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Basics Of Marketing Training

At CTCDC, one of the leading Digital Marketing Training Institute in Delhi we begin our training course with Basics of marketing. The basics of marketing will unfold the several phenomena of core marketing and the factors associated with it. You will gain the apt knowledge for your business including time, planning, research, and appropriate budget allocations, etc. For business owners, professionals grabbing basics of marketing will aid them in initiating and implementing business tactics to achieve new landmarks in their domains. This module Basics of Marketing will teach you all those points you need to get ascend in your marketing journey. Plus our core practical sessions with State-of-the-art technology are highly enthusiastic and appreciated by learners.

At CTCDC which is a prominent Digital Marketing Institute in Delhi the trainees will get core knowledge for marketing skills that will open a window for several lucrative opportunities in their career.
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Key points under coverage:

Introduction to Marketing:
  • What is Marketing?
  • Understanding Marketing System
  • Marketing Management
  • The strategic Concept of Marketing
  • Comprehending basic Principles of Marketing
Understanding the Marketing Mix:
  • History of Marketing Mix
  • Purpose of Marketing Mix
  • Key features of Marketing Mix
  • How to develop a Marketing Mix
B2B, B2C, B2B2C Marketing:
  • How to Target different Profiles?
  • How to build partnership with other authorities
  • How to win loyalty and trust of your customer
  • Finding out the right channels for branding
  • Understanding clients need and increasing engagement
Getting Branding Strategies:
  • Identifying Target Clients
  • How to develop Brand Positioning
  • Analyzing overall Business Strategy
  • Developing Name, Logo, and Tagline
  • Creating a Website
  • Drawing the right conclusions by Tracking
Traditional Marketing:
  • What is Traditional Marketing?
  • How is the Traditional Marketing plan developed and employed
  • Who uses Traditional Marketing
  • Which kind of businesses work with Traditional Marketing Strategies
  • Effective ways to designs Traditional Marketing Campaign

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