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Content Marketing Training

CTCDC is one of the top Digital Marketing institutes in Delhi that provide content marketing course as a particular segment of marketing that can help you lead your online business or online website to immense success. Our Google certified institute provides better in-depth training about content marketing than any other content marketing institute. Learn with the help of our Content Marketing experts the various content marketing strategies that help you achieve success for your future campaigns or become a professional blogger through our content marketing training course. Study about how to market your content with the help of content marketing examples and utilize them in a way that it helps you get ready for joining a content marketing service or get content marketing jobs. We’ll guide you in the creation of different types of content marketing such as marketing blogs, images, infographics, etc. through a hands-on approach.

Content Marketing becomes an important part of the Digital Marketing landscape as the traffic is drawn mainly on the basis of content. Good and relevant content is the heart of any good website that makes it lively and readily makes it something extraordinary. We’ll teach you how to create quality content by providing you with case studies of diverse content marketing examples. Being one of the most important parts of digital marketing, this is provided with extra attention. You can easily gain the title of Content Creator but to become a good Content Creator is a piece of work. So, we’ll walk you through the guidelines of good content marketing techniques for great content creation.

Content Marketing requires both art and craft which you can use to make your content good and craft famous and viral content. This craftiness mainly revolves around using the best SEO techniques to make your content marketing effective. For what is the use of creating quality content if it does not reach the target audience, so a good content creator must remain familiar with his or her content’s keywords. We help you employ techniques that utilize keyword research successfully so that your work can gain mass readership or viewership.

You can learn more about content marketing and keyword research through our online resources.

Following are the given tips and tricks to a great extent, you’ll surely succeed in becoming the greatest content creator in your organization or industry.

What You Will Learn From Content Marketing Course at CTCDC, Rohini:

Introduction Content Marketing

  • Overview of assignments and expectations
  • Introduction to Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing Strategies
  • Content Marketing business model
  • Types of Content Marketing

Defining Your Content Marketing Niche and Strategy

  • Content Maturity Model
  • Six principles of content marketing
  • Treating content as an asset
  • Building audience personas
  • Defining the engagement cycle
  • Developing a content mission statement
  • The Content Tilt
  • Developing on-brand content
  • Creating brand ambassadors
  • Enhanced branding through content marketing

Developing and Distributing Content

  • Analyzing current content assets
  • The procedure for conducting keyword research
  • Developing different types of content
  • Creating an enticing content
  • Finding good content within your organization
  • Telling a good story
  • Creating an authentic voice
  • Creating content your audience wants
  • Developing an effective editorial calendar

Marketing Content and Evaluating Impact

  • Effectively marketing your content
  • A brief overview of social media marketing
  • Brief overview SEO
  • Content Marketing Pyramid
  • A brief overview of analytics and tracking
  • SEO for your content
  • Promotion of the content

Ethics/Diversity in Content Marketing

  • Importance of diversity in content marketing
  • Ethical issues in the digital age
  • Best practices in content marketing
  • Applying principles in real-world case studies
  • Methods to land a content marketing job


  • 100% job guarantee
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Lifetime membership for curriculum upgradation
  • 80% practical knowledge
  • Get a certificate from google facebook and Microsoft
  • Free RS 75000+ worth digital marketing tools
  • Backup classes available
  • Work on live projects

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