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Looking for a digital marketing course in Delhi? Then you are fortunate to have landed on the right page. This Advanced Digital Marketing course is for those who are interested in exploring the digital marketing world and are seeking an advanced digital marketing institute in Delhi. Our Digital Marketing courses are tailor-made for working professionals, business owners, corporate workers, job seeker, aspiring freelancers and women workers.

Digital Marketing Training

Get successful career with Digital Marketing Training


  • Offline & online sessions
  • Training from beginner to Master level
  • 100% Job Guarantee
  • Money back Guarantee
  • 80% practical knowledge
  • Work on Industry Projects
  • Study Resources & Task
  • Comprehensive Tutorials
  • Webinar for skill upgradation
  • Extensive study of modules
  • Feedback sessions for improvement
  • Lifetime Membership for Curriculum Upgradation
  • Backup & Doubt Section Support
  • Job assistance till 1 year after completion
  • Certificate from Google | Bing | Facebook | Hubspot
₹ 15000

Digital Marketing Training

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Looking for a digital marketing course in Delhi? Then you are fortunate to have landed on the right page. This Advanced Digital Marketing course is for those who are interested in exploring the digital marketing world and are seeking an advanced digital marketing institute in Delhi. Our Digital Marketing courses are tailor-made for working professionals, business owners, corporate workers, job seeker, aspiring freelancers and women workers.

It is time to build your career by achieving mastery in Digital Marketing and SEO. Our pool of SEO resources are ready to be exploited.

We will teach you all the tips and tricks of Digital Marketing you need to know in order to achieve proficiency in this Digital world with our expert guidance. Here at our Digital marketing training centre in Rohini, we have a pool of trained Digital Marketing experts who will make sure that you cover every corner of Digital Marketing with us step-by-step. Our Digital marketing institute in Rohini not only gives you digital marketing training but develops your personality for seeking a job in the digital world. We are sure of our promises and assure you that our digital marketing training will distinguish you from your peers or your competitors. Be ready to be a part of the digital world by learning the ADVANCED DIGITAL MARKETING course from us. You can also avail lifetime access to digital content through our Digital Marketing training course.



Digital marketing focuses on working on digital platform and using digital technologies to understand the science of marketing and to develop creativity for the growth and benefit of a business.
We make the digital marketing study interesting with practical for whosoever is keen in understanding the vast concept of digital marketing.
Developing your digital skills will be easier if you become part of our digital marketing institute in Rohini.
All we need is your time and your enthusiasm to ensure your mark in the digital world after getting the certificate from Google and Microsoft through our digital marketing training institute.
The research claims that companies do not accept the digitalization of the world and do not use digital marketing strategies are now in loss and virtually nonexistent.


Business owners can get maximum benefits from our Goal-oriented programs. We provide a quality learning experience to Entrepreneur and Freelancers. We understand your problem of working in a dead-end routine and offer stretchable timings of classes with back-up classes without any charges. With CTCDC Rohini you’ll comprehend all the concepts related to Digital Marketing and SEO through a hands-on approach. We’ll not only help you acquire a good reach for your business, but we’ll work alongside you so that your business can prosper.


Recent research reveals that more than 10 lakh job opportunities will be available by the end of this year with salaries ranging from 50,000 to 2,50,000 per month. Get your first job, and sharpen your skills. You must surely be confused about which digital marketing institute to choose for upgrading your skills, here at our Rohini centre you will surely be able to explore, grow and understand with us the process of digital marketing with our this one of the top digital marketing institutes in Delhi. We assure you that after getting digital marketing training from us, you will see the difference by yourself. We are sure of this promise and will teach you 80% practical knowledge.
There are high demands and a lot of scope for potential digital marketers in the digital world.

What You Will Learn In Our Advanced Digital Marketing Course:

Digital Marketing Introduction

  • What is marketing?
  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Understanding Marketing Process
  • Understanding Digital Marketing Process
  • Increasing Visibility
  • What is visibility?
  • Types of visibility
  • Examples of visibility
  • Visitors Engagement
  • What is engagement?
  • Examples of engagement
  • Bringing Targeted Traffic
  • Inbound and outbound marketing
  • Converting Traffic into Leads
  • Types of Conversion
  • Understanding Conversion Process Tools

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

  • Whats the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing, and why does it matter?
  • Benefits of Traditional Marketing
  • The Downside to Traditional Marketing
  • Benefits of Digital Marketing
  • Why Digital Marketing Wins Over traditional Marketing?
  • Tools of Digital Marketing
  • How We Can Use Both Digital & Traditional Marketing

Website Planning And Process

  • What is Internet?
  • Understanding domain names & domain extensions
  • Different types of websites
    • Based on functionality
    • Based on purpose
  • Planning & Conceptualising a Website
  • Booking a domain name & web hosting
  • Adding domain name to web Server
  • Adding web pages & content
  • Adding Plugins
  • Building website using CMS in Class Identifying objective of website
  • Deciding on number of pages required
  • Landing Pages & Optimization
  • Creating blueprint of every webpage
  • Best & Worst Examples

Search engine Optimization

  • What is SEO?
  • Introduction to SERP
  • What are search engines?
  • How search engines work Major functions of a search engine
  • What are keywords?
  • Different types of keywords
  • Google keyword planner tool
  • Keywords research process
  • Understanding keywords mix
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Google Search Tips & Hacks

On-Page SEO

  • Keyword Research with Google Keyword Planner
  • What is the difference between keywords stuffing & KW placement
  • How to Select a Domain Name?
  • Page Naming {URL Structuring} and Folder Naming
  • Image Naming, Image Title and ALT Tags Creation
  • What are Meta Tags, Description. Robots, Keywords
  • Author Redirection Tags
  • Headings Tags {H1 to H6}
  • What is Content Writing?
  • SEO Friendly Content Writing {Insert keywords in content}
  • Anchor Text,
  • Link Title
  • Internal linking
  • Robot.txt file use and creation
  • HTML Sitemap creation
  • XML Site Map Creation
  • Site Tracking Tools (Google Webmaster Tool, Google Analytics Tool)
  • What is Alexa?
  • Alexa Integration

Off-Page SEO

  • What is OFF-Page Optimization?
  • What are Backlinks?
  • Why Backlinks are Important?
  • How to Get Backlinks?
  • Difference Between Do-Follow and No-Follow Backlinks
  • What is Google Pagerank?
  • How to Increase Page Rank?
  • Search Engine Submissions
  • Directory Submissions
  • Article Writing and submissions
  • Press Release writing and submissions
  • Blog Posting and comment writing
  • Classifieds posting
  • Forum Posting
  • Business Listing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Networking
  • RSS Feeds
  • Dos and Donts of link building
  • Easy link acquisition techniques
  • Domain Authority
  • How to Increase Understanding of Search Engines like Google

Search Engine Algorithm

  • What is Search Engines Algorithms?
  • How Algorithms Works?
  • Why a Search Engine needs to update its Algorithm?
  • Search Engine Penalties and Recoveries
  • Why a Search Engine penalizes a Website?
  • How to optimize your site for Google Hummingbird Algorithm?
  • What is Google Panda Algorithm?
  • What is Google Penguin?
  • What is Google EMD Update?
  • How to recover your site from Panda, Penguin and EMD
  • How to optimize your site for Google Hummingbird Algorithm?
  • What is Google Panda Algorithm?
  • What is Google Penguin?
  • What is Google EMD Update?
  • How to save your site from Google Panda, Penguin and EMD Update?

Local SEO

  • What is Local SEO?
  • Google places optimization
  • Classified submissions
  • Citation NAP
  • Top tools for SEO Monitoring
  • SEO process
  • Preparing SEO reports
  • How to create SEO Strategy for your business
  • What is link juice?
  • Importance of domain and page authority

Social Media Marketing

  • What is Social Media?
  • Understanding the existing Social Media paradigms & psychology
  • How social media marketing is different
  • Forms of Internet marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Understanding Facebook marketing
  • Creating Facebook page
  • Fan engagement
  • Important apps to do fan page marketing Facebook advertising
  • Types of Facebook advertising
  • Best practices for Facebook advertising
  • Understanding edgerank and art of engagement
  • CPC vs CPM vs CPA
  • Setting up conversion tracking
  • Using power editor tool
  • Advanced Facebook advertising using tools like Qwaya
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • What is LinkedIn?
  • Understanding LinkedIn
  • Company profile vs Individual profiles
  • Understanding Linkedin groups
  • How to do marketing on LinkedIn groups
  • Linkedin advertising & it is best practices
  • Increasing ROI from LinkedIn ads
  • Linkedin publishing Company pages
  • Ads on linkedIn Display vs text
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Understanding Twitter
  • Tools to listen & measure Influence on Twitter: TweetDeck, Klout, PeerIndex
  • How to do marketing on Twitter
  • Black hat techniques of twitter marketing
  • Advertising on Twitter
  • Creating campaigns
  • Types of ads
  • Tools for twitter marketing
  • Twitter Advertising
  • Twitter Cards
  • Video Marketing
  • Understanding Video Campaign
  • Creating 1st Video Campaign
  • Importance of video marketing
  • Benefits of video marketing
  • Uploading videos on video marketing websites
  • Using YouTube for business
  • Developing youtube video marketing Strategy
  • Bringing visitors from youtube videos to your website
  • Creating Video ADgroups
  • Targeting Options
  • Understanding Bid Strategy

Google Analytics

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • How Google analytics works
  • Understanding Google analytics account structure
  • Understanding Google analytics insights
  • Understanding cookie tracking
  • Types of cookie tracking used by Google analytics
  • Starting with Google analytics
  • How to set up analytics account
  • How to add analytics code in website
  • Understanding goals and conversions
  • How to set up goals
  • Understanding different types of goals
  • Understanding bounce & bounce rate
  • Difference between exit rate & bounce rate
  • How to reduce bounce rate
  • How to set up funnels in goals
  • Importance of funnels
  • How to integrate ads and analytics account
  • Benefits of integrating ads & analytics
  • Measuring performance of marketing campaigns via Google analytics
  • What is link tagging
  • How to set up link tagging
  • Understanding filters & segments
  • How to set up filters & segments
  • How to view customized reports
  • Monitoring traffic sources
  • Monitoring traffic behavior
  • Taking corrective actions if required

Google Ads

  • Google Ad Overview
  • Understanding inorganic search results
  • Introduction to Google Ads & PPC advertising
  • Overview of Microsoft Adcenter (Bing & Yahoo)
  • Setting up Google Ads account
  • Understanding Ads account structure
  • Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads, Keywords, etc.
  • Types of Advertising campaigns- Search, Display, Shopping & video
  • Difference between search & display campaign
  • Understanding Ads Algorithm
  • How does Ads rank ads
  • Understanding Ads algorithm (ad rank) in detail with examples
  • What is quality score?
  • Why quality score is important What is CTR?
  • Why CTR is important?
  • Understanding bids
  • Creating Search Campaigns
  • Types of Search Campaigns - Standard, All features, dynamic search & product listing
  • Google merchant center
  • Creating our 1st search campaign
  • Doing campaign level settings
  • Understanding location targeting
  • Different types of location targeting
  • What is bidding strategy?

Email Marketing

  • What is email marketing?
  • How email works?
  • Challenges faced in sending bulk emails and their solutions
  • Types of email marketing- Opt-in & bulk emailing
  • What is opt-in email marketing?
  • Setting up email marketing account
  • Best platforms to do opt-in email marketing
  • Setting up lists & web form
  • Creating a broadcast email
  • What are autoresponders?
  • Setting up autoresponders
  • How to do bulk emailing?
  • Best practices to send bulk emails
  • Tricks to land in inbox instead of spam folder
  • Top email marketing software & a glimpse of how to use them
  • Improving ROI with A/B testing

Content Marketing

  • What is Content Marketing?
  • Introduction to content marketing
  • Objective of content marketing
  • Content marketing strategy building process
  • Types of content with examples
  • How to write great compelling content
  • Keyword research for content ideas
  • Optimizing content for search engines
  • Discussing authority blog
  • Steps towards developing authority blog
  • Ways to monetizing authority blog
  • How to market your content?
  • Understanding second customer
  • Importance of second customer
  • How to increase second customer
  • Understanding online influencers
  • Ways to connect with online influencers
  • Unique ways to write magnetic headlines
  • Examples of magnetic headlines
  • How to increase opt-in email list with content marketing with examples Case study on content marketing

Affiliate Marketing

  • What is affiliate marketing?
  • 3 As of affiliate marketing
  • How people make money in affiliate marketing?
  • Affiliate marketing history
  • Changes in affiliate marketing industry over the year
  • Affiliate marketing scenario in India
  • How to be a super affiliate?
  • Different ways to do affiliate marketing
  • Affiliate marketing secrets
  • How your trainer makes money in affiliate marketing?
  • Live examples of how people are making money as an affiliate
  • Getting your started as an affiliate
  • Getting you approved as an affiliate from Indias top affiliate agencies
  • Some of the top affiliate networks in the world


  • 100% job guarantee
  • Money back guarantee
  • Lifetime membership for curriculum upgradation
  • 80% practical knowledge
  • Get a certificate from google facebook and Microsoft
  • Free RS 75000+ worth digital marketing tools
  • Backup classes available
  • Work on live projects

SEO, SMM, SMO, SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Influence Marketing, Facebook Marketing and other forms of marketing are not only a good step towards success for a budding entrepreneur or a fresher but also for working professionals to expand their knowledge and income efficiently. Be part of this most happening industry and earn abundant money.

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