get more and more engagement on the page. Engagement: Comments on other walls, reply to comments on your post, Create such post which involves your member. Value: Are you providing value? are you education or entertaining while posting on your page? would you want to see what you are posting in yours "News Feed" everyday?if No, sorry boss you are SPAMMING!! Schedule your Post: Provide the value at constant intervals. Post multiple times a day but give some space to the audience Focus on facts that matters: What determines the success of your page, is it the REACH, Page Likes etc or the conversion of the traffic to your websiteDo your ads result in conversion and sales? Sell to your Members: Existing members are the more likely to buy your goods and services, are you focusing non member by posting more, than catering your existing database?? Target you members to get more references. Come and learn More about Digital Tools & Techniques at Workshop on Digital Marketing on 10th Jan & 17th Jan, at Pitampura center, 1100hours Who all are invited : Students/Job Seekers/ Entrepreneurs/ Working Professional
Govt Launches 23 New Schemes Under Digital India Mission

By | Thursday, June 6, 2019

Digital Marketing


Government has launched 23 new programs to empower Indians with Internet and Technology. While inaugurating the new programs, Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asked all states to emulate these visionary programs, and empower the nation He said, “The basic objective should be to scale, because unless services are taken to the masses, digital inclusion will not succeed as asymmetry of information leads to asymmetry of opportunity..” The new announcement caters 4 main objectives of Digital India :
Digital Empowerment
On-demand government services
Promotion of industry as a whole
Digital infrastructure
4 highlights of Schemes are: National Centre of Geo-Informatics : With a budget of Rs 98.28 Crore for three years, Govt. will develop an enhanced, advanced National Centre of Geo-Informatics. This platform helps in sharing and collaborating GIS data source and location-based analytics that will aid central and state governments in planning, decision-making and electronic delivery of services. Payment Bank by India Post:By March 2017, India Post will launch its own Payment Bank across India. In this initiation, various top financial institutions including World Bank and Barclays have shown interest to become a partner and take it further. Data Centre for NIC at Bhuwaneshwara:A new and fully featured 40,000 square feet Data Centre would be launched in Bhuwaneshwara for National Informatics Centre (NIC), which would be fully cloud-enabled. A budget of Rs 189 Crore has already been allocated for the project. PayOnline: National ePayment Gateway: A unique, one of its kind national ePayment gateway has been planned, using which every Indian citizen can easily make payments for all Government based transactions, ecommerce payments and other such related tasks. Collaboration with 67 banks has been envisioned for the same. 23 Schemes launched by Government under #DigitalIndiaMission: Inauguration of Wi-Fi hotspots at Har ki Pauri, Haridwar and Dargah Sharif, Ajmer Announcement of Pan India Free Incoming Roaming Facility for MTNL Customers from New Year. Cyber Security Launch of Post-Terminals (Rural ICT – RICT) – handing over Post Terminals to rural Post Masters. Launch of National Centre of Geo-Informatics Launch of Information Security Education and Awareness (ISEA) Phase-II Launch of e-Payment Portal Launch of Olabs for Schools All India BPO Promotion Scheme Digital Locker Mobile App North East Business Process Outsourcing Promotion Scheme Transfer of Technology for “ICT Centre on Tactile Graphics” at IIT Delhi Announcement of Setting up of NIC Data Centre at Bhubaneswar Dedication of 10 lakh connections with Next Generation Network (NGN) capacity Initiating empanelment for private cloud Services providers Transfer of Text To Speech Technology in 9 Indian Languages Digital India Newsletter – English || 7 Digital India Newsletter – Hindi Special Manpower Development Program for Chips to System Design Launch of ISEA phase 2 programme Announcement of Setting up of New STPI Centres ToT “ICT Centre on Tactile Graphics” at IIT Delhi ( PH) ToT Digital Programmable Hearing Aid (DPHA) Mobile Towers in Naxalite areas (LWE) in Madhya Pradesh Croissant School of Digital Marketing supports #DigtalIndia and hence offering Digital Marketing Course with Nominal fee, so that students who want to boost up there career in Digital Marketing and are not able to afford, can join and get trained with 100% Placement Assistance. Croissant School of Digital Marketing supports #DigtalIndia and hence offering Digital Marketing Course with Nominal fee, so that students who want to boost up there career in Digital Marketing and are not able to afford, can join and get trained with 100% Placement Assistance. Register for free Demo Session or enroll for the course at
SEO: Too much to know for Future and so much to learn from History!!

By | Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Local SEO


When you are new to SEO, you probably make more mistakes as it is a complicated line of work and experience and various P&C makes you perfect with time. SEO belongs to that sector of Digital Marketing which contains too much to know for future and too much to learn from history.

If you just entered the sea of SEO this article will really help you as you can relate and figure out your mistakes and rectify them within real-time. Below are the normal areas where new SEO usually lacking and commit mistakes.

  • Client is a forever entity: Sometimes we underestimate the presence of Clients in our business and start ignoring them when they become more demanding. To check the value of the client, start calculating the cost to acquire one. You will realize that spending a little more to retain that client is much cheaper than acquiring a new one. To provide your client an outstanding experience and in return, you will get long term revenue and for this what you have to do is to go above and beyond the call of duty, going the extra mile is always rewarded.
  • Sticking with your contacts when a client is on board you have set some services for which you get paid under the contract. When you board a client you always keep the expectations of the client on a higher note. but it is your job to caters those services, sometimes there are scenarios like, we settle on a number of things initially and later on we realized that we are not getting response from those, so we should increase our expertise to achieve the response, be that things are not laid down in the contract.
  • FocusIt is always easy to rank your page with easy keywords. Even if those pages are not contributing to the growth of the company. Forget the little technical stuff. save that for end.keep a note on the following:- focus on the keywords that generate return.- Do not waste time on those strategies that do not matter- Create a proper strategy before starting any client and update them with periodic reports.
  • You think you know, what you don't know in actual. SEO is the ever learning field. you can not have enough of this. Nothing is constant in this field, new updates keep it spontaneous. for example, Google uses an algorithm to determine how to rank a page and this also keeps on changing. Your SEO efforts to rank your page in 2014 may not work to rank your page in 2016. Do you know when the last google changes its algo? if no, then that what you do not know.
  • Take help before its too late: Usually your efforts to boost the rank of the page will result in 6 months. However, if you are not noticing any changes in a few months at all, it is high time to take assistance. If the page is not moving up than you might be doing something wrong. Avoid waiting too long for assistance as the owner of the website is also having a check on SERPs and if they are no seeing any results you might be in danger.

Croissant School of Digital Marketing teaching you the tools and techniques that will help you in your current SEO job, learning is a continuous process. Come and join the course of Digital Marketing We serve what we commit Register your interest on or call: 9999613181
The Advent of Modern Times in SEO Strategies

By | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Digital Marketing


In todays dynamic era, it is substantial to remain updated with upcoming marketing trends to secure a leading position amongst your competitors. Before commencing a new business, you go through deep commercial research and understand the scenario to attain higher profits. Similarly, revised SEO methods and tactics will encourage you to triumph over the online world and collect handsome revenue. It is rightly said that “change is the essence of development.” Your job is to put those changes into action as per your standards or requirements. Engaging the latest digital marketing trends will make you stand out in the crowd and evolve your intelligence in the current high-tech century
We have come up with 8 impactful SEO techniques to increase online traffic. The year 2019 demands for topmost google rankings, so be the one to ace it. Higher organic traffic shoots up the overall ROI(Return On Investment) of your SEO strategy. CTCDC is a real digital marketing institute that truly understands your objectives and prepares you to bloom overseas by imparting the latest skills and developments in technology

8 Impressive SEO tactics to make you a digital marketing pro in 2019

Digital marketing new developments, trends, and updates help to optimize your SEO techniques and comprehensive performance.

latest SEO Strategies

Promoting Video Content

Video marketing has become a strong strategy these days to document your business proposals and creative ideas. Promo videos create a personal link with potential customers while displaying real characters and relative experiences. It provides a perfect blend of visual and hearing impact on viewers which advocates faith and loyalty. Video offers an exquisite demonstration of your product for customers to reach on a fair judgment which eventually leads to generate admiration for your marketing strategies. Dont forget! Images and videos speak louder than a heap of words. CTCDC trains you not only to create influential promo videos but also communicate the best ways to entice the target audience.

Optimize for SEO 2019

Voice Search will govern SEO in 2019

“Hey, Google! Find the meaning of onomatopoeia". Everyone must be aware of such voices murmuring around searching for one or the other thing. This ultra-effective technique is known as Voice Search Optimization. Nowadays voice search has become the key to success for upcoming flourishing brands. Searchers prefer to use their voices instead of scrolling through sites on your mobile screens. Only 4.9%-word error rate was recognized against a 95% accuracy rate in 2018 if talking about Google Assistant competency of understanding the English language. Programs like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana are amongst the leading voice search assistants. To acquire top rankings, it is essential to ensure that your website loads speedily as google appreciates those websites that load fast. It is advised to include easier and longer keywords that users can use orally while searching. People generally use full sentences while giving voice commands as opposed to short message language. Keep your content organized and insert featured keywords so the voice box can easily identify customers demand and connect it to you straight away. CTCDC educates you to acquire expertise with Voice Search capabilities. We instruct you to create optimized content for voice search and prepare you to approach the target audience in a much trendy way.

Designing Mobile-friendly Website

You must have heard the term Mobile First Indexing as an important step in the field of advanced digital marketing. It is considered as one of the latest google development to shape cyberspace more mobile-friendly. Taking into account the increasing number of mobile users, Desktop Site is being replaced with Mobile Site as the primary version. A comfortable experience for a mobile visitor can raise a phenomenal number for visitors to your website. Creating a Responsive Mobile-Friendly Website is the ultimate key to unlock the doors of the online marketing world for you.
CTCDC evidently knows that SEO is all about guiding the right people to locate the right things on the right website. We simply seek the finest ways to achieve that. The mobile revolution calls for Digital Marketing experts to own mobile-friendly web design. So, ready to face the competitive world? If not, dont panic. We are here to help you. Join hands with us as a beginner to shake hands with your clients as professional digital marketers.

SEO enrichment is a cakewalk when Social Media befriends you

Hey! I just saw a superb advertisement on Facebook, Ill share the link. These are the common conversations you might have heard around you. What if they talk about your products advertisement? Social media sites have created a benchmark as an effective tool to strengthen your Google ranking. Links shared on Facebook and Twitter are taken into account in terms of ranking signal, confirmed by Danny Sullivan (Author of Search Engine Land). In January 2018, Matt Cutts released a video declaring that Social Media channels do not influence search engine result rankings. However, Neil Patel in his article “Why Social is the new SEO” clarified “We need to understand that search engine optimization includes the search that happens on social media search engines”. His research explained all the notions and proclaimed Social sites as one of the most important ways that you can invest time, works and money to earn profitable outcome.
The three magical words “Like, Comment and Share” can stimulate the fractions of Googles algorithm, rendering you a hike in google rankings. Sharing of your business proposals through popular social media sites help to reach a larger audience and index your blog content faster. Social citations of your brand assist in engaging a large audience as well as allows you to manage your online reputation single-handedly. After thorough research and survey, it is said that social media marketing can touch more personally than webpages.
CTCDC builds a social media marketing expert out of your intelligence, capabilities, and efforts. Our advanced teaching sessions are loaded with knowledgeable modules and contemporary digital marketing concepts.

SEO Trend

Old SEO strategies V/S new SEO tactics

There has been a drastic shift taken place in the realm of Search Engine Optimization. SEO marketing tricks have tailored to modern user style. New school SEO strategies rank for relevant keywords as contrasted with ranking for all keywords. Stuffing your content with keywords unnecessarily is an old school teaching. Upgraded Google demands precise, accurate and intent matching content. The spotlight has shifted from seller-oriented to the buyer-oriented website. To build a strong SEO it is necessary to persuade viewers and stand up to their demands as CUSTOMER IS THE KING. Creating an appropriate title for the body content is the need of the hour as against old ways of fooling the viewers by displaying unplanned titles. If you are still using outdated SEO strategies then its high time to upgrade your ways. CTCDC consists of well qualified and experienced faculty to refine your marketing skills and frame you as a digital marketing specialist by conferring trendy SEO tactics of 2019.

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What are Different Posts in SEO Jobs

By | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Digital Marketing


As we know all of our 5 fingers in one hand have different size, shape and orientation and all of them are unique. Likewise, SEO is that hand from where different fingers or branches emerge. It gives birth to diverse SEO job profiles with separate job titles. You must have heard just about an SEO expert or an SEO consultant or simply an SEOer. That’s why today’s blog is to aware you about multiple divisions of SEO so that you can take a well-informed decision regarding your career in SEO domain. Each SEO division performs exclusive tasks, therefore it is highly important to be a good judge when it comes to your future and financial stability.


SEO is a blanket term where numerous SEO job profiles take shelter. The fundamental task of a Search Engine Optimizer is to examine, review, administer changes to websites in order to optimise them for Search Engines. SEO plays a prominent role in accelerating your sales and clients by maximising the traffic to your website. An ideal Search Engine Optimiser can make your dream fulfil of being on number one position in Google Search Result Pages . Many people do ask “How to be a successful SEO consultant”? Looking into the present scenario a modern website optimiser should be a problem fixer and focused thinker to make wise profitable decisions for clients.


Everyone cannot possess a similar set of interests, experience, skills and educational qualification. SEO offers encouraging job opportunities with distinct profiles. We have come up with a list of SEO job titles enlightening you about each of their tasks, position and salary.

SEO Trainee

SEO Trainee

SEO trainee is like the smallest member of the family who has to begin from the basics. A trainee is new into the SEO field and is made to study SEO techniques and its realistic applicability. An SEO trainee works under the supervision of an SEO executive. Tasks which an SEO trainee must be familiar with are:
  • On-page and off-page techniques
  • Conducting Keyword Research
  • Monitoring website performance
  • Knowledge of web technologies and computer languages
  • Average Salary of an SEO trainee- 12-15k per month

    SEO Executive

    An SEO executive can be called as the second child in the family. The ranking of an SEO executive is considered to be one level higher than an SEO trainee. Tasks performed by an SEO executive can vary from one organisation to another. The primary work is to monitor the functioning and progress of SEO objectives. Other responsibilities of an SEO executive:
  • Keep an eye on the activities of the competitors
  • Formulate Strategy Reports and Performance Records
  • Generate the most relevant SEO- friendly keywords
  • Design creative headlines and tags for the website
  • Discover productive ideas to maximise online traffic
  • Examine the quality and originality of the content
  • Average Salary of an SEO Executive- 22-27k per month

    SEO Analyst

    SEO Analyst

    The third SEO title in the chain of command is given to an SEO analyst. Viewing through the literal meaning, one can decipher that job of an SEO analyst is to analyse the work of an SEO executive. The task is limited not only to examining but also to counsel the best methods and SEO strategies. An SEO analyst plays a major role in maintaining the online reputation of a company’s website. Other duties of an SEO analyst:
  • Drive quality traffic to the website
  • Indulged into day-to-day search marketing activities like PPC
  • campaigns or social media management
  • Plan strategies for content improvement
  • Analyse backlinks and execute link-building ventures
  • Manage search engine ranks in order to enhance SEO techniques
  • Average Salary of an SEO Analyst- 25-30k per month
    SEO Specialist

    SEO Specialist

    An SEO specialist holds a superior position in the hierarchical order of SEO job titles. Your potential customers are just one step away from you and an SEO specialist can help you to bridge that gap. An SEO specialist conducts detailed online market research to build a powerful online presence of your company’s website. The implementation of marketing campaigns and SEO strategies are held under the supervision of an SEO specialist. The major responsibilities of an SEO specialist are:
  • Devise marketing strategies in accordance with the client’s goals and requirements
  • Inspect the website’s performance and employing appropriate measures
  • Rectify on-page and off-page errors
  • Utilise every Digital Marketing channel for gathering quality traffic
  • Convert online traffic into leads and then further into sales
  • Take care of every SEO news and update
  • Regularly Update website content with fresh blogs and articles
  • Average Salary of an SEO Specialist- 30-35k per month

    SEO Consultant

    An SEO consultant works like a mediator or third party intervener. SEO consultants have expertise in evaluating a company’s website. Going through detailed examination, an SEO consultant offers advanced ways and SEO strategies to enjoy finer search engine results. They specialize in providing productive suggestions to the company. Therefore, an SEO consultant can also be called as an SEO expert with all-inclusive knowledge and experience. Other duties of an SEO consultant:
  • Identify SEO-friendly keywords for boosting online traffic
  • Ensure mobile optimised experience for the viewers
  • Implementing strategies to strengthen link-building
  • Average Salary of an SEO consultant- 40-50k per month. It can vary according to per project charges.

    SEO Manager

    An SEO manager stands as the head of the family who delivers constant support and guidance to other members. The manager is intended to analyse each and every action performed in the domain of Digital Marketing. With the help of everyday report, An SEO manager builds strategies to drive sales and awareness. Intense knowledge of SEO-friendly keywords and impressive promotion campaigns are requisites to be an ideal SEO manager. Other tasks of an SEO manager encompasses:
  • In-depth market research and analysis
  • Forming and fostering an online group for contact building
  • Monitoring everyday tasks and furnishing subordinates with regular feedback
  • Formulation of SEO plans
  • Incorporate online marketing campaigns
  • Average Salary of an SEO manager- 50-60k per month. Vary as per experience.


    CTCDC is at your service for expert counselling and training in Digital Marketing. CTCDC is a renowned SEO Training Institute in Delhi for certified Digital Marketing course and make you familiar with The Advent of Modern Times in SEO Strategies. . We offer a variety of options and opportunities for our students to excel in their specialised field. Our Digital Marketing modules are infused with trendy SEO tactics and customised training sessions. With our Live Project handling experience, you can attain excellence in any of the SEO job profile or title mentioned above. What are you waiting for? Enrich your set of skills and achieve mastery in Digital Marketing.

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    Top 8 SEO Tools that Digital Marketer Recommended

    By | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

    seo tools


    All we can see and say is that SEO is the most important and the most difficult portion of running a site. Different search engines rank your site in different manners from time to time and never remain constant. We have to stay on the top with the efforts made by us only.

    But that’s not all, there are a lot of latest SEO tools that help you rank higher and the best part is that can keep you on the top if used in the correct manner.

    The ones that had been most useful for us throughout the year were mentioned below, so just jump into this digital sea of knowledge.

    1.) Google Keyword Planner Tool

    When we come to talk about SEO, the topmost used tool is Google keyword planner which is an amazingly useful tool. It shows it’s benefits pretty clearly and that why it comes to the number 1 position when we speak about the best SEO tools in Digital Marketing.

    Best SEO Tools

    The keyword idea that we can get here is something you can’t find anywhere else. Still, most of the SEOs don’t have the exact idea or a clue to get the most out of Google keyword planner tool.
    It is absolutely free of cost and we don’t need to use the money on AdWords for getting access to it. All you would need is a Google Account.

    2.) Bing Keyword Research Tool

    When it comes to Bing keyword research, then all your doubts and queries are sorted and that also via organic searches, not the paid or advertised ones. Hence, providing you the most precise data that you can get.

    Free SEO Analysis

    Another benefit from Bing Keyword Research tool is that it shows us all the keywords on the basis of the search done by people from the last 6 months and also it creates the results in a wide range of languages that support you to polish your ideas for the customers you are serving. You can also find the history of the last 25 keywords from history for getting comparatively quicker access to the topic you want to search.

    3.) Word Tracker

    When we talk about SEO tools, we cannot move forward without discussing this tool which is grabbing the attraction worldwide and helping us grow our business and increase profits. You actually get the keywords you can trust blindly. It saves your time and helps you improve your search engine rank. You get to attract the targeted traffic to your website and find out more profitable traffic to the website.

    Free SEO Tools

    It is one of the most advantageous SEO tools and for that reason, it is not free of cost. Still, it’s the tool that searches the keyword that is most authoritative on the internet to increase the targeted traffic and doubling the profits. The best part is that you get organic results and hence, it’s a database you can trust as it provides direct access to the latest data.

    4.) Moz

    Again, Moz provides us with a series of tools in its toolbox, including an enormous number of tools such as keyword suggestion, SERP features, SERP feature tracking, saved lists, accurate volume data, etc. And the list goes on with so many other impeccable features, being one of my favorite.

    MOZ SEO Tool

    Also, it has a tool for researching popular search trends that makes it one of the most impressive features that it includes. Basically, it is an alternate option to Google PageRank and possibly, more useful than that. It is comparatively a more accessible and informative tool and is open to all.

    5.) Keyword Discovery

    Keyword discovery is widely used by professionals to find and do research on alternative search terms that are entered by different people while searching on different search engines when they are searching for similar topics. While the professionals use these, they use additional keywords to find better results and once they do so, they expand it to find and form similar keywords.

    SEO Platform

    Most of the times, various search engines give their own keyword suggestion tools that include a plethora of keywords. Then that is used to select the correct keywords which depend on the SEO goals you have.

    6.) Keyword Spy

    This is one more free search tool that keeps an eye on the competitors. Although you just require to pay in order to access through the complete keyword, even the free information that they provide is plenty enough to keep you going.

    Top SEO Tools

    It gives you an estimate of how much according to them will it cost to you to advertise on a particular keyword on the one-day basis that provides you with an overview of the data that is one of the most useful and helpful tools at such a low cost. This is exceptionally amazing when it comes to the top SEO tools.

    7.) Spyfu

    Basically, Spyfu shows all the keywords that different sites purchase on Google AdWords. Also, the keywords that the website shows for the encrypted search results and also provides services like search volume statistics and Cost Per Click(CPC) on keyword and then emulsifies the approximate cost expenditure that could be spent on advertising.

    SEO Software

    The budgets offered by Spyfu also gives an approximate idea of how much will it cost on the next advertisement project. The aim of this tool is to spy on the keywords used by other competitors to improve the quality of SEM and SEO strategies based on them. It can also uncover emerging or upcoming markets.

    8.) SEM Rush

    Last but not least, SEMrush is the one that sells most of the marketing analytics software and online visibility subscriptions as an SEO tool with a browser extension before taking the SaaS (software as a service) model. Hence, being one more useful SEO tool.
    This software provides you with all the intelligence data which includes topic research, lead generation, website traffic information, site audit, keywords projected AdWord spend and other SEO related data.

    SEO Analyzer

    All we can say now, after taking this digital Marketing dip is that SEO used in the right manner can make or break your rank. Although SEO is a small part of the whole system, it is the CPU of our ranking. We can’t start or function without it. Hope this helps you gain some good ranks. Stay tuned.

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    How Google Search Engine Works
    How Google Search Engine Works!!

    By | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

    Crawling and site Audits


    In our day to day life as we are observing that intensity of Google searches increasing regularly, everyone wants to take their business online and wants to rank at first page of search engine. Today we will understand about this that how exactly Google Search Engine works. For eg. if we want to go for a vacation to himachal, then we will search best places to visit in Himachal.
    We get results as shown:
    how google search engine works

    How these searches appear on SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

     search engine result page
    Ranking of webpages depends on thousands of factors but we don t need to understand all that. Some major factors are:

    Density of focused keywords

    When Google spiders or crawlers, crawls the content it will check about density of focused keywords. If the density is high then it will gives negative impact and if it is less then also it also results to negative, then whats the right number?
    Ideal density of keywords must be 2-3% with respect to the content and majorly focus on phrase keywords. for eg.
    Visiting places - single word keyword Visiting places in Himachal - Two word keyword Best places to visit in Himachal in summer - phrase keyword
    Always try to keep ideal density and use phrase keywords.

    How old your webpage is

    There are around 300 webpages created every second, people make new sites in every minute but how long they remain stick with it matters. Not everyone continued there pages/sites for a long period. Therefore, the more old your domain is the more benefit you will get but the condition is that your content is always up to dated.

    The number of internal & external link your pages have

    Quality backlinks always matters, whether your webpage redirects to some external site or from some other sites traffic is directing on your webpage gives a positive impact. None of the above factor works individually, but all 3 are important wrt to one another.

    Backend Working of Google Search Engine

    Basicallly crawlers first crawl the content what we updated on server, it classified the content in different categories on the basis of title and description tag.Try to focus your primary keywords in title and description tag. During classification the content indexed according to categories and when user searches for anything, Google checks its dictionary and show results.
    To know more about crawlers and indexing click here.
    Here circle ends, result shows on the above factors.
    Google has largest web network of spiders therefore, users and marketers recommend Google Search Engine for researches.

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    7 Top On-page SEO Activities that will Boost your Business

    By | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

    On Site SEO


    As we all know that in the phase of competition everyone wants outcome with desired results. So the question raised is that what are the On-page activities that boost up our site’s rank within a few months in Google Search Engine. Today we will discuss on-page optimization, a non-technical person can also do these. This is a myth that for digital marketing you must be techy, any field marketer can also experience Digital marketing Training easily.

    On-page Activities

    1.Title tag


    Title tag is something which defines the niche or category of your site to the crawlers of search engine. Crawlers can classified your site on the basis of title tag during indexing, and shows on SERP’s at the time of relevant searches. Users can also understand your site by title.

    2.Description tag


    Again, function of description tag is same as off title tag but it defines the summary of your webpages. Each webpage indexed according to their category.
    NOTE : Title and description tags defined for each webpage in a site. Major one considered as off home page.

    3. Meta keywords


    As name defines “keywords, it refers to the categories of your products or services in the eye of crawlers. In latest updates Google defines that it cannot consider keyword tags, still crawlers crawls the tag if you added it and it helps.

    4.URL Structure


    URL structure must be search engine friendly so that it will easily read the URLs. When user searches for something at that moment it’s a game of seconds in which Google show results, so make it as simple as possible. Most prefered one is “www.yourdomain/yourpage/your-topic” It defines everything.

    5.H1 to H6 tags


    These tags considered as the heading tags, It’s easy for crawlers and users to understand the content with highlighted headings. And in ranking it helps too, as crawlers don’t need to read whole content, it understands with headings only.

    Majorly prefer Title with H1 tag, Subheadings with H2 or H3 tag, Discussion tag with H4, rest depends on content formation and writer.

    6. Content optimization and stuffing


    Content optimization refers to the presentation of your content, try to make it user friendly and understandable so that user can stay and read it, otherwise in return you will get a bounce rate. Another factor is keyword density - Primary focused keywords must be range with 2-3% , according to Google’s guidelines. Content not be much stuffed, it will considered as a black hat SEO.

    7.Internal and External Linking:


    Last but most important is linking of your web pages whether internal or external. Putting connects to your other site pages, is an incredible method for improving your site and utilized appropriately, interior connections can be a helpful weapon in your SEO arms stockpile. In addition to the fact that it makes it a lot simpler for your guests to explore around your site and discover the majority of your substance, yet it likewise guarantees that your site gets legitimately crept enabling the web search tools to discover the majority of your pages. It likewise constructs the pertinence of a page to important watchwords and expressions, while additionally expanding the Google PageRank of your pages. These all activities come under SEO training.

    Hope this will be helpful for you.

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    Top Off- page Activities to drive Organic Traffic

    By | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

    Links and link building


    As we understand that SEO is the necessity for getting organic traffic to your business website or blog. SEO includes both on-page and off-page optimization.

    Here we discuss Off-page SEO strategies, Off Page SEO, is one of the real pieces of Search Engine Optimization. There are a few off page SEO methods used to improve page rank in the web search results page. Off Page, activities performed outside the page. We should manufacture great quality connections with great specialist locales by which we can rank higher on SERP positioning.

    1.Social Posting


    Social posting refers to Social media engagement, if you want to grow your business quickly and exponentially then social media is the necessity. Social also provides backlinks to main site and clients too. It’s a major in concern in Digital Marketing

    2. Creating Shareable Content


    Content must be your first priority whether it’s on-page or off-page SEO. Try to make user friendly content, someone read it and fell to share it. That is something called mouth publicity, nothing will be more beneficial than this.

    3.Forum Posting


    There are 100s of forum posting sites post your content there with a fresh content, must not be plagiarised. Select the topics of your niche, read previous forums, understand the discussion and after that write your content. This is same for Article Submission which is another off-page activity.

    4.Classified Posting


    Post your free ads on classified sites for your business. From there you will get clients to your business and some sort of traffic too on your website. Previously it cannot be considered as a major activity but now it is, as classifieds are updating day by day.



    Major example of Question & Answering site is Quora, hope rest you will understand. Engage to ask and answer queries to others related to your website or blog category will help to grow ranking of webpages. Only the condition is share link of different webpages.

    6.Photo Submission


    These are the public sites where you can share images, with image sharing give your site or web pages links as alt tag. Try to share informative images, at least user read it and got some information.

    7.Small Blogging


    Use blogger, it provides free of cost domain and server. Here you can share mini blogs around 250-350 words which are just informative not promotive. Try to write on similar topics to your main site and content must not be plagiarized. Link blogger A/C with your main site.



    Use 2.0 entities for blogging like wordpress, joomla etc. Have a one page of blogs on main site and at least use one 2.0 entity for blogging. Here you can post informative and promotive blogs.

    9.Article Submission


    This is same as of forum posting. Thing to remember is content must be fresh, not plagiarized. Articles generally contains news or research topics related to your business or blog.

    10.Infographics Submission


    Infographics are pictorial presentation of any theoretical information or data which are easy and quick to understand. So you can share your information in the form infographics with your domain and web pages links.

    11.Search Engine Submission


    Search Engine Submission considered as submission of domain and web pages links to different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, etc.

    12. Forum & Blog Commenting


    Engage with posted forums and blogs of others, just leave appreciation comments or sometimes you may leave promotive comments too. Never directly promote your business try to gave benefits to them indirectly.

    13. Video Submission


    Share your business videos on different sites which are specially for video submission, so that users understand about your business through videos and there are possibilities to get direct clients. You already have benefit of backlinks.

    14. PDF Submission


    Here you can submit PDFs which explains your business or any topic related to that, so that you will get traffic from these sites. Image, Video and PDF submission are just to share information in different ways and getting backlinks in revert.

    So these are some known Off-page SEO strategies which help to increase ranking not immediately but gradually. Point to remember is that never do these all activities simultaneously but have these in regularity for better results. Understand complete SEO training.

    After any activity never forgets to index it and have regular follow-ups.

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    Opportunities in Digital Marketing

    By | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    Before discussing on what are the opportunities or job roles available in Digital Marketing, let’s see why one should opt Digital Marketing as Career?

    • India is an growing economy, it will touch a trillion economy by 2022 , marketing now a days is widely through Digital Platforms , which is generating more revenues then traditional marketing methods.
    • Digital Marketing is become an important ingredient to run the business and new way of doing the business

    Now let’s see Opportunities in Digital Marketing


    (All values are in thousands, stats reference

    Digital Marketer 39k
    SEO Executive/SEO Manager/SEO Analyst 22k
    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) 19k
    Social Media Marketing (SMM) 31k
    Content Marketing 15k
    Email Marketing Executive/Manager 17k

    Roles & Responsibilities in Digital Marketing:

    Digital Marketing Manager Implementing marketing campaigns, Analytics reports, Building & maintaining an online presence, etc.
    Web Analyst/Data Analyst Market research & analysis, create reports using website analytics tools.
    Email Marketer Implementing email marketing campaigns to promote product, page, or service & get leads.
    Social Media Marketer Develop & implement social media campaigns and social media strategies, increase audience engagement, promote brand via social media.
    Search Engine Marketer Implement paid search campaigns, Ensure maximum ROI on paid campaigns, In-depth competitor analysis & website analysis.
    SEO Specialist Increase website traffic through on-page & off-page optimisation, Implement keyword research strategies, Maintain performance reports.
    Content Marketer Develop friendly content, edit, & optimize website content, drive organic traffic, increase engagement through content which support SEO.

    In broad sense, Digital marketing is an area, in which you should have knowledge of all and master of one ….

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    Ads and Digital Marketing

    By | Monday, June 10, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    Nowadays we come across online shopping sites and Mobile Apps for each and every necessity, Food, Grocery, Clothes, Saloon, Beauticians, Footwear every other thing you think is available moreover there is a number of Mobile Apps which provide electrician, plumbers, and many more services @ doorstep.

    Have you ever thought, how many such apps and sites are available and how many of them you are aware of ??

    If we count on E-commerce websites, we can just count 4- 5 sites, Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Snap Deal, Jabong, similarly if we think on Grocery or Food, here also we know very few sites and even we are least bother if any other exist, as the current sites or apps provide us with we need and fulfill our necessity .

    Have you observed, when you search something on Flipkart or Amazon, suggestion and Ads starts popping up on our window, many of us wonder, what is this? this is what is Digital Marketing.

    SEO Training Institute

    Whenever you browse any shopping website on the internet your browsing details are captured by tracking cookies. This enables them to provide suggestions to you while you surf other websites such as Facebook, Google, etc.

    Cookies allow online marketers and retailers to deliver a personable experience to their customers.

    So when you browse for products on Amazon/flip kart, your browsing details get stored by such tracking cookies & the same is used to suggest similar products to you on Facebook and other websites you frequently visit, this how E-commerce sites capture your experience and publish, now when we show something continuously to user, things will on top of the mind and at the end of the day the product will get ordered and will, in turn, result in revenue.

    SMM Training Institute

    Digital Marketing is getting boom with growth in doorstep shopping trend, putting your business in the market in a number of creative ways and increasing the traffic on sites and resulting in growth in revenue and sales, this is what Digital marketing does.

    There are number of ways, you can put Ads, as explained in above example, you can increase the traffic by working on SEO of site, you can increase your visibility on Social Networking sites, you can follow paid campaigns so, there are number of ways you can grow with , so why wait , come and learn Digital Marketing @ CTCDC – Premium Digital Marketing Institute.

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    Top digital marketing interview Questions & Answers

    By | Friday, June 21, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    Are you waiting for your digital marketing interview and getting anxious about the interview? Don not worry it is a common thing in human being; we get tensed and baffled before any big thing especially this, our dream job. Here you will find questions which will not only give you an insight in digital marketing but will also help you in upcoming interview. Why this article needs to be read, it is because it is not only for fresher but also a DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. Digital marketing is a very vast concept and it is growing every day and will always grow but concept will remain the same, so here in this article you will read some ACCENTURE DIGITAL MARKETING INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. Every youngster wants to stay updated with the digital world and wants to build career in digital marketing, do not worry and feel pity of yourself if you do not have any degree in digital marketing, though this is a vast concept, this article will provide you some of the TOP DIGITAL MARKETING QUESTIONS. Staying updated with digital world will give you knowledge and build your confidence as well. Accessibility on internet is increasing day by day and digital marketing covers all marketing efforts that use an electronic device on internet. Usually inbound marketers say inbound marketing and digital marketing are same but there are some minor differences and this difference is clearly defined in this article especially for you people through INBOUND MARKETING INTERVIEW QUESTIONS. If you want to be a best digital marketer and build your career on it, staying updated with world is not a bad thing. For that you had to be better to get selected and shortlisted. You had to be a candidate who recruiters wants to select, one thing you can do to be that is ask good questions and here you will get to know more with DIGITAL MARKETING INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 2019.

    Common Interview Questions Related To Digital Marketing.

    Que:- Define SEO?

    Ans:- Search Engine Optimization is obtaining traffic from the search results on social engines through the free organic, editorial or natural medium.

    Que:- What is Digital Marketing?

    Ans:- Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using Digital technologies, it mainly includes marketing on the internet. It is done so with the aim of the promotion of goods and services.

    Que:- What differs Direct Marketing and Branding?

    Ans:- In the case of branding, the advertiser has to make his brand known to sites and applications to have a higher audience reach. The most known methods here are remarketing, YouTube ads, custom ads and display target ads.

    Advertisers use common technologies such as shopping ads, dynamic search ads, search network only and many more to directly communicate with the targeted audience in case of Digital marketing.

    Most people today go for Digital marketing as it comes with innumerable advantages. Hosting web development and SEO are some of the most useful platforms for online marketing. Online marketing allows one to reach a huge number of individuals quite easily via online marketing.

    Que:- Explain the limitations of Online Marketing.

    Ans:- The services and products that are offered or promoted are not tangible, and thus it is not possible for a customer to carefully look at whether the products they are buying are perfectly Ok or not. The products that are seen online sometimes turn out to be differing from the products that are delivered to the potential buyer placing the order. I mean you can not physically touch it.

    Que:- How relevant are Digital Marketing certification?

    Ans:- Digital Marketing Certification will help you to gain and intensify your authorization at the professional level over the course. It helps to set up knowledge and skill for Digital marketing. Taking this will help you gain more opportunities in becoming a highly professional Digital marketer.

    Que:- What research tools do you know regarding Digital Marketing?

    • Search Engine Optimization Tools: Moz, SEMRush, Screaming Frog, etc.
    • Organic Social Media: Sprout Social, Wyng, Woobox, etc.
    • Paid Social Media Tools: Nanigan, Facebooks Power Editor, Twitter Native Platform, etc.
    • Email Marketing Tools: MailChimp, Emma, Marketo, etc.
    • Display Retargeting Tools: AdRoll, ReTargeter, etc.
    • Programmatic Advertising Tools: ChoiceStream, Rocket Fuel,, etc.
    • Website Testing Tools: Unbounce, Oracle Maxymiser, Optimizely, etc.
    • Website Analytic Tools: Kissmetrics, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc.

    Que:- What is keyword streaming?

    Ans:- Keyword streaming means analyzing the relevant keywords and choosing the best for the website based on its target, in order to obtain traffic and leads through the keywords.

    Que:- What is keyword density?

    Ans:- when the keyword appears on a given webpage for the number of times in a content post as a ratio or percentage of the overall word count is known as keyword density.

    Que:- What is TF-IDF?

    Ans:-TF-IDF (Term Frequency and Inverse Document Frequency) is an advanced way of measuring keyword density.

    Que:- What is on-page optimization?

    Ans:-This type of SEO focuses directly on your website to improve its position in the search rankings.
    Taking into consideration things like overall content quality, page performance, and content structure for improving website ranking is on-page optimization.

    Que:- Off-page optimization?

    Ans:-This type of SEO refers to the page ranking factors that occur off your website, like back link from another site. It also includes your promotion methods, taking into account the amount of exposure something gets on social media.

    Que:- What is an Outbound link?

    Ans:-Outbound links are links that take you somewhere else. These are links that redirect you to another specific webpage or website on the internet.

    Que:- How are Bad links characterized?

    Ans:-Bad links are website links that are not related to your sites. They are links with low Pagerank and Low traffic. Links from link exchanges and those links which are from the same anchor texts coming from multiple websites are also characterized as bad links. Links from those sites that are not in Google index, Blogs or articles spammy links and Paid links are defective too.

    Que:- What is the best way to get a natural Backlink to your site?

    Ans:-Getting natural backlinks is difficult and almost zero for a newly launched website. A commonly used method to get a natural backlink is to write blogs on popular websites. Write to the users and give correct information. What is more important is that you must do it only for reputed websites.

    Que:- Name three important parts of the Meta Tag?

    Ans:-Title tag: It is the title of the web page shown when it is searched. It must consist of 40-50 characters.
    Description tag: This tag consists of the sites summary or the description about the sites content. It must have maximum 155 characters.
    Keyword tags: This is where one puts the keywords which are to be searched by the search engines. Keywords are important. They tell you what a site is about and what content it offers.

    Que:- What is an anchor text?

    Ans:-An anchor text is a visible, clickable text in hyperlink. It is commonly denoted in a blue and underlined format in modern browsers.

    Que:- What is Robots.txt?

    Ans:-Robots.txt is a text file webmaster which tells the web robots how to crawl on a website.

    Que:- What is meta robot tag?

    Ans:-Meta robots tag is a simple code that allows one to decide what can be hidden from search engine crawlers and what can be made visible to them.

    Que:- What are KPIs?

    Ans:-KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is a technique used by social media teams to measure the performance of their social media campaigns.

    Que:- Which KPI would you use in Social Media Reports?

    Ans:-Top KPI for modern social media teams include: number of likes, number of comments (engagements), follower growth, traffic, social interactions, social shares, and so on.

    Que:- What are Sneaky Redirects?

    Ans:-A redirect involves sending every clicker to a different URL than the one they initially clicked. But a sneaky redirect includes redirecting a search engine crawler to one page and all other users to another page, only to increase SEO of the page.

    Que:- Why should one avoid writing poor Quality Content?

    Ans:-Writing poor quality content creates a negative experience for searchers. These practices trick users and search engines and they are not a good way to do SEO. for white hat SEO writing unique content is necessary. Not only is it required avoiding a penalty from search engines, it will also set your website apart. Creating high-quality content builds trust with your target audience and turns visitors into customers.

    Que:- What are Rich Snippets?

    Ans:-Rich Snippets are normal Google search results with additional data displayed. This extra data is usually pulled from Structured Data found in a pages HTML. Types of common rich snippets includes reviews, recipes and events.

    Que:- Involvement of Black Hat SEO?

    Ans:-Black hat SEO involves providing inaccurate information in structured data to fool the search engines and users.Someone practicing black hat SEO might award themselves five stars from a fake review site and add structured data so they stand out on search results pages. This is a very risky practice as search engines like Google encourage users to report websites misusing structured data.

    Que:- How can one avoid Black Hat Techniques?

    Ans:-Black hat techniques can be avoided by treating the searcher and search engines the same way. One should avoid “cloaking” or tricking search engine crawlers by redirecting them to another page. Writing only good quality original content that avoids keyword stuffing can also help a content writer in becoming a White Hat SEO. One should also abide by the rules when adding structured data to ones website. Never indulge in buying or selling of links.

    Que:- What is Google Pigeon Update?

    Ans:-Google Pigeon was designed to tie Googles local search algorithm closer to its web algorithm and to improve ranking parameters based on distance and location.

    Que:- How can you improve Facebook reach?

    Ans:-One should start with content optimization to generate attention and shares and then try to build organic traction before promoting posts with ads. Audience engagement must be prioritized. Lastly, it is important to amplify the reach with paid promotions

    Que:- How can you create a great Call to Action?

    Ans:-One can start by using a strong command verb to start the CTA. influencing an audience by using unique words to provoke the audiences emotion or enthusiasm to get the desired action.

    Que:- What are the Negative Keywords?

    Ans:-Negative keywords are ones that you include in your ad groups that actually prevent your ad from showing up.

    Que:- What contribution do Negative Keywords make to the Quality Score of an ad?

    Ans:-When the negative words are used to search, your ad is not going to show up to the searchers. However, negative keywords can actually be beneficial in some way. You can use keywords to make sure that people who are not in your target ad group are not finding your ad. Surprisingly, this will increase your click-through rate. This is because when people are clicking on your ad, you do not just want them to click it because it has shown up since this is probably not what they are looking for.

    Que:- What is CMS?

    Ans:-This is a system that a company uses to manage the content of a website. This might be software like Rainmaker Platform or WordPress. A CMS helps publish and manage online content.

    Que:- What is Cornerstone Content?

    Ans:-Online, cornerstone content is the basic, essential, and indispensable information on your website that answers common questions, solves problems, entertains, educates, or all of the above.

    Que:- What is Creative Commons Licenses?

    Ans:-These are Free licenses that allow creators to communicate which rights they reserve and which rights they waive for the benefit of recipients or other creators.

    Que:- What is Crowdsourcing?

    Ans:-It is a means of generating ideas, capital, content, or services by asking for contributions from a large group of people, typically through an online community.

    Que:- What is Curation in marketing?

    Ans:-It is the act of collecting, organizing, and sharing content. This can be done via a blog, social media, or an email newsletter.

    Que:- What is Digital Commerce?

    Ans:-Digital commerce is what happens when a buyer gives seller money for a Digital product. The seller could be a singing person or company such as software, online training courses, ebooks, streaming media, fonts and graphics, photographs, apps, online casino tokens, desktop wallpapers, video games, and music files.

    Que:- What is Exit Rate?

    Ans:-The exit rate calculates how many visitors left on that particular page after multiple sessions elsewhere on your site. Your visitor did not land on that page but found his way to that page.

    Que:- What are Infographics?

    Ans:-Infographics attract users by using catchy images and influencing words with sexy fonts to catch the eye about everyone.

    Que:- What is Longtail?

    Ans:-The long tail is the portion of a statistical set of data to the right of the x, y-axis that represents a narrow, diverse, and low-volume set of data. The data closest to the left represents a high concentration of a few sets of data, thus the most competitive set.

    Que:- What is Lead Generation?

    Ans:-It is the act of generating interest in a company to feed a sales pipeline. A lead generation is a deliberate act by a consumer that exchanges her contact information for a resource from the organization. This could be an email address in exchange for an exclusive report download.

    Que:- How will you define Market Profile?

    Ans:-It is a summary of the characteristics of a market, including information of typical purchasers and competitors, and often general information on the economy and retailing patterns of an area.

    Que:- What is Newsjacking?

    Ans:-Newsjacking is the idea that when an event is breaking, either in the general news cycle or in the industry that you are in or in the local market that you serve, that if you are very, very clever and very, very fast, and get something into the market that journalists are looking for in order to write their stories, you can become a part of those news stories.

    Que:- Define Permission Marketing.

    Ans:-It refers to the idea that if businesses want to succeed, they need to earn the privilege of selling to their customers.

    Que:- What are Private Label Rights?

    Ans:-Private label rights give others permission to rebrand and sell products, such as software, articles, and e-books.

    Que:- What is Product Differentiation?

    Ans:-It is developing unique product differences with the intent to influence demand. It is related to positioning, which is the consumer perception of a product or service as compared to its competition.

    Que:- What is Retargeting or Remarketing?

    Ans:-Also known as remarketing, retargeting is a form of online advertising that keeps your brand front and center with bounced traffic. Retargeting works by dropping a cookie (a small, non-obtrusive piece of code that would not slow down your site) into the web browser to identify that user as a previous visitor. When that visitor then browses the web, that cookie notifies the retargeting ad network when to load relevant ads about the company.

    Que:- What is the Return On Investment (ROI)?

    Ans:-This is the most common profitability ratio that measures the profit of an investment based on the cost of that investment.

    Que:- Define the term “Top Of The Funnel”?

    Ans:-A reference to any touchpoint that begins a customers interaction with a company. This could be a prospect “Liking” a Facebook Business Page or signing up to receive an email newsletter.

    Que:- What are Unique Page Views?

    Ans:-A subset of “page views” that measures individual visitors who have viewed a websites pages. This metric gives you an indication of how many people are looking at your website.

    Que:- What is RankBrain?

    Ans:-It is a core component of Googles algorithm that utilizes machine learning to evaluate the search results and related queries. It is believed that RankBrain uses an interpretation model that can test a variety of potential factors and determine the intent of the search.

    Que:- Define ROAS?

    Ans:-Stands for Return On Ad Spend, it is a PPC marketing metric that demonstrates the profit made as compared to the amount of money spent on the ads.

    Que:- Define Schema Markup?

    Ans:-It is a Code that is added to the HTML of a website to give search engines more relevant information about a business, person, place, reviews, product, or thing.

    Que:- How would you define AMP?

    Ans:-Accelerated Mobile Pages is a publishing technology which is a catalyst in helping mobile pages to load faster.

    Que:- What is Website traffic?

    Ans:-It is the amount of data sent and received by visitors to a website .This is designed by the number of visitors and number of pages they visit. traffic can be monitored in many ways and with gathering data security problems and website ranking can be improved.

    Que:- What is Traffic Generation?

    Ans:-Traffic is one thing that we all wish we had more. It is a fancy word for website visitors in the internet marketing world. More people visiting website, more money for websites. One of the best ways to generating website is to write blogs because it helps you defining your product in details. More traffic ca not always get you what you want, targeting the right audience is also important.

    Que:- How to switch up your approach to Content?

    Ans:-Traffic generation starts right at the planning stage. There are elements to consider here:-
    • Topic selection
    • Content type
    • Add value
    • By writing more engaging headlines.
    • By giving your old content a new release.

    Que:- How to Leverage email marketing?

    • Choose a Provider
    • Build Your Audience
    • Create a premium design
    • Write incomparable content
    • Use company email

    Que:- What is an IN-BOUND link?

    Ans:-Back link or inbound link is a form of off-page SEO where you earn links from other websites that direct readers to your own website.

    Que:- What is Bandwidth?

    Ans:-when the maximum amount of data from one point to another over a computer network or Internet connection in a given amount of time with the capacity of a wired or wireless network.

    Que:- What is Data Mining?

    Ans:-It is discovering patterns in large sets of data. Using methods such as statistics, database systems and machine learning, data mining enables you to use technology to explore large data bases whether automatically, semi automatically or even manually.

    Que:- What is Favicon?

    Ans:-Favorites icon is a small icon that appears next to the URL in the website. It is important for site identification and branding.

    Que:- What is Web Crawler?

    Ans:-Web crawler enters through entry point and analyzes content on website and line – by – line look into and follows each link whether they are internal or external.

    Que:- What is Spam filter?

    Ans:-Spam filter keeps annoying spam emails away, spam filters increase user efficiency by filtering incoming emails or links

    Que:- What is link bait?

    Ans:-A type of Web site marketing used to increasing a websites in bound links to create viral content and, ultimately, increase overall page rank.

    Que:- What is Link farming?

    Ans:-Link farming is a questionable process of exchanging reciprocal link in order to increase SEO. As Google rank sites according to quality and quantity of sites linked to your.

    Que:- What is no Follow link?

    Ans:- Anything that has a no-follow tag is a no-follow link. No – follow does not help in Google rankings and was created by Google to combat blog comment spam.

    Que:- What is Pay Per Click?

    Ans:-It is an overall industry term that refers to paid traffic. An online advertising model where advertisers bid on relevant keyword.

    Que:- What is Bing Bots?

    Ans:-Bing bots is a web-crawling robot. That appears in the web server logs to tell the webmaster who is requesting a file. Each webmaster is able to use the included agent identifier, to disallow or allow access to their site.

    Que:- What are Bing Ads?

    Ans:-It is a service that provides PPC advertising, and allows advertising to restrict their ads to given set of demographics and by increasing their bids whenever the ad is seen by a user of a certain demographic.

    Que:- What is the Cost per Conversion?

    Ans:-Cost per conversion (CPC) is a term used in Web analytics and online advertising, shows how much it actually costs to obtain a real customer who will make a successful conversion.

    Now you will not feel vulnerable or clueless when asked a question about the use of social media in digital marketing. Social media marketing perceived as the best tool for digital marketing strategy. A person wants to stay updated and wants to feel better than others should know as much as about the role of social media in digital marketing this article will give an insight about SOCIAL MEDIA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS 2018. You cannot build your digital career without knowing about, it helps strengthen your marketing knowledge and help you acquire new job opportunities in the digital profession. Digital marketing communication is necessarily a combination of traditional communication and digital market mix. And this communication is done through digital marketing channels making brands and business to easily connect with the world, so knowing about digital communication interview question will surely help a candidate who is applying for a job and will be easy for person to score well after knowing all the above topic questions in this article. And I really hope that my little knowledge and these questions will help you in making your mark.

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    How to Become a Successful Content Creator
    How to Become a Successful Content Creator

    By | Friday, June 21, 2019

    Content Marketing


    There is no Digital marketing without content. Content creation remains the heart and core of Digital marketing. If marketing is Romeo, content is Juliet. If marketing is a bow, content is the arrow that hits the target audience (No pun intended) and influences or updates their views and opinions. Therefore the job of a content creator in any organization is of paramount importance. It depends on their contribution to a website to gain organic traffic or lose it.

    A content creator harvests his or her talents to influence the target audience by providing information in the form of blog posts, videos, pictures, e-books, and infographics.

    However, you can easily gain the title of Content Creator but to become a Good Content Creator is a piece of work. So, hold our hand while we walk you through the guidelines on good content creation. You can actually prosper by following the given pieces of advice, notwithstanding if you’re a freelancer or a company hired content creator but the path requires (spoilers) hard labour on your part as proficiency in any field can never be gained overnight.
    So… read on!

    Do Overwhelming Amount of Research

    want to become a Content writer

    A good content creator knows his industry like the back of his hand. You know why? Because he remains up-to-date with the events and technologies happening in his kingdom. You must read consistently about the ongoing projects and launched technologies in your industry. This will help you produce content that is accurate, latest and top-notch in quality. And guess who will be eventually attracted by this quality content? Yep! Your target audience.

    Since you can’t search every random event happening or every technology being launched in your respective field, you can subscribe to various newsletters. This mainly includes the newsletters of your competitors. This will help you scale the competition and produce content accordingly.

    Know Your Audience


    A method actor becomes the character he is supposed to play by sleeping, eating and doing everything as his character would. Similarly, a quality content creator must put himself or herself in the shoes of his or her target audience. This will provide insights into the liking and disliking of the target audience. Thus, the creator can create content accordingly.

    Remember, it is your audience that will determine the success of your endeavors on the basis of your creative liberty. So, create the content keeping in mind the gender, age, salary, location and other particulars of the target audience.

    Practice. Improve. Excel


    Content creation is just like hitting the gym. The more you exercise, the fitter you’ll become and vice-versa. So, in order to remain fit (or muscular) you must practice your art consistently. Try writing small essays on menial things. Do regular research. Set the limit of words to be written over a period of time. Improve yourself by reading the blogs posted on other websites. If you think your writing is good, you can post it on the internet.
    Other contents such as images, audio and audio-visual medium can also be harnessed into proficiency by using this technique.

    Try to be Creative And Original


    The Internet hates nothing more than plagiarism. Try watering your own ideas and harvesting them on paper. Use your own creativity to define a term or provide examples for it. And by all means, avoid using others’ work in your own. If you plan to do so, kindly acknowledge their contribution in your work. This will prevent you from fighting a million dollar lawsuit.

    In addition to this, being creative attracts organic traffic as each audience wants to read something fresh whenever they visit your site. This will also improve your writing style.

    Nobody Wants to Read About You


    If they do, they’ll visit your organization’s prospectus rather than your content. So, keep your content informative rather than introductory. For example: instead of writing about the achievements of your organization directly, provide the factual descriptions about the current state of your industry and the role that your organization played in it. This way you’ll promote your organization indirectly and more effectively.

    Keywords Are Your Friends


    Content creation requires both art and craft. You use your art to make your content good and craft to make it famous. This craftiness mainly revolves around using the best SEO techniques to make your work known. For what is the use of creating quality content if it does not reaches the target audience. A good content creator must remain familiar with his or her content’s keywords. If this technique is utilized successfully, your work will gain mass readership or viewership.

    Following the given tips and tricks to a great extent, you’ll surely succeed in becoming the greatest content creator in your organization or industry.

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    The Advent of Modern Times in SEO Strategies
    Instagram Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

    By | Friday, June 21, 2019

    Social Media Marketing


    When Big Businesses are using Social Media Marketing tools to Promote their Businesses, Especially on apps like Instagram. Then it is an indication for Beginners to not get late and get training in Social Media Marketing. Frankly saying operating and promoting on Social Media Marketing is easy but to be in that phrase individuals need to understand its functioning. Taking little steps like doing training and pursuing a course on Social Media Marketing will only help if you follow daily marketing tactics in SMM. In recent updates, one thing that catches my eye is how Instagram is acting as a direct channel to connect business to its target audience. To understand further things in SMM, we have to understand “Instagram Influencer Marketing”. And, What makes it so important in the eyes of Social Media Marketers?

    Instagram Marketing is so effective for your e-commerce business because Influencer marketing is giving businesses chances to target their desired customers with the implementation of a crucial Instagram Influencer marketing strategy. These strategies are generating new growth opportunities not only for existing players in it but Beginners are getting great chances and getting a stores audience with the platform. This post will teach you crucial Instagram Influencer marketing strategies that will generate store sales and build brand buzz. You will also get an overview of Instagram Influencer marketing and know the tools you will need to grow your stores audience with the platform.

    Instagram Marketing-Create your own separate audience


    There are two ways to reach the market on Instagram:-
  • Build your own followers and start marketing your service and product to them,
  • And the second is through Instagram Influencer marketing.

  • Build your own Instagram audience-Tools


    Ways for getting followers organically.
  • Use tools like Webstagram or Iconosquare, and uncover your top hashtags for your particular slot. So that you can use those hashtags to reach the right audience.
  • Find popular relevant hashtags for your business and conduct webstagram search excellently.
  • Identify key information relevant to your Instagram marketing strategy & Use relevant keywords to reach your audience.
  • Choose the right days and optimal timing to post.
  • IconoSquare, helps you figure you out the exact times during which you get the most engagement and ideal times to post.

  • Build your own Instagram audience-Siphoning followers


  • Do siphon of followers from your competition and effectively increase your audience.
  • The siphoning of the audience from a competitors account almost guarantees you to build a targeted audience. Do this by visiting and viewing the competitor “Followers” list. Engage followers in a super effective way like by
      1) following them,
      2) liking their photos, or
      3) commenting on their photos.
  • No matter what tactic you are using building your own following will take time and using Instagram Influencer Marketing strategy will surely benefit here.

    Instagram Influencer Marketing: What is it?


    An Influencer is a user, and the Instagram user is an established individual who has a good amount of trustworthy audience which he can persuade easily into buying his/her product or service. Well, it takes a while to understand what is working or not and you some times wondering if someone even sees your post or not. So getting Instagram Influencer will build you a huge trustworthy audience which will effectively help you generate your sales just by featuring your products on their profiles. Now, if you have an Influencer with a large following in your pocket sharing one post will effectually get you thousands of targeted users to view your post overnight. Trust of potential customers towards Influencer and your post on Influencer Instagram profile. Imagine how great this thing will turn out for your E-COMMERCE business. Products with strong visual appeal build a large following in a short period of time which will turn user viewing post, sales promotion, and product offerings to more sales.

    Here is a step-by-step approach for beginners to use Instagram Influencers for Instagram marketing and to get your own audience.


    1.Adjust your Goal and KPIs
    As discussed above target desired audience but there is one thing you must be certain about - what do you want from this start because the answer will form the basis for your start. Clear your campaign goals? Raising awareness about your brand? Or, wants to do a product launch? Or increase sales? Whatever your ultimate goal is just to be clear about it because clearing your goal will help you understand the better idea of doing a campaign. Not only that but having a clear goal will help you choose which performance metrics will be relevant for the campaign. Metrics such as reach, impressions, engagement, etc. would be relevant in case of brand awareness. Remember to look at how your rivals are measuring the result for the campaign. This will help you choose the better metric required for growth. Also FYI the most used metric is “Engagement” with the audience.

    2.Search for Ideal Influencers
    As discussed above search for ideal Influencer who will do what you need to achieve your campaign goals. Some points to keep in mind while looking for ideal Influencer:
  • Reach -Look for relevant top-tier Influencer if your campaign goal is to raise brand awareness. And do not forget to consider it reaches to the audience. Or, if your metric is to get engage with targeted audience look for relevant micro Influencer instead.
  • Voice -Be clear about the voice of your ideal Influencer. I mean to say which voice will be more relevant to reach your audience like serious, professional or Influencer with a good sense of humor.
  • Engagement Rate -Do not stop until you drive a significant level of engagement. Do this by setting the standard for your engagement rate. Use Instagram money calculator tool and filter results based on your location and Instagram follower count.

  • 3.Strategies for smooth functioning with your Alliance
    Now comes the most important task-How to collaborate with your Influencer for the smooth running of your campaign?
  • Setting time frame for campaign -Clearly, communicate your deadlines and campaign time frame to your Influencer for smooth functioning.
  • Discuss with Influencer about content production -Like, exactly what content you want from your Influencer.
      1.Do you want to mention the brand in a story?
      2.Do you want it to be in Instagram photos?
      3.Or maybe you want it in combination?
  • Whatever it is just clearly communicate it to your Influencer
  • Content Usage Rights -Request full content usage rights from your Instagram Influencer so that if in case you want to reuse the content in coming future in the form of social media ads though ownership remains with Influencer.
  • Compensation -Discuss with Influencer "How they want to get paid?" Do they want flat payment per post? Or Do they want it based on performance?


    With my little bit of knowledge in Social Media Marketing and Instagram Influencer Marketing. Above are some of the most essential tips for beginners to successfully execute Instagram Influencer Marketing campaign on Instagram. That is beneficial in your long run.

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    Ads and Digital Marketing
    How to do Digital Branding like an Expert

    By | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    Start branding like an expert and be a pro digital marketer.
    Branding nowadays is focused on how accurate can you be about the customers. We all know doing branding digitally is not a piece of cake, as already existing branding experts are exploring and applying unique ways of doing digital branding and creating digital branding examples for others to read. So if you want to be a digital branding expert or make your company a leading digital branding company, then this article will surely is for you as here we will discuss the concept of digital branding and why it is so necessary to know.

    Digital marketing has developed and is becoming more versatile day-by-day because of experts using it more effectively.


    It’s no wonder that with traditional marketing promotion of brand was way more difficult and companies weren’t getting the desired results but nowadays if you are aware enough and deeply understands the concept of digital marketing from any institute, then you will surely find a success in any position, either it may be a freelance digital marketer or level-up your skills to brand yourself online.
    People are no more surrounded with limited device and internet that means there is no denying the fact that digitalization has grown and with it, opportunities to reach worldwide audience has shown digital branding companies new ways to grow.
    People are no more surrounded with limited device and internet that means there is no denying the fact that digitalization has grown and with it, opportunities to reach worldwide audience has shown digital branding companies new ways to grow.

    Not wasting your time anymore by lecturing about opportunities to start branding yourself.

    Allow me to give you an overview of Digital branding

    By now you must have got an idea of how significant digital branding. Breaking into simple words digital branding is using a digital medium with digital technology to promote brands. This is done by being visible to the audience through a digital medium.
    You can search as many examples of brands successfully running and earning huge revenues just because they have done it efficiently and appropriately.
    Brands getting desired results as digital marketing strategies have been really effectual and proven themselves worthy to be a part of brand planning.


    Learn to choose your digital branding market

    Your target markets

    • Answer a few questions to yourself about which class you want to target, I mean how big/small they are, where they are located.
    • Be sure of it than plan your digital branding solutions for business.

    Research about your customers/fulfill the requirements of the customer

    • Find out what your customer wants.
    • If your customer expectations differ than implementing a digital branding strategy will become a hectic task.

    Learn to differentiate

    • Be sure to why it is necessary to understand the difference between product and service in order to mastery your customer.
    • Always focus on long term goals and create your brand strategy, allocation of resources and no. of other basic stuff according to it.

    How to ace in the digital market using digital strategies?


    • After getting your mind clear about the above things, it’s time to discuss how uniquely a business will have to take initiative in order to achieve goals.
    • Want to sell something to tell a story, make branding memorable and promote it in such a way.
    • Do activities that are well aligned.
    • Determine only those branding factors which are core to your promotion of the brand. Also, a timely measure of the factors you determined is beneficial or not.
    • The last and most crucial is, measure yourself if you are winning in the market or not, which means if you are in a static state or growing state.

    Hence understand this that introducing digital communication is beneficial for your brand, your business, and your personal growth but for that, you have to continuously learn about a digital marketing concept and make sure to open this pdf of TOP 8 SEO TOOLS EVERY DIGITAL MARKETER RECOMMEND.

    Best Email Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads

    By | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

    E-mail Marketing


    “It is up to 75% Off today!”, “Last Few Hours! Hurry”, “Dont Miss The Golden Opportunity of Studying Abroad!”. Were all at some point of time or another have been pestered by these phrases in our inboxes. They either succeed in tempting our curiosity or they fail and go straight to the spam box or trash (which is hell for all the emails). But these sneaky little cockroaches, called Promotional Emails, do their job well. They creep into our inboxes and alter our views and opinions. Thuswise, they are considered the best marketing technique in Digital Marketing.
    The process of circulating Promotional Emails with the aim of advertising products or services is called email marketing. It is mainly done to generate mass demands for the item advertised. Its like a modern silk route but with comparatively more merchants and customers, but less sluggishness.
    According to Radicati, around 4.4 billion email accounts were registered in 2018. Thats more traffic than the silk route can handle. Another study by the same group claims that around 205 billion emails are sent every day. This figure is probably greater than the number of people who have never even stepped on the silk route. And this is why email marketing becomes a crucial part of digital marketing.
    But its one thing to write emails and another to make a great call to action. It requires great in-depth knowledge of certain things to make your emails successful. In this guide, well discuss the same thing with the help of a few email marketing examples that are consistently used by email marketing companies for lead generation.
    You must consider the following things before you venture forth to construct a promotional email:

    Know The Promoted Item


    If you have mediocre awareness about the product or service youre promoting, chances are you might end up writing an erroneous description and inaccurate benefits of the promoted products or services. Know the material youre promoting from top to bottom. This will help you avoid the embarrassment of correcting yourself later.

    Know The Offers Available

    If you have all knowledge about the offers that are accompanying the promoted product or service, you will be able to make your content look more enticing to the recipient. Similarly, if you keep your knowledge limited, then you can possibly commit a mistake.

    Know Your Audience


    An important part of email marketing is to recognize the audience that youre going to target. By doing so, youll have a clear idea of what you need to write and what you need to avoid writing. For example: If youre promoting a luxury car, you wont write keeping in mind that the readers of your content will be from the middle class. They might be your readers but theyll never help in lead generation. Youll definitely mark the moneyed class for that purpose. Keep in mind the age, gender, class, salary, and background of the audience while writing a promotional email.

    Tips For Writing Effective Promotional Emails

    Well look through the best email marketing strategies thatll make you excel in creating promotional emails and avoid using expensive email marketing services. Follow the mentioned tips, and youll surely shine in the domain of email marketing:

    Relate To Your Audience


    If you want to attract the target audience, then you must become the target audience. You must research your audience and observe their preferences and their problems. This will create a good call to action as youll be persuading your readers at a pathological level. But never write content to your audience on a personal tier, keep your content general and write it like a professional.

    Send The Email As a Person

    By doing so, youre evading the chances of your email being thrown into the trash bin. Reaching the recipient in person will increase the probability of the email being opened and actually being read as nobody wants to read an email from a machine.

    Introduce Offers

    You must enlighten the reader about all the offers available for the promoted product or service. Giving them information about concessions and privileges will increase the chances of lead generation. But be careful not to exaggerate any offer, as it might not prove mutually beneficial to both the parties involved.

    Informative Emails Works Too

    Providing information about the industry and the developments happening in it plainly arouses the readers curiosity in the field and makes a great call to action.


    Write More Benefits Than Characteristics

    It is clearly evident that a normal reader will be attracted to the benefits offered by the product or service than its features.


    Use Rhetorics

    Rhetoric is a significant gift from Aristotle. This can mainly be defined as the art of persuasion. While writing an effective promotional email you must not write it as your normal day-to-day conversations but use rhetorical language to induce your reader into actually making an inquiry about the promoted item. This can be done by appealing to the audiences emotions (ethos), by persuading the audience on a personal level (pathos) or by using logical explanation to alter the readers beliefs. The rhetorics are commonly used by email marketing services and companies. Use attractive and appealing words. Make promising statements such as: “Get SEO training within 4 months with our Active Learning Programs and achieve the mastery that you always desired.”

    Dont Use No-reply in Your Email

    It demotivates the reader. When you keep the space for replies, you are tempting the reader to make inquiries. If you leave this space limited, then youre restricting your potential customer into ignorance. It is obvious that another contact address will be given to the recipient but still, a reader will brand a No-reply in an email as spam.

    Use Formal Language

    According to a study, 80% of targeted recipients found informal language such as the use of emojis, lack of subject line, grammatical or spelling errors, etc. as unacceptable in emails. So, avoid using emojis in your emails and always add an attractive subject line. Dont use special characters in your content, not until necessary and escape the use of capital letters to emphasize something.

    Dont Scare The Reader

    Pessimistic lines are frequently used by email marketing companies to scare the readers into using their product or service. But this tactic does have negative effects on the reader. Sentences like: “Your chance to grow your career mastering the most demanded skill of the year or live a freelancer life ends tonight.” do work well but in the long run, they dissuade the readers and make them ponder over their life choices. Try not to make them depressed after they finish reading your email. Adopt a neutral tone for your email.

    Write. Proofread. Repeat

    Proofreading is an important process of writing an effective email. You must mark out mistakes in your emails and rectify them or else theyll damage your toils. Grammatical and spelling errors creep in your work regardless of your cautiousness.
    If youre low on time then you can install Grammarly to correct mistakes, but it is not a foolproof method to proofreading as some corrections sometimes create nonsensical sentences. Remember to revise your content after any type of correction.

    Add a Professional Signature

    Adding a professional signature marks a professional touch to your emails. It builds goodwill for your emails.
    This is all we had in our magic bag, utilize the given information correctly and you will surely succeed.

    pay per click
    What is PPC?

    By | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    A Look Through The Realm of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

    Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC) marketing is an online method of advertising that advertisers employ to promote their products or services. This method follows a format in which the advertiser pays every time an ad is clicked. You must have noticed the sponsored items that come embedded at the top of the page when you search for something you need. Well, those are christened by the name of PPC ads.


    The advertisers who use this method believe that SEO is for pensioned grandmas [Just kidding SEO is important. Apply for the SEO training course here] so they buy the top ranking for a searched keyword on a search engine. This ranking is bought on behalf of the keywords related to the promoted material. Nowadays, many companies pay top-dollar for their product or service to show at the top of the page. This soaring high demand is what caused the invention of Bid-based PPC. Bid-based PPC is a system of allotting a PPC advertisement to the highest bidder of bidded keywords. Advertising systems such as Google Ads , choose the advertisers on the basis of relevancy, popularity, and user-friendliness. And according to these factors, they allot the advertisers with appropriate ad spaces. The arch-nemesis of Bid-based PPC is Flat-rate PPC which follows the traditional advertiser-publisher agreement of a fixed rate amount for the publishment of an ad. But for now, lets focus on the benefits of PPC.

    PPC and the Searchers - Searchers are lazy. No offense, but they do not want to exercise their fingers to scroll down a page. What they see on the top of the search result page, they click. To go down is a guilty folly for them from which they think they will never recover. And to go to the next page is an act by a desperate being. So, PPC then becomes a catalyst to the sloth of the searcher.
    PPC and the advertisers - They are easily making their product or service rank at the top of the search results page. They do not need to hire pensioned grandmas (SEO experts) to make that attempt. So, they are happy.
    PPC and the Search Engines - They are getting paid. We never saw anyone being unsatisfied for being paid. They are also providing their customers with the top quality search results, So, they must be satisfied.

    Pay-Per-Click advertising can take the form of:

    • Expanded Texts Ads - These PPC ads are custom-tailored for mobile phones. They consist of a limit of 30 characters in headlines 1 and 2 with description limit up to 80 and path 1 and 2 limits set to 15 characters.
    • Product Listing Ads - These are advertisements that list a product along with its price and picture.

    • cost-per-click-formula

    • Image Ads - The name says it all. Image ads only feature the image of the product sponsored.

    Famous PPC Platforms

    Google Ads- It is probably the most famous advertising platform, celebrated by many companies for their advertisement use. Google Ads allows your ad to be posted on every Google property but follows an extensive system of choosing advertisers through Bid-based PPC system.
    It filters the best advertisements based on cookies or keywords provided by the company and assigns an appropriate space ad to the company. Every time an ad is clicked, Google receives a small sum from the advertisers, a ratio of which Google sends to the websites on which the ad is published.
    Microsoft Advertising - Similar to Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising offers all the Microsoft owned properties to advertisers. This includes Yahoo and Bing. Microsoft Advertising uses Bid-based system and determines the importance of an ad on the basis of its Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

    Technical PPC Tools

    Google Analytics - Google offers web analytics services through Google Analytics. The job of Google Analytics is to track and dispatch the information of traffic on your website. It is recommended that you use this tool if you are marketing through PPC advertisements, as it helps you track a visitor to your website and helps you differentiate between a customer and a visitor.
    Conversion Tracking- It is a free tool offered by Google to track your PPC advertisement performance. Conversion tracking is helpful in analyzing how a customer reacts to your ads, whether he or she clicks your ads, ignores them, signs up on your website, contacts your business and so on. This guides you in predicting the performance of your existing ads and build new ones on such basis.

    Determinants of a PPC Strategy

    Platform and Devices- These are important determining factors. The kind platform or device elected for the ads regulates the amount of traffic or clicks ads will earn. Mobile Phones, Computer/ Laptops and tablets are some devices where ads can be posted.
    Location- Location plays an important role in the success of a PPC ad. You must have the knowledge of the interest of people in different locations, for example, the majority of working people in Bangalore will be interested in technology, similarly, people in Ramnagar will be interested in tourism. So, prepare your PPC ads accordingly.
    Budget - This is the biggest enemy of an advertiser. It alters the overall objective and determines the quality of the ad. So, critique the budget carefully and use it efficiently.

    Making an effective PPC Strategy


    Decide Your Ad Group- When forming an advertising campaign decide your ad groups carefully. Ad Groups are subcategories or groups within a keyword. Brown recliner chair, white recliner chair, grey recliner chair, are some examples of Ad Groups.
    Decide Your Keywords- The relevancy of keywords holds paramount importance in PPC advertising. Choose keywords that have a broad sense or ambiguity as in such case more people will be able to see your ads. Avoid misspellings and shortened words.
    Decide Your Audience- You must research your audience. Categorize them as target audience based on the pages they visit, the amount of time spent on related pages and their frequency of visiting a relevant page.
    Following these three tips, you will achieve what any premium advertisers achieve in PPC.

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    Google Search Console and its Beneficial steps to fix your site
    Google Search Console and its Beneficial steps to fix your site

    By | Friday, June 28, 2019



    Getting knowledge of how Google Search Engine works will only be beneficial if one understands, It’s an excellent usage of tools such as Google Search Console. If you don’t understand Google Search Console or its usage getting training in SEO is only the best thing you can do for the effectual working of your website. Here you will get a little idea about how Google Search Console helps in the proper functioning of your website. This free webmaster tool provided by Google is used for the smooth functioning of the website by quoting out what your site is lacking or struggling with. Google Search Console takes one step further by sharing data that you can’t find in Google Analytics.

    Read this post to get insider insight on How to use Google Search Console for your overall site performance.

    “Google’s Search Console” What is it?

    Formerly known as “Google Webmaster Tools” diagnose everything your site has and gives you direct insight about search engines seeing your site. It’s functioning mainly includes offering data and configuration control for your website, checks errors on your website, sees broken pages & site indexing, etc. in addition, Google sends messages directly to you about hack attack, Malware warning, about bad linking practice penalty or other technical notices via Google Search Console. Google Search Console gives an overview of how Google Search Engine sees your site. Why app developers able to use this tool so good? It is because they have also explored SEO tools. They use it for deep linking for their apps (Making it mobile friendly) for handling crawl errors and much more.
    Literally, it takes only a few minutes to get your site in the system.
    Confirm it by heading to the homepage, enter your website URL into the bar & hit it

    And now it's time to get detailed data on website traffic, ranking, search results, site errors, redirect issues bu to get that, here are some points that will benefit you:

    Benefits of Google Search Console

    1. Identifies issues related to your website security:- Being on the Internet has its own disadvantages like getting hacked. Maybe your website is not that big but that doesn’t mean you are safe from getting hacked. And the problem becomes double if your website is an e-commerce website.
      But don’t worry because of Search Console aware you with quick and easy heads up about security issue problem. Just activate your security issue option on Google Search Console by going on the left side menu & clicking security issues option.
    2. Grasp common keywords people use to find you:- New Google Search Console provides you information regarding what countries people are coming from, their device & what keyword they used while searching. All you need to do is click on performance either on the left side menu or in the top-box in the main dashboard.
    3. Confirm working of schema mark-up & structured data:- How Google Search Console works is provide details on whether you need to make changes or your coding is right for categories such structured Data, Rich Cards, and Data Highlighter.
    4. Check broken links:-Click on each entry and Google Search Console will provide you information about a broken link like -problem with the link and it’s a location. Just go to the crawl section of Google Search Console and get details on every error to google founded when crawling your website.
    5. See which sites link to you:- Google Search Console gives information on each backlink & anchor text site uses most often for linking back to you. Also, it gives you more information on each backlink by clicking on the link listed.
    6. Improved UI:- New Google Search Console is redesigned to provide a premium level UI. As web developer will agree that without the clutter you will remain more focused and organized because of briefer monitoring and navigation in a new search console update.

    Conclusion:No doubt Google Search Console will always be the best free SEO tool and with every new update help marketers manage SERPs appearance. And if you care about your website appearance and don’t know how to use Google tools.

    Visit our Digital Marketing Institute and start your journey to rank your website on the first page on the Search Engine.
    Guest Blogging For SEO specialist
    Guest Blogging For SEO specialist: The Ultimate Guide(2019)

    By | Friday, June 28, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    The main principle for effective content marketing and link building strategy is to understand and execute guest post guidelines. Guest blogging is beneficial to a person who is looking for more traffic on site. Starting out by submitting a guest post is one of the best ways to start for expanding the website’s online presence, promoting useful content and institute quality & authority links.
    Various websites all over the internet have set out a standard of practicing guest blogging and also set out guest blog post examples for 2019 by using some new technique & strategies in 2018 that brought more changes to how we all do search & SEO.
    The functionality/goal of guest post blogging is providing a website ranking on search engine from quality content and as we all know that this function is acting useful for quite a time, down below is the 2019 guide of guest blogging to make your content visible & relevant.

    Quality is dominance on the internet

    Why I am saying the above statement because when users search on the internet they make sure they get most out from the abundance of choice on the internet when they access the internet on a regular basis. And if your content is relevant, informative & useful to the user than guest post definitely helps in bringing a good amount of quality. So to ensure your content is relevant, informative or quality driven, click this for successful content creation.
    CTCDC digital marketing center provides training in content marketing and focuses on key elements such as- writing quality content and integrating this with other elements for granting a guest blog- the power of (sharing & reading). Some basic tips before writing something- Before writing about anything do your homework and gather accurate and reputable information about the particular topic because users always look, read & share the content of an author who they assume(by reading blog) has substantial knowledge about the topic the user is looking for.


    Successional interviews

    • Effectual utilization of interviews: Interviews are the best ways to influence online users & bring valuable insights to the website. Finding interviews online is just a few clicks away, Crucial things such as- Good audio & video setup(for effective communication) to attracting a user to watch full interviews should not be missed out. What is most important is ideas & information and thanks to the internet and social media if it is quality driven than it will travel for a long time.
    • Unique Identity: if your writing style is unique/distinct than having such quality on your site will influence a lot of users to come back to your website to read articles.
    • Intelligently Choosing words: The usage of action words & strong statements will increase your website’s chances of getting good traffic because this wisely usage of words creates interest & curiosity among users. Asking questions in your title with having the right title for your article draws users to your website by creating a sense of wonder in them.

    AI and CHATBOTS Boon over Human or Not?


    Experiment and Explore: With millions of articles getting posted across the internet every day, there should be no doubt that a lot of topics you be thinking of writing have already been written in different forms. So keep that in mind and find your own unique way of writing on familiar topics by exploring different sources. And also get the benefit of different tools by using them and experimenting with them. For example, when I wrote about AI Chatbots Boon Over Human or not? I searched many sources to gain a better idea of what it can do.

    The Right Pitch

    Maybe we are finished with the guest post but the next challenge is to ‘How to pitch it on a website of your choice?’. Well, pitching seems difficult at first but getting rejection & gaining experience will nurture you and refine you. The important thing to remember is to learn about the person or site you are pitching to. Go for background search on a website that you want your post to appear on which will give you an idea that if their interest fits your topics.

    Link Responsibly

    As guest blogging is an important part of link building, well make sure that people click on them. The interesting thing is most websites allow a do-follow link to your website, along with the information that they provide the guest post of their own in return. Finding an anchor text that stimulates interest & curiosity of readers, and no doubt it can take a while to find it but never stop.
    CTCDC digital marketing center provides training in content marketing and focuses on key elements such as- writing quality content and integrating this with other elements for granting a guest blog- the power of (sharing & reading).

    Other Sources

    Well exploring is not a bad idea. So here are some of the topics you must explore to boost your interest:

    Enhance Your Domain Authority
    Enhance Your Domain Authority? The 2019 Guide

    By | Monday, July 1, 2019

    Ranking & Visibility


    Before telling you about 7 proven techniques for building Domain Authority. “Domain Authority?” in short.
    Well, Domain Authority is a standard of measurement which through it's metric predicts the website’s performance on search engine ranking. Domain Authority checks the website’s performance based on factors that are more than 40 such as

    1. Backlinking
    2. The Domain Authority of those sites that link back to you
    3. And your website’s age.
    While Domain Authority is not Google used concept or term but google algorithm considers these factors for deciding web page ranking.

    Examine Your Own Domain Authority?


    Pretty simple just install MozBar(free chrome extension) to see your own Domain Authority. After activating your account on Moz, a black box with a blue bar will display on MozBar. And that box will show a number represents the Domain Authority of the currently visiting site.
    Below screenshot Illustrates, Mozbar showing current Domain Authority

    1. Produce long form & detailed content:

    2. Well, the content that mostly gets linked is well researched, detailed, quality driven content. Such contents are- Tutorials, case studies and much other, so focus on producing that kind of content which audience can engage themselves to because these kinds of contents get linked by high authority websites. That will ultimately help you in increasing Domain Authority.

    3. Produce 'Top List' Posts:

    4. What I am saying is create/produce ‘Top List’ post. Well, these are those articles that list top experts in a particular field. Here are some examples of that:

      • The 20 top Digital Marketing experts around Globe
      • The Top 30 bloggers in India
      • The Top 10 Data Scientist around Globe

      How this is helpful is, once your article is visible on the net. Try to Contact those people who you have listed top in your article because people love to see themselves ranked somewhere.
      What half of them will definitely do is post your article on different social media platforms and will also post a link to your article on their website. This thing will boost your Domain Authority as people you ranked or are in your slot have high DA already, so getting a link from them is definitely helpful for your DA increment.

    5. Write content wisely when writing about experts:

    6. Well, this also works on the same principle as ‘Top list’ posts. There is no denying, that people love seeing themselves ranked and want to tell other people about it.
      So they will link with you or will share it on social media. In both senses, it will boost your Domain Authority.
      For tips on how to write content successfully: This is a conclusive guide to write successfull content.

    7. Do Guest Blogging:

    8. how-to-increase-domain-authority-2019

      What you need to do is start writing quality content for other websites and how will it benefit in boosting your Domain Authority ranking is pretty amazing, in a sense that after your content going viral publishers will search for you. To understand it completely, here is a guide for guest blogging.

    9. Buy Old Domain(with good DA):

    10. Well if buying the aged domain can save your work of 6 to 12 months(if started from zero) than buying a domain who has good DA score is a smart decision and help you focus on other core SEO On-page & Off-page activities.

    11. Make Website Fast-Moving:

    12. This is because Google is rewarding those websites which are quick & responsive because of the July 2018 speed update. As page loading time and response time also counts in users experience. For example:- if the page of any website is slow to load the visitor will click back to search result and let bounce rate to increase that will ultimately affectGoogleDA score.

    13. Throw toxic backlinks:

    14. page-authority-and-domain-authority

      Why I am saying this because these toxic backlinks will prevent you from increasing your Domain Authority. So how to track backlinks not good for your website is checking tool like Monitor Backlinks. The functionality of this tool is informing about links harming your link profile by picking links to your website. From where these links come from:

      • From webpages that are not indexed
      • From webpages have spammy domain names
      • From webpages having many external links
      • From webpages use anchor text( not natural)

      You can ideally ask the source to remove that link from your website. Well, that is time-consuming isn’t. So for that, there is this Google’s Disavow Tool. And remembering all the above 7 techniques you can start working on increasing your Domain Authority number but if you are struggling and wants someone to guide you not only for your website’s Domain Authority but with your whole website click this link DIGITAL MARKETING INSTITUTE to get complete guide to making your website visible on search engine’s first page.

    How To Optimize Your Web Page
    How To Optimize Your Web Page

    By | Saturday, July 6, 2019

    Ranking & Visibility


    Amidst the harsh competition in the Digital Marketing environment, people want to ensure that their website ranks well on search engine platforms. This ensures a tonne load of traffic on the web page ranked. But the ranking process demands some elements to be fulfilled. This blog talks about making the same process successful through both on-page and off-page SEO activities. Before we begin, remember that SEO is a very wide and dynamic term that involves numerous practices that can lead to a favorable ranking position of any webpage. Some of those best practices are acknowledged below:

    Prep-work Before Optimization


    • Study Your Web page - It is necessary to acquire knowledge about your web page before you start performing optimization. You must have appropriate information about the pros and cons (if any) of your web page including its layout, design, and other instruments that become the major determinants of your web page’s ranking.

    • Study Your Competition - In the actual course of War, deterrence is the most preferred tactic. This tactic actively involves spying. The market too offers an environment that resembles a war zone. You must, therefore, keep constant surveillance on your competitors. By doing so, you’ll make observations about your competitor’s advantages and disadvantages. SEMrush and Keyword Spy are important tools that let you understand the structure of your competitor's webpage/s.

    • Choose Your Keywords - One of the main factors of making a suitable ranking on any search engine is to have a plethora of related keywords ready at your behest. Keywords play a vital role in making a web page rank good.

    Tips For Effective Web page Optimization


    • Optimizing Your URL- The URL is an unsung hero of an optimized web page. Keeping this in mind, It becomes important that your URL is short and easy to remember for its optimization.


      Try to categorize your URL, providing a hierarchy of Domain>category>page. The market is full of URL shortening tools like Bitly and Google URL shortener.

    • Optimize Your Web Page’s Title- Have you noticed the title of this blog? It begins with “How to”. This is how an average person searches his or her requirements on a search engine. In addition to that, your title must have keywords related to the content that you’re providing to the reader so that Google can rate your page accordingly. Similar to your URL, keep your title short. Your title will be seen on the search results page so write accordingly. Also, try to keep your description enticing to maintain a good Click-Through-Rate.

    • Optimize Your Content - Your content is of paramount importance for maintaining your ranking on the top. If your content is up-to-the-mark, nothing can stop your web page from ranking well. But if it is mediocre, then you might end-up ranking on the last page of the search results. Try to add content to your web page that is relevant and linkable. You can provide both inbound and outbound linking in your content. Adding relevant keywords to relevant spaces is one technique that will lead you to the top of the search results page. If your content includes images then try to add keywords to the description of the image.

    • Optimize User Experience- Nothing demotivates users to visit your web page except a slow loading web page and an oversized advertisement. These are the mortal enemies of good user experience. If your web page is suffering from the same disease try to rectify it as soon as possible. Also, do not feed your users with false or plagiarised information. This only increases the user’s anger and augments your site’s spam score.

    • Keep Posting. Do not Stop.- Your content is like food for your website. If you stop posting more of it, then your website starves. Try to keep updating blogs, images, and infographics to your website. If you are providing the users with the links to your other web pages, then this will surely prove beneficial for your web page.

    • Invite Other Websites To Link You- This can be done by directly contacting the websites for business purposes and soliciting them to link your web page in their content. But it is expected of you that you’ll do the same for them. This will produce a healthy symbiotic relationship.

    • Keep Updating Your Sitemaps- Sitemaps are protocols that urge crawlers to crawl your page. This is an important part of effective optimization for your web page. Developing a sitemap on Schedule can allow your websites to rank well.
    After following these tips, you can measure the results and apply them in your web pages.
    Social Media Optimization And Its Crucial Need For Every Business
    Social Media Optimization And Its Crucial Need For Every Business

    By | Monday, July 1, 2019

    Social Media Marketing


    For every business, the Social Media platform has become extremely important. This platform of Social Media is giving people what they cannot find in physical space such as before buying any product or service they can get thousands of reviews regarding that particular product or service and this thing helps them in making a wise decision. And that is where brands all over the world grabbing opportunities and turning them into revenues but the question is ‘HOW?’
    Pretty simple guys, they know about Social Media Optimization and its effectual usage that is the reason they are the king in their particular fields.

    They acknowledge audience needs and connect them on a daily basis gathers feedback from them, and in return satisfies them, gives them offers time-to-time.
    In my knowledge before understanding the benefits of Social Media Optimization one should take a dive in the knowledge of Social Media Optimization and effective usage of its tools. There are DIGITAL MARKETING INSTITUTES who provide complete Social Media Optimization Services. One should just click above if he/she really wants their business to reach Globally.

    Noteworthy 10 points that prove the importance of Social Media Optimization for every business:

    1. Increment of brand awareness with Social Media-

      Getting your business on social media will provide people information about you, your company’s work, and and what benefit they can get from your goods or service. If you really want the audience to be your loyal customer start satisfying them in the first place from the service or good you offer. And sooner you will be reaching more people, there is no doubt in that.

    2. social-media-marketing

    3. Drive your targeted audience by posting on social media(REGULARLY)-

      Why? Because from recent research by Pew Research Centre study states that a very good amount of adults use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at a very high rate. So getting in touch with all those people daily will surely bring you leads from your targeted audience. Also, it will benefit you in organic traffic to your website. Otherwise, we all know how difficult it is to drive traffic.

    4. Market On Social Media and learn about the audience-

      Getting most out of the above two points will help you understand what is customer behavior because of these platforms of Social Media. As they really are effective tools which help you in knowing much about the targeted audience by reading their comments and posts.

      • What products they prefer to buy and why?
      • What are their hobbies?
      • Which kinds of posts do they love to share?
      • Which websites do they visit?
      • Well after understanding your customer you can write better content or content according to the audience to drive more traffic. All of it will benefit you and your business and help you in the long run.

    5. Get Your Competition Behind You-

      Well it is hard but ‘what is hard is what we do not understand’. Well, you have to go unique for that on one hand and understand what makes your competition so good. And with the perfect combination of both, you can spread yourself on social media actively.

    6. Establishing your Brand on Social Media Marketing-

      Use your creativeness and expertise from joining Facebook to answering on Quora. Using them at best will help you find new better ways to reach your audience. Because your Quora answer with appearing on google if written perfectly will get sharing, commenting on it, and referring to others by netizens. With all of this, you will get a new audience who will be more likely to visit your website and help in brand building.

    7. Optimize Your Customer Service-

      With succeeding in the above-mentioned reason the next and important thing to turn your audience in a loyal customer is to understand it deeply that it is so important to make your customer satisfied with your product or service and make him/her feel that they are an important part of your big society which will lead them to visit your site & choose your service/ product again and again.

    8. Make your Product or Service Mobile friendly-

      because mobile is what people mostly use. In short, it is a mini version of a laptop/desktop. So making your website mobile friendly and application for mobile will help you in many possible ways. As there is everything on the phone, people play heavy games, watch movies and so much more. Click to know completely how mobile marketing is helpful in brand building.

    9. benefits-of-social-media-for-students

    10. Make Robust Social Media Presence-

      Because just being on Social Media is not ok, making an appealing brand image is a must that is one of the many other things that will influence customers to use your service. And giving them a sense of society will make the customer realize how much you value them and care for them and that you are not your competition because it will differ you in the competitive market.

    11. A mixup of SEO & SMO- know how?

      Working hard on social media will also pay you in other fields if you have done it right. Because everything you do on social media also affects your presence on google like- sharing a link of your website to your loyal audience will bring more traffic on your website. And then you can use SEO strategies to make it much better.

    12. social-media-optimization-tools

    13. Finally, enhance your sales-

      Getting Social Media Optimization training will help you understand all the above stuff more deeply and help you gain more knowledge about the optimum utilization of Social Media platforms to enhance your sales. As it gives you an opportunity to explore Social Media Platforms more diversly which will enhance your sales once you got into it with your best.

    Achieved Top Ranking
    Achieved Top Ranking? This Is How to Remain Number 1 on Google.

    By | Thursday, July 4, 2019

    Ranking & Visibility


    Congratulations! You have made it to the top among the top ten champions of Google SERPs. But do you know how to remain a champion? The Google ranking factors keep on updating from time-to-time, so-much-so that the Google you’ll look at today and the one you’ll look at tomorrow will be totally different. Thanks to this, the ranking of a website on Google SERP (full form of SERP is Search Engine Results Page, thank you) is dynamic. Basically, Google follows teachings from Bhagavat Gita. It gives your top place to someone else and then throws that someone else to #40 making way for other websites. This behavior of Google is also largely motivated due to stiff competition for almost every keyword. Other factors for ranking includes a long list of “tips” provided by successful SEO specialists, who impart this information from experience. We do this here too.

    Long-term ranking on Google SERPs mainly depends upon user-friendliness and the relevancy of the website. Along with these, the rest of the factors have strings attached to them. What kind of strings? This is as good a mystery as the womenkind or Bermuda Triangle. To clear this mystery experts have resigned on using methods of charlatanerie which they named Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Among all the best SEO practices, the top ones include high-quality content, functional page design, the acceptable reputation of the company or person, accuracy of the information, and convenient and comfortable ad placements. Easy to achieve, right? Not in the long run!

    But Why The Top Ranking?

    If you’ve been sleeping under a rock or have chronic amnesia, you’ll find this question pertinent. Reports state that more than 60% of websites on all Google SERPs except the first, remains unclicked. The reason for this is that the searchers are only interested in fast result procurement. They will never go to the next page if they are acquiring the same data on the first page. The first position on any keyword related SERP, therefore, gains 79% more organic traffic as compared to other positions.

    3 Good Tips To Maintain Your Top Ranking


    • Do not use Black-Hat SEO- Black-Hat SEO techniques are good in the short run but it will not help you maintain a long term ranking. Black-Hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing and providing poor quality content is now recognizable to Google under its latest update. Upon finding any questionable material, Google will lower the ranking of your web page and the spam score of the site will automatically rise. It is, therefore, recommended that White-Hat techniques should be employed.

    • google-ranking

    • Keep On Updating Your SEO Strategies- If you cannot keep a financial reserve for paid ads, then SEO is your guardian's angel. Try to keep practicing the best on-page and off-page SEO tactics to succeed in maintaining your rank on the top. Optimization of a website is the core function that maintains its ranking.

    • Use Tools To Review Your Website’s Ranking: Tools like SEMrush, Niche, Google My Business, and Advanced Web Ranking helps in managing search engine stats. This provides visibility of SERPs to the user and provides related info. These softwares are also good for keeping surveillance on your competitors and tracking their website’s ranking.

    We hope that you remain the king of SERPs for a long time with these secrets. Ciao!

    Social Marketing Concept
    Social Marketing Concept

    By | Saturday, July 6, 2019

    Social Media, Influencer Marketing, and SEO


    Business growth all depends on its marketing, as that is the way any business going to sell its goods and services. It is literally unavoidable for any business to do its marketing offline or online.
    So let's know Social Marketing and its benefits for a good cause using techniques of Social Media Marketing. This world of Social Marketing is way older than the internet existed, so we have cleared out the first thing that it's not Social Media Marketing.

    What is Social Marketing Meaning?


    When we talk about Social Marketing, we talk about the welfare of the society, we talk about aware people about social causes through marketing, it is the discipline of marketing with the goal of societal development. The technique used in commercial marketing is effectual and used for influencing the audience. So using that technique for causes such as global warming, health & wellness of citizens, development of the community, the extermination of superstitious practices, aware citizens about their rights and an endless list of good cause.

    Get an idea of other marketing concepts such as Social Media Marketing, Commercial Marketing, and CSR activity and how do they differ from Social Marketing.


    1. Social Media Marketing-When business market on social media channels about service and product business offer, with quality content and much more which influences audience and helps business in increasing their brand awareness/brand building. This is known as pure marketing the object is to make brand visible around Social Media Platform. Above line clearly states that Social Media Marketing is not Social Marketing. Click and know about humongous role Social Media Marketing plays.

    2. advantages-of-social-marketing

    3. Commercial Marketing- Companies around the world through Digital media has already set many examples to enhance their sales. One of those examples is- A company through various interactive online/ offline platforms communicate audience that ‘If they bought any product of the company’ The company will donate some amount earned from the particular product to any social cause. No doubt they are doing good but this strategy states that brand object is to promote the brand by supporting a cause and trying to make a difference in society. This marketing is also not social marketing as a primary objective is to popularize brand.
    4. CSR activity- Now CSR stands for corporate social responsibility, it is compulsory for every organization to contribute to society in India. What brands do is make the most out of this activity by advertising it in creative and innovative ways. With showing these activities to audience brands get popularity and earn huge profit. In this also primary focus is getting something in return and not just giving. So this also is not Social Marketing.

    Who gets involved in Social Marketing?

    If the primary & only focus of any organization is to do welfare of the society by doing good deeds with a high level of passion and not asking anything in return, then we can say that organization is involved in social marketing.
    Most government bodies are usually involved in social marketing such as- UNESCO, WHO and a lot of non-profit organizations(NPO), etc.

    How Social Marketing is Beneficial?

    Social marketing procedure is all about influencing audience behavior and motivating them to do something good for the society, join any cause or innovate something to solve the problems. And no doubt the toughest part is to convert the audience to do these social jobs. NGOs achieve this by an aware mass about gargantuan importance of Social Marketing with intriguing and innovative campaigns. Here are some of the benefits of Social Marketing:

    • Affordable education
    • Enhancing public skill set
    • Improving air quality
    • Quit addictive habits
    • Creating equal opportunities
    • Awaring people about health body

    Top Social Marketing case studies are:

    1. Adequate usage of water-a campaign for moderate use of water started in 1999 at Arizona and now which is active in more than 400 cities. As water plays a crucial role in everybody's life. We may have a vast amount of water but only 3% is drinkable so humans should use water wisely and this campaign amazingly played its role in aware people about the wise use of water.
    2. Piano stairs- Pretty interesting campaign, this was to promote and aware people about the benefits of exercise in human life. We all know exercise is important but we make excuses such as- Don’t have time to work out, do it later, etc.
      So Volkswagen showed a creative idea and painted subway stairs as a piano that encouraged people to take stairs instead of escalators. The result came out pretty good with more than 66% people started taking stairs.

    There are many case studies like this which influenced citizens to change their behavior and encouraged them to opt for good things in life.
    We know the biggest issue that is taking our world towards the end of humanity, that is why the need of the hour is to understand the importance of social marketing for our society.
    Through social marketing, innovative marketers can bring a big change in society. So if you are the person who wants to do something for society and have innovative ideas but don’t know how to reach people or how marketing can help you than should do a basic Digital Marketing Training to reach people and help people improve for a better society.
    The Rise Of Digital Marketing In A Digitalised World
    The Rise Of Digital Marketing In A Digitalised World

    By | Saturday, July 6, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    By the 1990s, the industry of Information Technology (IT) was under means of developing a method of marketing that followed a digital mechanism. This was defined by experts as Digital Marketing. Anything that was advertised on the internet became a part of Digital Marketing. Only a few predicted that it would become the default marketing method within two decades and would take over the most famous traditional methods of marketing such as Billboarding, Telemarketing, print advertising, and the types. These methods were effective in their own ways but when the world shifted its platform from reality to virtuality, so did the advertisers.

    Digital Marketing became a catalyst in helping the world move from the real land into a digital swamp and the world fell gladly into it. Reports state that presently an average person spends more than 24 hours a week on the internet. That’s almost 4 hours of valuable time spent online per day! These facts simply concern adults. Youngsters spend a lifetime on the internet. With this amount of traffic, the internet becomes a coal-mine with potential diamonds for advertisers.

    But do you actually know what is Digital Marketing or have I been ranting about it in vain? If yes, then it can be best understood with the help of some examples. Do you ever get unwanted promotional messages in your inbox or those irritating 5-seconds-to-skip video ads before watching your favorite video on YouTube? Or Do you see banners on the side of a website or on the top of the page searched? These are all types of Digital Marketing strategies. So basically, every ad you see on the internet is a part of Digital Marketing. That makes it a very broad term and a very important one in this digital world.

    Growth And Scope Of Digital Marketing

    The advent of Digital India in 2015, which promoted the digitalization of transactions, marked a healthy growth of the Digital Marketing industry. This industry is now worth over $200 Billion approximately which is equivalent to the combined GDP of many small countries spread all over the globe. This becomes the reason why the industry of Digital Marketing caters promising job opportunities in abundance.
    The scope of success in this industry is concretely foolproof. In India especially, a large number of freshers prefer to take Digital Marketing courses or SEO courses from premium institutes such as Croissant Technologies Career Development Centre to boost their competencies. And why shouldn’t they? The role of Digital Marketing in the coming years is of immense importance, be it in online shopping or just online surfing.

    Benefits Of Digital Marketing


    Since the marketing sailed for the shores of the internet, the output gained by the companies has been enormous, especially in the field of social media. The companies through Social Media Marketing are able to create brand awareness and are able to acknowledge their product or service to the customers. The customers too are able to engage with the companies by commenting, liking or sharing their posts on any social media platform. The companies receive instant feedback about their promoted item. This also provides space for unpaid promotion by customers. They capture photographs and write reviews and share them among communities, thuswise increasing the recognition of the brand. Furthermore, about 80% of Social media users appreciate a brand responding to their posts. In online shopping too, Digital Marketing provides a specific route to shoppers as more than 90% of online shoppers randomly search for their desired item until they choose a brand. Here Digital Marketing techniques such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads help shoppers choose a product.

    Channels Of Digital Marketing


    Digital Marketing has numerous channels from which it accommodates its functions but the most common of them includes:

    • Email Marketing-This is a Digital Marketing technique that focuses on sending commercial or promotional emails to people. These emails have information or promotional data about a product or service which pursue people to become their client. This common channel of Digital Marketing has been around before the 1980s and has been flourishing ever since. According to the Radicati Group, 205 billion emails are sent across the globe every day. This symbolizes the immense power wielded by the emails.
    • Social Media Marketing- This self-explanatory term became useful after the invention of social media platforms during the mid-2000s and became an important strategic channel for advertisers. India alone harbors 351 million social media users and 250 million of them are active on Facebook. With these overwhelming statistics, social media becomes a very favorable hunting ground for advertisers. For this very reason, companies hire Social Media Optimization (SMO) experts to improve, update and manage their social media profiles. Some popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many others.
    • Search Engine Marketing- The forte of Search Engine Marketing is to handle paid advertisements on Search engine platforms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This channel works in a similar pattern to Social Media Marketing (SMM) but concentrates mainly on Search engine platforms. It is a popular medium if the advertisers are opting for the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method of advertisements which demands money from advertisers only when the ads are clicked. PPC remains one of the most preferred options for advertisers as it ranks their website on the top of the search result page and also spaces their ads on certain related websites. Another ad method of SEM is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which remains the heart and core of SEM. It revolves around improving the rank of a website based on some keywords.
    • Affiliate Marketing- This technique calls for salesmen for selling online through different channels. The system employed by Amway for sales is given an online gravity under affiliate marketing.
    • Content Marketing-This channel focuses on the creation, posting, and distribution of content on a website to optimize it. On the basis of the content that a website provides, a consumer builds his trust. Content Marketing involves blogging, creating infographics, pictures, podcasts, and videos.

    Digital Marketing proves to be a very broad term and beneficial too especially for marketers. It caters to one of the most crowded places, the internet and had made itself thriving on the same.
    Social Bookmarking to Enhance Your Traffic
    Social Bookmarking to Enhance/Grow Your Traffic

    By | Monday, July 8, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    Being a best digital marketer asks many things from an individual, different things asks different strategies and as a digital marketer you always have to stay updated to increase website quality traffic & conversions.
    The thing that we get to know here ‘How Social BookMarking will drive quality traffic?’
    Read this article carefully to widen your knowledge of Social BookMarking and its role of increasing traffic on website. Before taking deep dive let's get started with Social BookMarking basic.

    Social BookMarking in SEO?


    As every name defines itself, Social BookMarking is no different than others. Its role is to make bookmarked content visible to users of the BookMarking platform and not just limited to one person. As it is cleared, that bookmarked content is public and can access by the user of those Social BookMarking sites.
    Social BookMarking enhances traffic to your website because similar is your target on the Social BookMarking platform as was on search engines, just aim for the top & follow the right path.
    To be true it’s hard to form your content visible on the front page of these sites. So go through some tactics down below to emphasize upon, to get the desired rank on these platforms.

    Points to Enhance Traffic Using Social BookMarking Sites:-


    1. Content No doubt the king of the jungle is content which decides web page ranking on both Social BookMarking platforms and search engine. You can’t just ignore the power content carries in itself. Users might get attracted to catchy headlines but making the content up to the mark is not everybody's thing.
      Making your content is itself is an art consisting of rich, interesting & interactive-information, as nobody stays on boring content and conversions never happens with trash. So if you want to enhance this art, taking training in Content Marketing will not only widen your knowledge but also give you an awesome start to reach the audience/readers globally.
      Don’t start with trash writing and before going further have some idea about Content creation, otherwise you will end up getting banned permanently from posting.

    2. Headlines Many times trash content also gets views just because it has catch headline. So if you have written a very informative content but if your headline is not catchy enough then your content might go to waste.
      A headline should be short, simple & interesting and should state what users want from the content. Use your imagination and creativity to make headlines catchy and well framed.
      Your good content will deserve the exposure of what it's worth and interesting and influencing headlines will do that. Understanding Social BookMarking in SEO will teach you proficient use of headlines in content.

    3. Description No doubt headline will give you an idea of what lies inside but the description will always hold your mind to read the full content. A description is a gate to lead a user to the room of content. So make sure to make your description accurate and well informative. If a user gets impressed with it he/she definitely will go for the content to read.
      A perfect description should be with true information, unique, short and written in simple and meaningful words. Don’t puzzle others, use your creativity in the description and don’t make it longer than 150 words. There is word limit on Social BookMarking site for description so make sure to stay behind the mark.

    4. First paragraphWe are done with an attraction part, to bring the user to your actual content. When you start writing your first content try to provide the user a glimpse of your content because the real game begins with the first paragraph.
      Brief your whole content in it with simple words that are engaging and interesting to read. It is because the user will go through your whole content only when he/she will find interest in the first para.

    5. Submission time Experts says submission timing matters a lot for your content ranking. These Social BookMarking platforms provide only 24 hrs to you to get yourself on front page, after submission. So make sure to post your content when your potential audience is online to provide more exposure to your content for gaining traffic.
      To find the right timing first you have to really observe, experiment and figure out the suitable time for your content. For example- in case of US, posting content before 10am or around 3pm is beneficial. As your main job is to publish the right thing for your audience, so it is also important to publish it at right time too.

    6. Publish the right thing Just start with publishing the right content because you can’t do much about your profile in the start. To make your profile more professional you have to earn link to your content and that can only be done by following above points carefully.CLICK HERE TO KNOW LINK BUILDING STRATEGIES FOR BOOSTING SEO In two words it should be true and genuine, and post consistently to give exposure to your content.

    Most of the important is how to make a bookmark, so follow below steps to get the right way-

    1. Choose a Social BookMarking Site
    2. Upload bookmarks and the links
    3. Then link to Social Media Channels
    4. Include best and relevant tags
    5. Download the extensions


    So that’s all folks, what you read above is beneficial only when you follow it correctly. And if you still didn’t get the idea of social book marketing or think that i missed something up there. Make sure to comment below. And if wants to have a vast knowledge about the role of social media, do click below links.

    Top 5 Social Media Tools for Marketing
    Why Social Media in Digital Marketing ?
    Link Building Strategies For Content Creator & Boosting SEO

    Enroll yourself in Social Media Marketing Course to know the right way of using Social BookMarking and much more about Social Media, and how else can you use it for your growth.
    How To Write a Blog Post
    How To Write a Blog Post

    By | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

    Content Marketing Guide


    A Guide To Both Paid And Free Blog Writing

    Among the activities that have shrouded the internet with popularity, the art of writing blogs is the most popular of them. The phenomena of blogging rose from nothing to everything. They started as online diaries and evolved into a corporate SEO activity and now, they are today guides, news, opinions, recipes, and personal diaries. Blog writing has revolutionized the internet and has led to the creation of diverse blog sites and blogging platforms that have endorsed and promoted this art of writing blogs to its present glory.
    Suppose you want to bake a cake but do not know how to do it. So you search it on the internet and receive 200 million blogs in the results that teach the same. Pretty neat right? Yes, it is! Researchers claim that out of 1.6 billion websites on the internet, more than 500 million of them are blog sites or blog related platforms. With 2 million blogs being posted on the internet every day, the reach of blogs has obviously become overwhelming.


    This blog will focus on blogging for beginners and will ironically teach you how to start a blog and make money out of it. So, relax and read on!

    What Is A Blog?

    The word blog is a mishmash of the term weblog coined by Peter Merholz. The meaning of blog remains limited to a written piece of material which could be supplemented by images or videos and is updated within a short interval of time. Blogs in the past were tailor-made for personalized use, a feature which is still somewhat visible in present-day blogs writing style. But now, they follow a pattern to provide maximum information to the reader and aim at improving their knowledge or insight.
    Blogs hold a very important duty in the commercial world. Reports state that websites with a blog section have 434% more indexed pages than websites that do not keep a blog page. This makes blog writing and posting a very important part of Off-site SEO.

    Tips And Steps To Write A Blog

    Let us take a look at a few tips and steps of blog writing:
    1. Blog Title-There are mainly three types of blogs that come under the category of effective and famous blogs:

      1. The How-To Blog-If you are an average guy or gal (we donot judge but let us suppose it for an example), you will search the internet with a how-to tag.


        This statistic is the manifestation of the popularity of a how-to tag. So, there are good odds that if you start the title of your blog with a how-to, yo will rank good on Google or Yahoo. Anyway, these blogs mainly focus on the procedure or technicality of the thing they are talking about.

      2. Infographic Blogs - These blogs mainly focus on providing information to the reader through graphical or image representation of statistical data (also known as infographics). These blogs are underrated as they usually have a very powerful readability ratio.

      3. free-blog-writing-sites-1

      4. List-based Blogs-You know these pestering little buggers. They are omnipresent in all of our Facebook feeds and are recognized by their quirky titles that always start with numbers: “9-ways to lose weight”, “5-tips to earn more money”, and what-not. However, they are common only because they are effective.

    2. Blog Writing Format-There is no format of writing a blog. People usually stick to their discretion and use whatever style they prefer. But in order to write a popular blog, you must ensure that your content has an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Try to insert pictures or videos in your blog. It will increase your chance of being read by 94%. And here is a common disease in blog writing: beginners, as well as professional bloggers, usually get writer block while writing an introduction. And heres a tip to solve the same. You can always start your blog with a relatable statement. For example, look at this blog introduction sample:

      Or you can also start by informing your readers about the history of the topic you are writing about. Here is another blog introduction sample you can take as an example:

      There are a thousand ways through which you can start your blog but these remain the most famous and most effective ones (refer to point 2). Remember your introduction will define your blog and your readership.

    3. Fill Your Blog With Stats- Another way of starting your blog is to provide statistics related to the topic you are talking about. You must have noticed numerous examples of statistical content in my blog. These factual descriptions blow the mind of your readers (not literally though) and make your blog an interesting read. However, try not to overfill your content with numbers as nobody would like to read mathematical equations.

    4. Relevancy -For the love of God or whatever you believe in, try to stick to your topic. This determines the quality of your blog. Make continuous attempts to reduce any irrelevancy in your content. One way of ensuring this is to exhort your friends or family to read your unpublished blog and ask them to rate the relevancy in it.

    5. Follow The 5Cs-

      1. Clarity-Keep a clear mind of what you need to write about. Provide headings for specific contents to prevent your reader brain becoming tangled.

      2. Conciseness- Donot try to keep your blog unnecessary long. However, there is no word-limit for writing a blog. But nobody will read an encyclopedia.

      3. Completeness- Complete your blog by concluding in the end or by providing all the relevant information about the topic you are writing about. Donot leave it for tomorrow or else you may never complete it. Confession: I have been writing this blog for three days now. Donot be like me.

      4. Correctness-Exaggeration is a bigger sin than understatement. Donot just makeup information out of thin air. Research your content and try to obtain your stats from a reliable source. You can also validate your data from sites like or

      5. Courtesy- Try to respect the views of other people or organizations while writing your blog. Donot post outrageous content on the internet or you will gain a fan-following of dangerous stalkers.

    6. Do not Go Full Stream-Of-Conscience Blogger- It is okay to experiment once in a while but readers hate anything that they can not understand. Remember that the audience walked out of Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey only because they were not simply able to comprehend it. Today the movie is, of course, considered a masterpiece but your blog might not achieve that glory. So, try to keep an understandable and relevant format and use comprehensible words because then again however much you try, you cannot become Stanley Kubrick (Fact-check this on

    7. Add a Call-To-Action- Inserting a call-to-action ensures that your subscribed readers are notified of your new blog post. A CTA also allows new readers to subscribe to you. This ensures a massive readership for your blog.

    8. Proofread-This is an important part of writing a blog even though it does not constitute any writing. It revolves around editing. Keep on revising your blog and refining it. It will minimize the mistakes present in it.

    How To Start A Blog: In a Few Easy Steps

    Follow these steps to start a blog that is popular as well as effective. If you are writing on behalf of a group or an organization you might not require to follow these steps. The topics will be provided to you along with the domain and research material. However, you can take reference from below for other reasons:


    1. Decide Your Blog-Well I hope this step does not require much explanation. Anyway, you must keep a clear pathway of what your blogs are going to be related with. Having a roadmap allows you to tread on the right path and prevents you from getting lost. Pick the topics you will be talking about on a daily basis such as personal health, economy, SEO, Content Marketing or freelancing. If the domain name of your blog site is and all of a sudden you start blogging about chicken barbecue recipes, your audience will get effective, negatively most probably. Which also brings us to the second step.When you are writing on behalf of a corporate.

    2. Decide Your Audience-Learning from the barbeque example, you must decide your audience carefully. You can target them on the basis of their age, gender, race, color, nationality, the color of their hair, the length of their toenail, their walking style, etc. Blogs have an enormous reach, so innumerable topics can be addressed to innumerable issues. After targeting them you must understand their liking and disliking. One way to do this is to conduct a survey or create a feedback box on the blog site that you are going to create in the next step.

    3. Create Your Blog/ Choose a domain-Now this is the hard part. You will need to choose a Content Management System (CMS) and a website domain hosting service. A Content Management System assists you in creating a website domain where you can publish your blogs. The CMS provides you a platform where you can sign up to manage domains, create your own website; and subdomains, and create a web page that links to an already existing website.
      A popular option is to use WordPress to perform the necessary action and create a domain name for your website. You can also register your domain on the following websites after paying a meager amount of money:

      • HostGator
      • iPage
      • GoDaddy
      • DreamHost
      • Bluehost

      These websites instructs you in creating a blog site for your blogs. And kaboom! You have your own blog page.

    4. Customize Your Blog Page-A blog page must be visually enticing. Use an attractive color to optimize your blog page. Try not to use anything that is painful for the eye and restricts readability. Now you can write blogs and publish them using the tips and tricks that were mentioned above.

    5. Promote Your Blog-We always recommend using keywords in your content to make your blog rank higher. You can install keyword everywhere for this reason and research accordingly. Try to promote your blog on Social media sites and your readership will definitely increase. You can also use email marketing for the same reason.

    How To Write A Blog And Make Money

    After creating the blog and promoting it, make money by monetizing your blog site. You can sell your website space to advertisers who pay a good ratio of the revenue they gain by advertising on your web site. Once your blog becomes popular (which it will), you will have advertisers revolving around you for an opportunity to advertise. Google Ads becomes a champion under these circumstances. This advertising platform helps you choose the best and most profitable ads for your blog. All you need to do is login and Google Ads will instruct you the rest. So, see you at the top!
    Successful PPC Campaign For 2019
    Successful PPC Campaign For 2019

    By | Monday, July 15, 2019

    Pay Per Click


    Our PPC experts always look for new updates, some of them are those updates which likely to force PPC experts to adopt new pay per click advertising strategies. PPC experts suggest this simple tactic(to always remember), the more you blend with(an artificial mind of Google ads- bids, placements, etc) PPC latest updates the more fruit it will bring to your PPC(SEO)campaign.
    However, apart from blending with the above stuff( no matter how much it is becoming “autopilot” campaign), you still need to understand your audience, what visually triggers them, usage of keywords for a search query and many other aspects.


    To know about your audience, one must understand how its need has evolved from the past few decades with the rise of digital marketing in the digitalized world.
    So here comes the most crucial factor to lift you and your Google Ads campaign in 2019.

    Ad Copy:

    how to set up google pay per click

    To provide the best user experience, look at your current ads and modify them by issuing several ad variations for the same keywords. You can reimagine your current ads, test different variables or experiment with USP(unique selling proposition), as there is always something to enhance with Ad copy. First figure out your USPs( could be a free trial), then figure out which one(USP) can work for your online audience. Experiment and play with representation of ads by bringing twist such as-representation of a number, excluding or including brand name(just try and discover) because these things can noticeably enhance your CTR. We are giving this suggestion because we experimented it & improved our CTR by a good amount.

    Responsive search ads-

    ppc latest updates
    Use responsive search ads(functions on AI basis) to supply more to the point message to your audience. You(An advertiser) can write up to 15 headlines;each with 30 characters MAX., along with 4 descriptions with 90 characters MAX. This update which has been around for a while helps advertisers to present product or service in the most compelling way using the innovative and creative mind as now they have 300 characters plus URL paths.

    Using RSA:

    ppc strategy 2019

    Make a transparent and optimized process faster by adding one responsive ad/group. Remember, creating a meaningful and combinable headline or description for responsive ads. Attempt to create headlines shorter(under 15 characters) to be picked by Google. Set your Ad by using this above technique but if you run out of ideas(as everyone does) don’t forget to adopt inspiration from others. Borrowing ideas from others is not a bad thing. You can also look out the new SEMrush Ad builder tool.

    Ad formats: Get Ad extension

    seo campaigns

    This format supplies extra information about the product or service you deliver. As ads get more extended & visible on this format on the search engine page. The user gets required information faster and Ad extension not only impacts CTR but they also take part in enhancing quality score and CPR reduction.
    Extension types; most beneficial to your Ad are:

    • Sitelinks
    • Callouts
    • Structured Snippets
    • Calls
    On search engine up to 3 ad extensions are displayed at once, adding more will let google to decide which 3 to display on SERP. Some additional helpful ad extensions are:

    1. Price
    2. Reviews
    3. Address
    4. Link to app
    5. Message
    Note: There are currently seven types of automated extensions:

    1. Automated call extensions
    2. Automated message extension
    3. Dynamic sitelink extensions
    4. Dynamic structured snippet extensions
    5. Automated location extensions
    6. Seller rating extensions
    7. Dynamic callout extensions
    Study Google Ads Help to grasp more additional information about these extensions and there working.


    Keyword Research: furnish negative keywords

    Using negative keyword is always a big challenge for PPC experts, because of two problems: Using them at the wrong place and as a consequence losing traffic. Not using them at the right place where you should use. The first one is the most common mistake. Let us understand this through an example, consider you have not sold mountain bikes for years and had the name of mountain bikes in the negative list, then you started selling them.
    But your PPC expert forgot to remove that word from your negative list, the consequence will be “not getting any traffic” on that keyword. For avoiding such situation, regularly check your negative keyword list and bring those keywords back to life which has relevance. The second situation is not ignorable(way to reduce CPC) and is challenging. Let us consider you sell mountain bike, road bike, BMX bike and so on than using broad or modified broad match may cause trouble when google will show relevant ads(with 2 ads of yours) regarding user query. The trouble will be, increasing CPC when your ads start competing with each other. For this issue, you can add the word into a negative keyword list whosoever is causing trouble/unnecessary competition. Though this method will only work for comparatively small keyword lists. With dozens of product categories, it will be big trouble, for this one must look for the realm of PPC.

    Device Targeting: Merge Mobile to Your Campaigns

    Some of the impressive stats from Google studies state when required to search something 69% of users turn to a mobile device, and within it, 76% search for nearby business, 28% of these daily searches end in purchases. For any PPC specialist, mobile campaigns have brought new opportunities and of course new challenges. As an advertiser, you cannot treat mobile users the same as a desktop user. Along with a mobile-optimized website, you also need to modify Ad copy to micro-moments. Let’s look at how it can be done: searching for “digital marketing institute” on a desktop can mean someone is looking for later on appointment.
    But the “digital marketing institute” searched from mobile may mean, the person may be more serious to go to an institute. The most searches made from mobile are made with “strong intentions”(to buy the product/service). These are known as micro-moments, micro-moments can be subdivided into four categories:

    • I want to know a moment
    • I want to go a moment
    • I want to do a moment
    • I want to buy a moment
    And understanding this micro-moment of limited time, screen space and speed of the internet can help you express what you need to in your ad copy. So be very certain & determined in case of your mobile audience.

    In-market audiences

    Simply a fun & creative game for advertisers focused on converting regular visitors into likely buyers. An in-marketing audience can be used in various ways such as target options for display campaigns or bid modifiers for search engines. Similar to GDN marketing it is used for targeting audience who are in “buy-now” mode and extensively interested in product or service.

    For More info. Read related blogs:

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    SEO Through Mobile Marketing
    SEO Through Mobile Marketing

    By | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

    Mobile SEO


    Mobile marketing is the unsung technique of marketing that still remains under the cloaked blanket of major disuse. Only a few have noticed its brilliance and have utilized this form of digital marketing to generate leads as well as sales. But do you know that mobile marketing strategies can also be harvested as an effective SEO technique?
    Search Engine Optimization is the main priority of any online business. However, many businesses undermine the fact that there are about 5.11 billion (with a “B”) mobile users all around the globe and focus on other digital marketing strategies such as Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and many more. Mobile phones too are a very effective medium for marketing and believe me all the search engines think the same.

    What Is Mobile Marketing?


    The term “Mobile Marketing” is very much self-explanatory, but still you’ll get a definition free with this blog. Mobile marketing is a branch of digital marketing that focuses online marketing on smartphones and tablets. Mobile marketing resorts to the circulation of e-mail, SMS and MMS, social media info, or mobile applications on mobile devices to generate sales.

    Benefits Of Mobile Marketing

    If you really need to know the benefits of mobile marketing then you should get out of the rock under which you sleep and interact with the actual world. Of course mobile marketing has a plethora of benefits since the amount of users of this device exceeds the total number of internet consumers which is 3.2 billion. And a complimentary fun-fact: The overall population of the world is 7.3 billion. The reach of mobile phones, then becomes, extraordinarily extensive.
    People actually care about their devices. They look at their notifications, organize their data, and remain updated with news. This makes marketing on mobile phones enormously advantageous for generating sales.

    How To Do Mobile Marketing Effectively To Perform SEO

    Take a look at the following points and create your mobile marketing strategy accordingly to perform SEO:


    1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly Reports claim that almost 8% of traffic on any site is from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly and have irksome bugs and screen-covering banners when your site is opened on a mobile device, then you quickly need to make your site mobile-friendly. In fact, stop reading this and Get up now and do it. It’s a really easy task. All you need to do is login on WordPress and download WPtouch and follow the provided instructions to make your site compatible with mobile devices. Then see that traffic soar up high.
    2. Post Mobile Friendly ContentIdentically to the first point, you need to make sure that your site’s content is both for the mobile as well as desktop users. Make sure that the content is visible on the smallest screen that the mobile world has to offer. You must ensure that the content offers not only visibility but also quality as it is easier to share data and information on mobile phones.
    3. Use Text Messages You will find it easy to believe when we’ll claim that 58% of mobile users check their smartphones every hour. Why do we find it easy to believe? Because we’ve got eyes to observe people around us spend lifetimes on their mobile devices, clicking pictures of what they are about to eat.
      SMS, in this case becomes a very good medium to get your product, service or brand acknowledged. This does not come under SEO but it is a good way to increase traffic to your site as links can be given in an SMS to redirect the customer.>
    4. Decrease Loading Speed On Mobiles When it comes to searching on the internet, the users become very impatient. They tend to avoid sites that take an eternity of internet time to load (which is limited to 15 seconds). Since many users use their mobile phones to conduct queries and searches, it becomes a good SEO strategy to decrease the loading speed of your site’s pages.
    5. Avoid blocking CSS, JavaScript, or images Ancient mobiles were unable to support these elements so designers thought to block these to optimize the site’s loading screen. But now we’re living in a modern age where mobiles support everything. So, maximize the mobile user experience, you must avoid blocking CSS, Java or images.

    How To Avoid Fake Influencer on Instagram
    How To Avoid Fake Influencer on Instagram

    By | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    With the astounding enhancement of people’s interaction on different social media platforms such as Instagram, brands around the world are not sitting back but connecting with Social media Influencers such as “Instagram Influencer” for brand and sales promotion. As people nowadays before making the decision of buying any product or service( of any brand) look towards their favorite social media influencer “what they have to say about the BRAND”. That’s a good thing for young entrepreneurs, as they can connect different Social Media Influencers to Promote whatever the product or service they provide.
    Especially, within the case of Instagram, brands or young entrepreneurs can attain the goals they desire, just by connecting the right Instagram Influencer. They don’t need to worry if they are beginners because here I share with you Instagram Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners.
    But before joining hands with any Instagram Influencer, there are things that young entrepreneurs or brands should keep in mind. As with increasing demand for Instagram Influencer marketer, FAKE influencers are also entering and looting their clients. All of this is happening because more than 63% of marketers work with more than 10 influencers and marketers have estimated Instagram Influencer Industry worth $ 5 billion to $ 10 billion by 2020. Some tips that will assist you to recognize Fake Influencers and shortlist true Instagram Influencer.


    Identify Fake Influencer account on Instagram

    1. An Unclear, incomplete profile always remembers to look out the ‘influencer profile’, it will tell you many things. Most fake Instagram influencer profiles will not have bio except emojis or have a fake-sounding email or do not have what true influencers posses such as email, and other information, which makes a credible profile, or verified profile. Apart from that, you can look out if they are limited to one social media platform. If they are then its sign of fake influencer because of most influencer work on many social media platforms.
    2. Followers with an unusual username and stock photo influencers who are fake generally buy followers from a different internet source to lure innocent clients. These different source overflow bots and spam profiles in fake influencer accounts to increase follower counts. If you see stock photos and unusual/spammy username, just turn your back. Interested young entrepreneurs, who want to promote their brand /service to grasp deep knowledge about SMM can just enroll themselves in Social Media Marketing Course. Though you cannot be sure to enlist an influencer “fake” having a few spam followers but a good way to start shortlisting the best influencer.
    3. Unreasonable Engagement Rates Fake influencer will not work hard to build a loyal follower base but try to find shortcuts to land a deal with big brands. Engagement rate refers to the percentage of likes, comments, and shares in relation to followers count. Marketers state the percentage of likes falls between 1% to 5% of the followers of an account. If you see unusual engagement rates, then turn your back because it takes a lot of hard work and time to get a good amount of engagements.
      One smart way to check, look for accounts who are in a hurry to like and comment the moment post went live, look that if they are following influencer you are engaged with. If they are not, then you are certainly dealing with a fake influencer because it's very unlikely to get 50%+ like and comment in the first 15 minutes and that too from accounts not following “influencer”.
    4. Generic Comments on most posts one more way is to look down in the comment section of earlier posts by an influencer. If it doesn’t look content specific to you then surely its fake. Most fake influencer post will consist of generic or repeated comments from followers such ‘great picture’ or ‘nice picture’


      Apart from that real influencer will never miss out on the chance to interact with its followers.
    5. Sudden enhancement in followers or engagement Getting engagement organically takes a lot of time and hard work, that why to beware of influencers who got a good amount of followers overnight. This sudden enhancement in followers count shows the influencer profile is not authentic. Well, not saying that this a hard and fast rule. There are cases, where people are getting a million followers overnight that doesn’t mean they have a fake profile. It can be the effect of any video or post going viral. You just need to look for tools like Social Blade, which give you historical data of influencer like this:


      Building a fake influencer profile on Instagram is easy, all these scammers do is buy followers and create their profile in such a way that it will look real to anyone but they cannot thug you. If you know how to grasp the right and not the fake influencer.

    What else can you do to figure out the fake or true influencer AND not being scammed

    • Ask them about the past campaigns they did for others and if they procrastinate it, don’t go any further. And if they tell you, then you can review it and choose the best.
    • Always ask for actual examples, what do you think if someone faked their profile will they stop at lying you about their past. Don’t get lazy when reviewing Instagram Influencer past projects.


    Getting in touch with the right influencer will bring good growth to your business by spreading your brand among the audience and aware people about product or service you deliver. According to the report, brands earn about $5.20 on every dollar they spend on an influencer, to reach that stage you need to be aware of fake influencer accounts. Still, there are many things a business or young entrepreneurs should learn before entering into the digital world of competitors. With that, a wise man would advise you to go for the Digital Marketing training and get complete knowledge of Digital Marketing.

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    Forecasting ROI of SEO
    Forecasting ROI of SEO

    By | Wednesday, July 17, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    Most of the time SEO expert says, predicting ROI of SEO is a risky move. But SEOs also say that after acquiring enough data, they can forecast a realistic projection. So our SEO experts have shared some tips on forecasting ROI of SEO, The key factor that Digital Marketing trainers/experts in Delhi suggest is gathering quality and relative data you need for projections.

    How can an SEO expert forecast the ROI through SEO efforts?

    Digital Marketing experts in Delhi say that SEO geeks are technique focused, which means they tend to check their ranking daily and also see big drops in it. What they don’t see is the main thing- it is about “the amount of business you lose”. Nowadays experts are focusing on Google updates and how they are impacting e-commerce websites. Looking at data, digital marketing experts in Delhi found out a drop in organic traffic in the rankings but the money they make has no difference.
    All that changed was the loss of some traffic, it doesn’t matter much because business is still the same. As SEOs work too deep with SEO techniques (though they are essential) they don’t think about “money business is making”. They need to widen their thinking because“business goals” are much bigger than just random metrics and marketing.

    Marketers view at Identifying ways of seeing “ROI of SEO”?

    The basic thing, you readers need to understand all websites are not equally born, they have different popularity, address different topics, and possess different sizes on the web. It means the behavior of Google will be different on different websites. So to point in the right direction, Fresher must get started with SEO training and SEO experts must know that Google uses zillions of server to crawl the webpage(costs money to do that). Getting in the right direction will help you recognize “how to optimize your webpage” & “ranking factors” matters most to your website for better ranking on SERPs and ROI.

    Other factors people should pay attention to?


    For having a better click-through rate, people can optimize their product pages with “structured data”. As this has benefited people with terrific results optimizing in the past.

    Adding structured data(this kind of schema) is appreciated by Google. And websites with structured data gain way better click-through-rates than others. In my knowledge, we should focus on what occurring on to rank the same way, to be shown up int the same way or to get the same click-through rates.

    For SEOs, they must know, what is their business and what’s their core metric. An E-Commerce player core metric is average order per value or daily revenue/monthly revenue per product page, Online media’s core metric is revenue per visit. With an unlocked feature on OnCrawl called segmentation, with any metric(monthly revenue per product page) you can map your website(page depth levels). It means you can check the revenue-generating page with deep architecture or its closeness to the homepage. It can help you recognize if they are getting enough internal popularity(they must get) or if there is something wrong or not.

    The main thing is about doing S.W.O.T analysis of business, collect SEO data, understand your website type. And then merge SEO data with business techniques to get realistic predictions of your results. You can prioritize things by merging log data with crawl data or go for a test-and-learn approach. With all of this combine you can easily analyze what ranking factors are working for your website, the amount of traffic you are getting or how to achieve top ranking.

    When you can work on some projects, you can just follow the above information to provide better results to your clients or customers for good ROI. apart from that, for more information, you can read below blogs.

    How Google Search Engine Works!!
    Google Search Console & its Beneficial steps to fix your site

    Four Free Keywords Research Tools
    Four Free Keywords Research Tools

    By | Thursday, July 18, 2019

    Keywords and Keyword research


    Any SEO/Business strategies foundation is based on keyword research. Doing keyword research is an essential task for any SEO expert. No matter, you use the FREE keyword research tool or paid. You still need to have a keyword research tool, because being a creative process, it will always bring something essential for SEO strategies.

    Keyword research tool function is to create organic ranking opportunities, brand awareness, competitive research, product development- you just ask it! Use your creativity, while optimum utilization of best free keyword research tools, free or freemium it may be. Keyword research tools will help you for your SEO strategies and to achieve top ranking organically.
    So here I have brought Freemium or free Keyword research tool at your table, which are the best keyword research tool and useful as “keyword tool youtube” & “google keyword traffic tool”.

    The benefit of using a free keyword tool is that you can, later on, upgrade it to grasp more features, also a free keyword research tool is quite satisfactory. Here are four best Interesting “keyword research tool” you can benefit from:

    Rank Tracker: Compounded Keyword suggestion from many sources


    A free version of Rank Tracker provides keyword research features, uses near 20 separate keyword research sources, consisting of Google Ads Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Wordtracker. You can download the RankTracker tool and for downloading it you need to provide your email and name. It’s not harmful to your browser and will get installed in seconds, free version of keyword research tool includes Keyword analysis feature, which finds out the keyword that can benefit in your content strategy. Metric it uses is:

    • Monthly search volume (according to Google)
    • PPC competition
    • Keyword difficulty reflecting the assumed level of organic competition per query.

    Play further by exporting list into an Excel. With the paid version you get cross-tool reporting, task schedule, multiple projects and for getting free access or to look at a list of features click here.

    Answer The Public


    This keyword research tool asks no registration, and is completely free, which provides data into two forms:

    • Visualization i.e. Mindmap
    • Data
    Using Answer the public “keyword research tool”, you can gather data results in CSV file or visualization in the PNG file. Answer The Public tool collects Google suggest data for finding questions, keywords containing prepositions or comparison based queries. Recent premium update of “Answer The Public” includes and provides features such as target keywords by location, compare data and team member of collaboration. Look out the tool by clicking here, it benefits you by providing a question that is often being searched.

    Text Optimizer: Relative Concepts and terms


    Identify concepts relative to each topic or query using this semantic analysis tool. Text optimizer not only acts as a research tool but also helps in optimizing your content, by popping up with related entities and concepts that help Google understand and classify topic. With the premium version, you can geo-target, build whole sentences and much other.


    Click here and see it.
    If you want to rely on yourself for content making, you must not know how to write ranking content. Click on to know how to become successful content creator.

    Kparser: Grouped keyword suggestions


    Use Kparser for free keyword analysis, Kparser allows you to use keyword filters to group your list by a common modifier, for exporting list you need to have an upgraded version. The benefits you get is Kparser merges multiple keyword sources such as Google trends, Ebay, Amazon, Google Trends to discover more queries. On another hand, it's premium features includes geo-targeting, unlimited searches and more. To get full insight click here. So here are some of the best keyword research tools, if you have some of yours, comment down in the box.

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    benefits of digital marketing course for business owners
    Benefits Of Digital Marketing Course For Business Owners

    By | Friday, July 19, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    If you’re a business owner, you might have encountered certain limitations on your day-to-day Digital Marketing tasks. You might have found optimizing your website’s ranking on search engines (or simply called Search Engine Optimization in digital marketing language) excruciatingly difficult. Similarly, doing promotions on social media (or Social Media Marketing) would seem to you very time consuming and writing content (A.K.A Content Marketing) would look to you tailor-made for specialists. Now under these circumstances, I deduce, you would resort to hiring a digital marketing expert, a digital marketing agency or a freelance digital marketer to do all the hard work for you. Of course, they are professionals and have a teaspoon more of time and expertise in these areas than you do, but before opting for anyone, let’s take a look at the following cons of hiring any of these:

    Digital Marketing Expert

    Digital Marketing jobs are in demand and you’ll find many digital marketers who will pretend to be interested in working for you.


    • Expense- These demanding creatures come at an expense that will make your wallets empty and your stress meter full.
    • Conflict Of Interests -Digital Marketing experts require constant surveillance or else they’ll mess up your website or bring in the wrong kind of traffic to your website. You’ll need to ask frequent reports from them and guide them through what you need on your website and what you do not.
    • Long-Term Digital Marketing Strategy - In addition to all this, if your digital marketing strategy is of short-term, then you’ll have to bear with them forever. If you hire them, you can’t fire them. Not at least within a short space of time or without a valid reason.

    Digital Marketing Agency

    Similar to Digital Marketing experts, Digital Marketing agencies pose many problems:
    • Unaffordable Lust for money runs within the veins of a digital marketing company. They seldom overcharge their customers and undermine the quality of work.
    • No Speed Control -You will never know what goes on in their offices. They could take your money and party with it. Even if you give them a certain time limit or a due date to finish a project, they make no promise of keeping the assigned work time-bounded.
    • Different Clients, Different Priorities - Digital Marketing companies are like cheating partners, they pretend to love what you’re doing when you’re with them but change their preferences as soon as you leave their office.

    Freelance Digital Marketer

    • Constant Absence Freelance Digital Marketer come at an inexpensive rate, but you gotta make sure that they do come.
    • Priorities Vs Clients Comparable to Digital Marketing agencies, freelance digital marketers rate their priorities on the basis of pay scale. Their priorities also change according to their interests.
    • Need For Speed - Reports claim that freelance digital marketers are the slowest workers in the world. Slower than your grandma knitting a sweater. At least she finishes it by Christmas.

    Benefits Of Learning Digital Marketing Courses For Businesses


    When all options are rendered unsound, then it is better and beneficial to take everything in your hand. After all, it’s your business, you get to command what needs to be done. So, it is better to take a Digital Marketing training course from the best Digital Marketing Institute. It is obvious that you’ll be out of time or busy. But these courses are available with malleable class timings. They also have custom course for business owners whether small or big. You can opt for:

    1. Search Engine Optimization Courses
      As discussed before, this is the art of amassing traffic to your website by making it rank on the search engine results page. Learning SEO can be extraordinarily beneficial for you as you will get to learn how to provide your audience the quality that they seek through different SEO strategies, such as On-page SEO and Off-page SEO, and technical SEO.
      It is a well established fact that a top-ranking web page garners at least 40% more clicks. This will provide you a chance to make your business as well as your products or services known in the market.
    2. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Training Courses
      Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of advertising which focuses on gathering traffic through paid methods. Google Ads and Google Adsense are the best PPC advertising platforms that allow a website to attain ranking on a search engine results page. By learning PPC, you’ll be able to extend your reach ahead of your competitors. The traffic to your website will definitely soar high along with sales through PPC advertising.
    3. Social Media Marketing Courses
      Social Media has seen an enormous usership in the last decade. The number of users has evolved from millions to billions within half a decade. This becomes a manifesto of the effectiveness and wide reach of social media platforms, especially Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and such. By learning Social Media Marketing, you’ll be able to keep your target audience updated with all the goods and services you’re providing or you’re about to provide. It’s also useful in building membership for an event as well as helps the business owners to receive feedback ASAP.
    4. Content Marketing Courses This is the only thing that decides the engagement of a customer with your business. If you’ll learn to write an enticing piece of content, you won’t be having the trouble of performing frequent SEO as users scrounge for uniqueness.

    Overall, learning a digital marketing course will benefit you and your business in numerous ways. Not only you can implement the above-mentioned practices but you can also hire a digital marketing agency or a freelancer to do the work for you. At least you’ll be able to understand what they are doing and question them properly when their work seems different.
    Google Analytics Tutorial:  Integration of React Native Apps
    Google Analytics Tutorial: Integration of React Native Apps

    By | Saturday, July 20, 2019

    SEO Analytics and Reporting


    Alarmed by the name, huh? You should be because this blog focuses completely on technicality of Google Analytics. Through this tutorial you’ll learn how to use Google Analytics to analyze data for react native apps. Obviously, doing this will require a foreknowledge of Google Analytics and Android Studio for app creation. Since, we’ll be working on react native apps, it is recommended that you have at least some knowledge of what they are. React native is a JavaScript structure that provides renditioning of real and native apps for mobile phones (both Android and iOS). These will be the main catalyst in the integration.

    Creating Google Analytics Account

    We’ll start by creating a new Google Analytics Account, if you already have an existing account, then you can skip to the second point. You need to visit the Google Analytics login page and start working by creating an account or just by signing in to an already existing account. After signing in you’ll be shown three steps you fulfill in order to set up a Google Analytics account.


    1. After signing up, you need to fill in all the necessary details about your online business. You’ll be asked to fill the following information:
      Easy right?


    2. Now, you need to get your tracking code Just click on the “Get Tracking ID” button upon which you’ll receive a code. This tracking code needs to be installed on every web page of your website through the language you used for writing the web pages. But we won’t be needing this because we’re working on react native apps.

    3. google-analytics-for-mobile-apps

    4. You don’t need to perform this step. But if you are willing to know more about it, then click here. Practically, now you’re ready to add analytics to react native apps.

    Further Working On Existing Google Analytics Account

    You need to a new create property on your Google Analytics account. For this, go click on the Admin menu at the bottom left and choose create property on the property column.


    After that, we’ll have to choose between either mobile apps or websites. We’ll recommend choosing a website, because then you can skip an additional step of creating a Firebase app as Google Analytics asks for Firebase app requirements to fulfill this step. Don’t worry, you won’t face any problem for choosing this step. But if you already have a Firebase app, then opt for mobile apps option.
    Now, you’ll have to fill the required information of your react native app. After fulfilling this step, you need to create a new view by clicking on the Admin menu. Now, click on Create View on the third column and select Mobile app and enter your app details.

    Create An App On Segment or Start Working On An Already Existing One.

    If you are interested in creating an app on segment, then you’ll gain some useful information on CTCDC official. Since, creating a mobile app is an onerous task and also a time-consuming one, we’ll for now, work on an existing app. Creating a mobile application can be crucial to one's business or career crust, as it helps your website gain traffic too.

    Adding Tracking Code

    It is now time to add tracking code to your app. The best method of doing this is to follow the given instructions. You need to download and install the Android/iOS SDK and Play Services SDK. Create an Admob account and then link it to Google Analytics. Now, you need to set up tracking ID by linking to an existing account. And you are done! Now you can inspect the data of your react native app.

    Google My Business(GMB), Branding Tools And other announcements
    Google My Business(GMB), Branding Tools And other announcements

    By | Monday, July 22, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    With the launch of Google My Business in 2014, not only businesses and consumers are benefiting from it but have also become essential to SEO experts in Delhi around the world. SEOs always stay updated with Google and its features and other digital marketing stuff, so connecting with SEO experts providing Digital Marketing training in India/Delhi and taking knowledge from them will be helpful for your business if you are struggling to make your online presence. From 2014 Google My Business is evolving in an interactive, essential platform for business and customers (for Digital marketing) in Delhi Along with GMB being converted into a platform of transaction and engagement, Google My Business has come up with the latest GMB tools last month for Digital Marketers existing in Delhi. Along with this GMB “momentum” data was shared by Google including facts like “three billion direct connections between merchants and users per month” or around the world more than 95 million people participate in local guides program.


    GMB branding & promotional tools

    The announcements being made last month, includes good amount of new GMB attributes designed to cheer more local businesses to achieve better GMB profiles. Only in U.S alone, more than 61% local businesses claimed their GMB listings. So we can imagine how good it is for business around the globe. And with the last month announcement of GMB capabilities and features, it's a win-win thing for businesses. Coping up and understanding these features is quite difficult if you don’t have proper knowledge of Google analytics.
    So here are GMB attributes:

    • Add a logo From now on, any business with Google My Business support can display the logo of their business on the upper right of the profile.
    • Cover photoFrom now on, any business with Google My Business support can choose photo users will see, when they bring up business profiles
    • Dynamic photo module a prominent new carousel/slideshow module is being introduced with the ability to add captions soon
    • Welcome offersthese can be sent to customers/prospects who follow a business
    • Promotional assetslast month Google launched new site to produce and order stickers, posters, and other promotional assets.

    Local favorites and short URLs-

    all these above feature intent is to assist businesses brand to effectually encourage themselves on GMB and beyond. Apart from these GMB features, two additional essential announcements that are worthy and significant to hear:

    • Local Favorite badges-
      Local Favorite Badges(searchable on Google and in Maps)- According to Google, A “Local Favorite” badge will be awarded to the top 5% of local businesses in a category. Google said, businesses that will keep their profile updated and are responsive to customers will be rewarded but was insignificant with criteria to determine who qualifies. So let's see how “Local Favorite Status and badging” turns out to be competitive advantages for the winners or not. Mostly its performance will depend on consumer response or how and where the badge is presented.

    • what-is-google-my-business

    • Short names/URLs(searchable on Google and in Maps) & requires GMB verification-
      Two forms of short names are- name and @shortname. From now on businesses can register their desired name. Also, businesses need to have a verified GMB profile because when the consumer will search or input the URL, it will able to lead directly to a merchant’s GMB profile. In the Coming future whenever a customer will search google maps for the “@shortname” business profile will come up. Google claimed it to be “a global namespace”, So this clearly brings out that SEO Service provider in India could be competing against SEO expert somewhere in the world, having a similar name. Well, Google didn’t go into detail but projected confidence to look at such issues and prevent such conflicts. Google report ended by stating, the desire for simple URLs to promote business and short names came out of merchant feedback but didn’t clear that if there will be any reporting regarding these short URLs/names.


    GMB is an evolving local “engagement platform” turning out into something much more powerful and complex thing, benefiting both business and customers by increasingly enabling transactions(e.g., Reserve with Google) and have drawn mixed reviews from local SEOs. Google my Business has opened ways for more direct communication tools and additional commerce capabilities. And has also brought the challenge to google to not bring additional confusion and complexity for local businesses.

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    reasons for ppc campaign failure
    Reasons for PPC Campaign failure

    By | Tuesday, July 23, 2019

    Pay Per Click


    Why Reading "Successful PPC Campaign For 2019" Article is a waste if you don’t read and implement strategies with a determined goal. For having the highest- converting PPC campaign, persistence is necessary. When you will search “Successful PPC Campaign For 2019” you will get these results on the Search engine:
    Each of it will provide you the same or more information about “Successful PPC Campaign For 2019” and all of it is beneficiary if you want to learn and implement. What you will not get there is “why even after understanding PPC strategies you fail” to having the highest PPC converts. And why these guides only help a few people?
    The reason is not only they understand deeply “What is PPC?” but also know that optimizing PPC is not a noobie task, it takes time and a lot of effort to get a conversion, it is not a one day task. Along with it they also understand the reason behind the failure of the PPC campaign. So read carefully below given Reasons that will enrich your PPC knowledge and also help you broaden the lines between SEO, PPC, SEM.



    SEO experts say, There are 3 ways you make your business run through Digital Marketing; by being first, by being smarter or a cheater( As there is a difference between copying and adapting). Cheating may help you but is not beneficial for the long term. So what’s smart, may take longer but essential for success in PPC Campaign.

    PPC campaign failure


    Reason one:

    Being in a corporate world. I’ve realized the reason for most campaign failure is rushing or finding shortcuts. While working on a PPC campaign people must understand PPC campaign strategies takes time, so consulting with an affordable PPC expert is a smart step. You have to be the wolf, to have an online presence. Use your creativity while working on PPC strategies, as you may not require every PPC strategy for your successful PPC campaign. Collect relevant information and using it strategically will definitely help you in having a successful PPC campaign.

    Reason Two:

    The second common reason for PPC campaign failure is just blindly pouring data for PPC advertising here and there and not considering the customer’s journey. This may help you win a battle such as increasing of one-week conversion rate by 10% or more but don’t be fool enough, as you cannot win a war with this tactic.
    Start thinking strategically and not tactically. Here’ a little example:
    Go to page, people will go by clicking your ad. Think of action that people should take before having what they want. Either signing for something or whatever it is you want them to do. Try to Engage them on page with some activity, this must bring the visitor back to your page but don’t make visitor’s steps long enough in having what they want. Try to provide the service in shorter steps. Be sharp with your PPC strategy, always and forever to grab fruitful results.

    Reason Three:

    Not analyzing Ad copy correctly, and loosing in the PPC campaign. Considering your customer journey will guide you in writing better Ad copy. There is one golden rule that I said in the second reason that is considering your customer journey for having the step you want your visitors to take on your page. In modern PPC ads, you can play with a LOT of text to and sure you will write about ‘benefit of taking your service and about you’ but I am saying it again think of action customers should take and what that specific action will serve users? Hey, that’s all from my side, reading PPC related articles is beneficial but completely or blindly follow them. Use your own creativity and imagination to have your own unique way.

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    Quora Marketing 101
    Quora Marketing 101

    By | Thursday, July 25, 2019

    Content Marketing


    Have you ever wandered the land of Google in the quest for truth of your answers? Then the possibility is that you might have come across Quora. But does it ever came across your mind that this site can be used for lead generation? We digital marketers sure do find ingenious ways to get things done. The website Quora, just like Facebook or Twitter, can be used as a marketing tool. With over 500 million monthly users, Quora can be effectively used to transform potential customers into loyal ones. This website supports 16 languages, allowing you to reach a number of people. Along with this, Quora feed and Quora digest, increases your chances of getting discovered. Now, all you need to do is understand this site and you’ll be getting heavy leads. So let’s get settled down and get to business.

    What is Quora?

    Quora is your generic Q&As website where you can answer as well as question anyone with a screen and an internet connection. The website quora also allow you to follow people and chat with them on a personal portal. This gives a great opportunity to online businesses to explain their prospects to interested parties.

    What Is The Meaning Of Quora?

    Why don’t you search that on Quora itself? You’ll surely get a pretty good response.The best we were able to gather links it to its co-founder’s gumption where they named the website quora “in competition to quiver” because it sounded good to one of its co-founder’s friends.

    Is Quora Safe?

    Yes, Quora is safe. And how are you? But humour aside, Quora can be an unreliable source since it is populated by professionals as well as novices. It can be hard to determine who is telling the truth but among a 100 answers, you get to observe all facets of a quora question. The moderators of Quora too are always active. In case they recognize any spam content, they delete it and let the accused account know the term and condition of using the website. Try not to post any spam content for the sake of marketing or your account will be temporarily blocked from using Quora.


    Using Quora To Generate Leads

    The website Quora is not a social media website so do not try to use it like one, even though Quora communities are inhabited by some well-known people such as Jimmy Wales, Richard A. Muller, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. You can see some serious results through Quora marketing. There are people on Quora who have gained 25k followers for only 100+ answers and have got great traffic from Quora. This level of result is not unattainable for you, it only depends upon your writing skills.

    Create A Professional Looking Quora Account

    Sounds easy, does it? Well it is all you need to do is sign up on Quora and create a Quora account which can be made easily. Try to write convincing credentials and please do not exaggerate. Remember to add achievements and a professional-looking profile picture. This will accompany your success in Questioning and answering on Quora.


    Answer Question That Is Relevant To Your Business

    You must know which themes does your target audience pursues in order to do effective quora marketing. Yet you can pick a plethora of themes of personal interest just to build your fan following. People consistently request answers from you on Quora. Try that you answer them all and if you have no knowledge about a certain subject, then there is no shame in skipping a question or two. Quora too keeps feeding you with questions based on the themes that you chose. So you'll have your hands filled as soon as you start your account.


    Write Consistently And Review Yourself

    Don’t stop writing on Quora or you’ll be rendered dead. If you write consistently, you’ll be able to explore styles and communities. Try to add images in your content, this will improve your readership. You can also compare yourself in the stats which is available in the drop-down menu with your profile on it.


    The website Quora allows you to review the views on your questions as well as answers along with the upvotes that you gathered within a specific period of time.


    Aaaand you are all set. You’ll be able to garner good leads through Quora Marketing, just remember to do it right.

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    google ads vs facebook ads
    Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

    By | Saturday, July 27, 2019

    Pay Per Click


    To prefer Google or prefer Facebook? That is the question. A billion dollar question (literally, check out both the companies’ revenues). The companies are arch-nemesis of each other. One administers the best search engine service while the other provides the best social media platform. Now the question arises (again) which is the best platform for marketing? Let’s analyze together.

    Which Is The Best Advertising Platform

    Google Ads and Facebook Business provide the most effective marketing stage for advertisers on the whole world wide web. But one must possess the knowledge of which one to use for what campaign. Google Ads allow you to display your advertisements on all the Google owned platforms.


    On the other hand, Facebook Business allows your ads to crawl into the feeds, right column, stories, marketplace, and in-stream video of different Facebook accounts.


    A quick FYI: These ads do not concern free ads on Google or facebook. We have invented SEO for that.

    What Is Google Ads?

    This is the ultimate Google owned online advertising platform which was established in 2000 and has helped businesses around the world garner some major acknowledgment since then. Google Ads allow paid ads to accumulate on the search engine results pages and allow a range of price options for both small businesses as well as the big sharks. Google Ads accommodates a plethora of features and services:
    • Google Ads Keyword Planner
    • AdWords Express
    • Google Ads Editor
    • Google Ads Manager Accounts
    • Reach Planner
    • IP address exclusion
    • Google Partners
    • Google Ads extensions
    • Google Click-to-Call

    These features not only optimizes the user experience but also help the users understand and track their conversions.


    What Are Facebook Ads?

    Facebook ads, which is christened by the name of Facebook Business, is a Facebook owned feature that provides advertisers to market their products on one or all Facebook owned platforms.


    Through Facebook Ads Manager, you can track your advertisement and see it live on the platform you opted for it to be posted. Instagram is one such platform that benefits the advertiser enormously.

    Facebook Vs. Google Advertising Revenue

    Google Ads helped Google to earn a revenue of $39.92 billion last year, which contributes to 86% of its total revenue. On the other hand, Facebook, grossed $21 billion through its online advertising platform Facebook Business.

    Facebook Vs. Google Advertising Cost

    Facebook ads cost around $1.72 and allow your ads on Facebook in feed, right column, stories, and in-stream video, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram in feeds and stories. While the Google Ads pricing starts at $2.69 and provides ads placement options on Google and on search partners. The average click through rate of Google Ads is 3.17% and the average conversion rate is 3.75%. The Facebook offers 0.90% average CTR and 9.21% of average conversion rate.


    Facebook Vs. Google Advertising: When To Use Which

    Facebook is appropriate for advertising when you need to market your newly introduced product or service. It allows the viewer to know about the product even when he or she is not searching for it. On the other hand, Google ads are purely based on keywords and search engine page results. They show the ads only when the person is looking for it, except when the advertiser opts to show it in Google’s partner’s platforms.

    Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Who Is The Winner?

    There is no clear winner in this bout. Paid advertisement is absolutely fruitful when the advertiser knows which campaigns to use where. In this situation, Google becomes as effective as Facebook and vice versa. This blog is not only focused on the clash between two giant corporations but also between SEM and SMM and which is the best effective Digital Marketing Strategy for promotion. The winner can only be determined by your subjectivity and the size of your business.

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    How to Avoid Duplicate Content
    How to Avoid Duplicate Content

    By | Tuesday, July 30, 2019

    On Site SEO


    Salman Khan in “Judwaa”, Charlie Chaplin in “The Great Dictator” or Arnold Schwarzenegger in “The Sixth Day”, people have always been enthralled by the phenomena of duplicacy. But like in the films, duplicacy always attracts trouble in real life too. Duplicating content can surely get the job done fast but leaves a trail of dissatisfaction among readers, viewers, as well as among the producers of the parent content. By avoiding filling your content with plagiarism, you can prevent inviting an expensive copyright lawsuit. And also, the weblings consider no other sin bigger than the act of plagiarizing. Although Google does not penalizes the plagiarized content holders but the duplicate content negatively affects the ranking and visibility of web pages. So, let’s talk about the causes of duplicate content and the methods of avoiding them.

    What Is Duplicate Content?

    Duplicate Content is a piece of information that is available on the internet in exactly identical or similar wording. These appear so due to the ingenuity of creators who sometimes copy-paste content from similar website to promote their own thereby creating a duplicate content. However, this is not the only cause of duplicate content as there are many catalyst in the creation of it. According to a research, about 25-30% of the world wide web is duplicate content since competition on many keywords is very high, which leads to mass production of content based on it, leading to duplicacy through coincidence of wording.

    Google search engine encourages conception of original content by indexing sites and web pages with unique and distinct information. If Google recognizes a duplicate content has been inserted within a website to manipulate its visibility and ranking, it adjusts its indexing and ranking. In simple words, any site suffering from plagiarized or duplicate content can be removed by Google from SERPs. So black hats beware! Your own dexterity might backfire!

    What Causes Duplicate Content?

    There are many factors that lead to creation of duplicate content and unbelievable amount of those are accidental and non-malicious:


    Misinterpreted URL

    Some duplicate content occurs due to URL parameters. This is because in a CMS system database, an article which is posted by a developer and perceived to be a single entity, can be given access to multiple URLs by the website’s software to create duplicate content. Similarly session IDs create new URLs and duplicate content when a website is unable to store their data.
    Another, way URLs become a catalyst in developing duplicate content is through tracking and sorting. Sometimes a URL is extended if a feature is clicked, but that feature lands the user to the same page, thereby creating another URL while keeping the content similar.

    Comment Pagination

    Sometimes another page is created when you click on a comment, this leads to creation of duplicate content. Pagination, then here, refers to creation of pages.

    Protocol Format: HTTP and HTTPS or WWW Pages

    If your website has both HTTP and HTTPS web address, then congratulations you’ve created, a duplicate website with entirely similar content. This thing goes exactly the same with WWW and non-WWW pages.

    Blessing of Scrapers

    Sometimes, without your permission, a visitor copy-pastes your content and uses it in your site. This act of plagiarism is known as scraping. Scrapers remain active on all search engine platforms and do not give due credits to the parent content. So you need to take care of these people, for as much as your site increases in popularity, more and more scrapers scrap from it.

    How To Avoid Duplicate Content

    You can always check plagiarism or duplicate content through duplicate content checker such as Smallseotools, Duplichecker, Grammarly and many more. If these plagiarism checker tools show plagiarism, then you can follow the given methods of corrected duplicate content:


    301 redirect

    301 redirect allows a visitor to jump from duplicate page to original page, thus fighting duplicacy. This not only distinguishes the original page from the duplicate one but also helps the page rank well on SERPs, rewarding its uniqueness.


    A rel=“canonical” attribute informs the search engine that a certain web page is a copy of another page and should be treated as such. This accredits the content present in the duplicate URL to the original URL and gives it due ranking power to show up on SERPs. A rel=“canonical” attribute is inserted in the of a page and looks like this:
    By placing original link of the web page in the href section, you can allow search engines to keep in mind that this is the original page and all the related pages with similar content are plagiarised.

    Robots noindex

    Robots noindex or Meta noindex,follow is a meta tag that is extremely useful for combating duplicate content. When content=”noindex,follow” is added to the head of a plagiarized page, the search engine is informed not to index that web page.
    And by following these methods you can avoid duplicate content or at least minimize its presence in your web pages.

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    Achieving Featured Snippet Ranking Accompanied By Zero Link Building
    Achieving Featured Snippet Ranking Accompanied By Zero Link Building

    By | Wednesday, July 31, 2019

    Ranking & Visibility


    Featured snippets has received both honor and blame from SEO critics. Small sites found it easy to get more traffic and rank on featured snippets, as on the other hand big corporations questioning about stealing of traffic by google with the featured snippets.
    You may have used link building strategies or techniques for enhancing Ranking on SERPs, while running your link building campaign but this post is not about Backlinking. This post will help you rank page on Google’s featured snippets without link building ?”

    Understand the VARIETY

    Majorly there are three kinds that you can go for, these are-
    • If you are a blogger, you can go for Paragraph snippets or list snippets, although you can also target Table snippet.
    • Down below Ahrefs’ graph showing snippet type and their percentages.


    Right keywords-Targeting

    After finalizing your snippet, now you have to take a deep dive and start keyword research using your keyword research tools and collect keywords relevant to your blog and matching requirement of a snippet that you are going to use.
    If your featured snippets is paragraph snippet, find those keywords which are foremost related to these types:
    • How to
    • Who/what/why


    Or, if you want to rank for the numeric list then you can organize and place your content in a step by step guideway. As SEO experts say, when a searcher looks for a list and it is communicated by keywords to Google, then Google shows a numeric list on featured snippets.


    In Table snippet case, you can have structured schema data on your website which compares the minimum two sets of data on the page. As long as schema and comparison are there you don’t need to have a column-based table which is properly formatted to be able to rank for table snippets.


    Yout half job will be done in the process of ranking your website on featured snippets with zero link possession, only if you are targeting the right keywords and understood the type. Out-throwing existing featured snippets will not make you win the battle. Out-throwing will only work with keywords not having featured snippets ranking on Google.

    Copying your competitor

    Some may call it adopting, some may call it inspiring but in reality, you are copying structured of existing featured snippets article and developing it better( with content and if possible SEO link building)

    What I am trying to say when I say:
    Copying and developing it into a better form! For example, if you want to rank for the keyword “dry dog food on the market” and one that is ranking at this moment possess a list of 25, you need to build a list of 30, using the same format used by the one that is ranking.
    Once the above part is done, make sure of proper schema on your website page. Frankly speaking, if you are not ranking in the top 10 for that keyword then the above method will not help you outrank the existing featured snippets.

    Now how to find keywords for featured snippets?

    Well, you know if you found the right keywords in terms of ranking on featured snippets, you are halfway in winning your battle. You can choose any keyword research tool as you like but make sure to remember the above steps while working for higher ranking on featured snippets.
    Now, let's have an illustration, in case you use Semrush( keyword research tool)

    • Put on of your competitors on search by going on Semrush
    • Choose “include > search features > featured snippets by selecting positions in “organic research”.
    • What will be visible is a list of keywords that are ranking currently.
    • Now add more filter, select include > words count > greater than five. After this organize keywords based on volume and based on your target market.
    • Go for keywords that have a volume less than 500/month, as these keywords have low volume and moderate search and that will give you a good start.
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    Bright Future Of Digital Marketing In India
    Bright Future Of Digital Marketing In India

    By | Thursday, August 1, 2019

    Digital Marketing


    Digital Marketing in India or the rest of the world effectively has proven its significance by timely adapting and meeting customers and brands needs. Starting with banners and continuing with big data, Digital marketing in India is smartly replacing traditional marketing because of more Indian users connecting Digital marketing world and gates of new opportunities are being opened, either by government or innovative individuals.
    You might have read the above paragraph several times or may have read the rise of the Digital marketing world in a Digitalised world. But the question is about the bright future of Digital marketing/marketers in India and how already established SEO experts in India, PPC experts, content creator, social media marketer going to benefit from ever-evolving Digital marketing.
    And from this post, you will know why you need to have a complete Digital Marketing Training? Firstly, because of the need of business owners and young entrepreneurs, as you know, not everybody is a multitasker, so either it may be a business leader or young entrepreneur, everybody needs a team of experts, it might be in finance, marketing or HR.

    Digital marketing for entrepreneurs

    If business owners or young entrepreneurs can’t operate SEO activities on their own they need to look into ‘Benefits Of Digital Marketing Course For Business Owners’. As not everybody has time to take Digital marketing training in India. For staying updated with trends and getting top ranking for the website in SERPs, business owners will be needed a team of Digital marketers consisting of individuals having knowledge in different aspects of Digital Marketing such as SEO, SMM, SEO, Content writing. As not only business owner needs Digital marketers but everybody, whoever wants to have an online presence, whoever wants to send message/aware people or do good for the development of society, either by creating professional institute or any NGO, needs Digital marketers.


    If you want to reach somebody you can effectively do that Digitally and also convert somebody in loyal regular customers. In India with a huge population possessing device(mobile) which connect them to the Digital world, proves scope of Digital marketing in India is bright because it’s customer who runs Digital world, and following that, business owner and other organization who understood this opportunity are well established and having top-ranking and visibility on search engines with the help of Digital marketers/SEO experts.
    Digital marketing is not only about website ranking and visibility, it's also about reaching an audience on different social media platforms, to look into audience needs and providing product and service according to it. IAMAI stats shows that after June 2018, more than 500 million Indians are internet users and the rate is increasing, so you can imagine how big opportunities business owners or other institutions will be having to achieve desired goals.
    For every little thing, people search the internet, both marketers and people going gaga with this Digital marketing trend. Real Estate marketing was mostly through print media and banners but now everyone has shifted towards Digital platform. Look at the image below and tell me if you don’t want to buy that!


    Making engaging and influencing content is mantra nowadays. It's the real-time picture and that’s how marketers are targeting people because people buy if they see an actual image of the product. And with time this will go further with changing technology such as artificial intelligence. Startups, tech giants, hoteliers, etc., everybody is doing business in ease, because Digital marketing is economical, powerful and of course medium of marketing.

    Benefits to small business owners

    It’s not always business that promotes, “what they sell”, small shop owners using Digital platform to reach maximum people. You must have seen on Instagram or YouTube, these small shop owners make videos of what they serve for reaching and engaging maximum people.


    These types of videos influence foodies and travelers and help owners to grow sales.

    Opportunities in Digital marketing field

    Though getting acquainted with technology will take time in India but the government and many industries join hands together to make e-India a reality. By 2020 job opportunities will be available to 20 lakh students who are well-versed with Digital marketing. So starting now with a Digital marketing course in Delhi will provide you huge benefits.
    Not only you will be well equipped with Digital marketing tools but will also learn how to use different techniques of Digital marketing at best-suited places and learn to engage a global audience. Either you want to offer Digital marketing service to clients, work for some organization or grow your business, learning Digital marketing will only give you benefits and nothing else.

    create instagram account for business
    Create Instagram Account For Business

    By | Friday, August 2, 2019

    Social Media Marketing


    Social media platforms is essential for any business to grow. Choosing the right Social media platform for doing business is essential for business marketing strategy. May it be facebook, whatsapp, Instagram or any other, timely creating professional account on these platforms will help you in many different ways. If you already have created your facebook business page or converted instagram to business account, then you are free to broaden your mind and apart from having Instagram business account, you can look for Instagram Influencer, as they are also essential for Instagram marketing strategy.
    And if you don’t have instagram business account and wants to use Instagram for business use, Here, you will get a step by step guide to create instagram account, the benefits of having Instagram account and if creating Instagram business account cost or not. Before we take the first step, you must know that Social media marketing strategy, you are going to use is well laid out or not. You must go where your audience is, you must use that social media platform where your audience is and instagram is the place to bring relevance to your marketing strategy.

    For staying relevance to your targeted audience, updated profile posting regularly, using popular hashtags, using required resources is must. Install instagram app from Play Store or app store because you need an app for uploading content.

    Set up Instagram Account

    After opening instagram app, two choices you will be having- either log in with Facebook or sign up with Email or phone. Sign using your business account, if have one, for not mixing instagram business or personal account. Under Full name, while entering account details write actual business name, for profile recognition to visitors. This is not your username, as unique name to your profile is your Username for giving unique place to your brand and engaging other accounts.
    Username must be recognizable and easy to find. If situation arises that your business name is already taken, don’t hustle just try to use different username with your business name in it. Note: update anytime your username on instagram, by going in account settings.

    Instagram Account optimization

    Right Instagram profile picture impacts new visitors at a good rate and may influence them to become followers in many senses. So for that, the profile picture must be accurate with your branding. You may consider using your brand logo for Instagram profile picture, also leave room around the corner as Instagram profile picture cropped automatically into a circle.
    Now with your Instagram bio, you can use a maximum 150 character in Instagram bio, use your creativity in making people understand about you and why they should consider following you. Inform the audience about business, don’t focus on keywords or hashtags as one can’t search bio on Instagram. Though the user can visit your site if you have given clickable URL in your bio for enhancing traffic to an external site.


    Click this guide for social media optimization for having more insight about social media platforms and why your business needs it. Edit your photo, name username, bio, and URL anytime in the future, just click edit profile.

    Instagram setting management

    Click on the bar, on the right side of your Instagram screen for reviewing the account setting, click setting which will be visible down below in window. You will see a few choices under your username. You can change the password, look for posts you liked, enable notifications and much more in your settings. Few things to be checked right away are:

    Story Settings,

    Manage your Instagram stories, for who can see or reply to stories you upload. It’s better to allow all of your followers to reply and see your Instagram stories for increasing loyalty, brand engagement, for your successful digital branding.


    Convert to Instagram business profile

    Switching to a business profile will communicate visitors, the profile they visited is business not personal. Tools for Instagram business makes it unchallenging for a user to contact you and supply in-depth insights, with that you can improve your content.
    Note: you can connect your Facebook business page to your Instagram business profile


    For switching to Instagram business profile, choose the setting marked in the above image, log into facebook and for connecting Facebook with Instagram you must be facebook page admin.
    All relevant information from facebook will be imported by Instagram from facebook page for editing. At last you possess an Instagram business profile. Don’t forget to regularly update, checking profile insights and account setting!

    Private Account

    You are free to change your profile from being public to private. As a business that wants to grow and expand- don’t consider going private. As for building user into conversion, you must make everything visible to visitors for engaging them regularly.



    Receiving comments may sound exciting, encouraging brings engagement but sometimes might affect your brand value, for this go to this setting for hiding an inappropriate comment and certain keywords or phrases you want to hide and enable the feature.


    Add more Instagram account

    You can add up to 5 Instagram account and without logging, you can switch. With this feature, multiple people can log into an account at one time. For using this click add account, insert username and password for an account you want to add. And for switching between accounts, visit profile > tap username at screen top > select account for switching.


    That’s all with Instagram professional account folks, stay updated to know more about Instagram and its significance in SMM marketing.
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    Benefits Of Google Analytics For Successful SEO Campaign

    By | Monday, August 5, 2019

    seo tools


    Google provided a free tool, which is used for tracking data of visitors associated with the site, the tool is known as Google Analytics. The fundamental usage of the Google Analytics tool by SEO experts is to optimize a business’s site for revenue growth and others.
    Using free Google’s tool, SEO experts will be having essential information to discover existing opportunities or what innovative he/she can do with that useful information for overall site performance.
    From the engagement model to the conversion model, SEOs can gain a good amount of SEO data and can set things on the Google analytics SEO dashboard.

    Check out 5 benefits to use Google analytics to improve SEO are:-
    For your search engine optimization( SEO ) campaign along with other tools such as keyword research tools (for keyword targeting), you’ll be needing a Google analytics tool for checking the performance of keywo