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App Store Optimization Training

We are living in a world where every single day plenty of Apps get added to App marketplaces such as iOS and Google play store. As an App developer, you have to stand out in the competition to ensure maximum downloads. You can learn various strategies by enrolling at CTCDC, the premium Digital Marketing Institute which provides the Best App store optimization training in Delhi. The training here will be delivered by expert trainers who teach you through a blended learning approach of practicals and theory, and tips & strategies for app store optimization. Till the time you finish the training, you would have learned about keywords, localization and other tactics to optimize your app listing to attract traffic and subsequently increase downloads.

Grab the chance to become a certified Digital Marketer with us now!!

After successful completion of App optimization training course, the trainees will receive App store Optimization Certification which will help them intensifying their Resume and career growth.

Who can join this course?

Mobile App developers, marketers, entrepreneurs and even students who desire to become app developers will be benefited from this course.

Our App Optimization training will cover below-summarized topics:

What is App Store Optimization?
  • How App store optimization works?
  • Why App Store Optimization is Important
  • App Store Optimization strategies
App Stores- Google Play, iTunes App Store:
  • How to get to the iTunes App store?
  • Difference between App store vs Google play store
How Google Play Ranking Works?
  • Role of number of ratings, amount of downloads, number of Installs, Usage frequency in affecting Google play ranking
  • Understanding factors to improve ranking
Keyword Research Based on App Stores Search:
  • How to navigate through competitor’s App
  • Prioritizing keywords based on level of competence
Creating Title:
  • Best strategies to describe app title
Choosing Keyword:
  • Use of tools like App Annie or Sensor Tower
Choose Category :
  • Sign up with play console
Write Description:
  • Description generator App
Creating Visual Assets :
  • App icons and Logo
  • Designing App screenshots
What ASO Tools you need to use?
  • Tools such as ASOdesk, Mobile Action, Sensor Tower, Mobile DevHq to track Apps ranking
App Analytics Tools:
  • APP Analytics tools AppTwaeak, Meatti for improvement suggestion for app name, localization, pricing, and compatibility.

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