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Email marketing plays an essential role in the sales of goods and services in today’s digital market. CTCDC The digital learning institute provides ample knowledge about all the topics related to internet marketing. Also, CTCDC is an Internet Marketing institute certified by Google.

Our Google certified digital marketing institute helps you grow your career in email marketing by making you invest in yourself and your career by being up-to-date on the latest email marketing practices and research. Also, it helps in developing an email marketing strategy that can deliver quantifiable results in business.

A professional community joined by a number of certified professionals is transforming the way the world uses e-marketing. Also, get help on your latest email marketing campaign. Consider our institute as an extension of your marketing and sales team, we are always here to lend a helping hand for your progress.

We build your strategy on a framework and methodology and aligns marketing and sales that support predictable revenue development for your organization through closed-loop reporting. Structuring and supporting an email needs the following and is decided to be taught in this manner:

  • Understanding email marketing
  • Creating a contact management and segmentation strategy
  • Sending the right email
  • Creating high- performing email
  • Understanding email deliverability
  • Outline the design of your monthly emails
  • Analyzing your market emails
  • Testing your marketing emails
  • Developing a relationship with lead nurturing

Ready to make your career in Digital Marketing!

CTCDC give you an edge on Internet marketing, Be a pro in Brand awareness, leads generation and online sale.

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