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White Hat SEO Case Study: See How To Achieve 1,000+ Daily Visitors

By CTCDC.in | Sunday, September 1, 2019

On Site SEO


Today’s white hat SEO example(case study) will provide you with White hate SEO tips which will help you in the ranking. Why I am saying that you can rank#1 on Google search engine, it is because in this case study “white hat SEO technique” used, provided a website #2 ranking and 1000+ daily website visitors and that too against websites like Amazon and campaign world(high competition).


Let's look at the
case study and white hat SEO technique 2018 that allowed to have #2 ranking, apart from that this step-by-step strategy will help you outrank the huge competition and you can earn passive revenue up to $36,525 in a single month, that too in less than 6 months. Let’s look at the first step,

Find your influencers

The first step the concerned website chooses is to find the right influencer. You must understand, to the rank website you need 3 things-
  • Extraordinary content on proven topics
  • Promotion
  • Backlinks
So for a successful SEO campaign, you need the right authority figures in your slot. I am asking you to do this because people with high authority have tested hundreds and thousands of topics and they know what will work, apart from finding such people and talking about them in your content, you are actually moving towards link building.
How you can start is search on your trusted search engine Google, for the topic you want to right on. For example, see below image and consider this is your topic, what you are seeing in the results are-


These are your potential influencers. Now create an influencer list on a spreadsheet to work in an organized manner. Your spreadsheet must consist of their name, website URL, and social profile. It is not possible to get everyone’s email but you can have a contact page URL.
You can add Moz bar extension for checking Domain authority and other things.
After setting all this out, utilize that in a good way.

A proven topic

Look for a hot or trending topic, where you can find that?
If you want to look for topics that people will read or care about, look at what influencers are publishing. In this case, study, what concerned the website did is checked out blogs regarding RVs. such as Health and Alyssa’s site who also runs podcast aka RV Entrepreneur. The website owner found out that they wrote a blog about RVing guide and also found out another website like less junk more money and Ardent camper



And found a similar trend.
Apart from Google, the concerned owner also looks for youtube and other social media places. After placing a few good topics in your slot. It is tine to-

Keyword research

Find a keyword that is related and trending as well for your content. Pick any one keyword research tool, from the list of top four keyword research tools.
Do you know, why you need good keywords in your slot?
Because the keyword you use in your content will decide how long it takes to rank, earn traffic and traffic conversion. To recognize good keyword, look at keyword volume and length of the keyword. A keyword with decent volume and a medium-length keyword is considered good keyword.
It does not mean you should never choose long-tail keywords but your preference should be the former one. The concerned website did the same, its topic was about to write about ‘cool RV accessories and gadgets’. The website owner used ahref to search keywords after filtering out further, the website owner finalized keywords.
So now, he has influencers, trending topics and research over keywords. It's content creation time.

Content creation

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money and wants backlinks and ranking at the same time, you must create content which is extraordinary. But how do you create such successful content, you are not an expert content creator. Follow some key points in the link
Given here, which will guide you to create successful content.
Now, don’t stop after creating and publishing some unique content, that will be your big mistake because your amazing content maybe considered among top content but if you will not promote only less will know it existed. Which takes us to the next point-

Promotion, engagement, and building links

Yes, no doubt maximum traffic will come from Google but let's be honest that you will not rank overnight and good SEO asks for great efforts. So, for the time being, you’ll get the result from SEO, you need promotion. Which may bring initial blog visitors to your new content.
You can look at the social media marketing strategy.
In this case study, the website owner used LinkedIn marketing strategy to promote content, along with other social strategies. Focus on promoting it on other social platforms and be responsive to the comments you receive. On the social media platform, three things are important-
  • Shares
  • Comments
  • And backlinks
Because if people see more of these three things they will think your content/article is amazing, and they may direct to the webpage, there comments on content communicate Google, that published thing is good and authoritative.

The last SEO tip is to monitor your keywords

Keywords monitoring

After creating your account on ahref, track your ranking through this tool as this tool is amazing. Follow the steps-
  • Click ‘Rank Tracker’ tab
  • Click ‘Add keywords’
  • Add keywords, you are targeting
Like the website owner did, look at the image-


You can use other keywords monitoring tools and also you can search your keyword in an incognito mode which stops google using location and skew results.

The concerned website I was talking about is Brian Dean, who now gets 300,000 visitors per month and you can achieve that too, though SEO is time-consuming but brings results if done right. If you think, there’s something I missed, you can tell in the comment below, connect us be free from concern over your business presence online or if you want “digital marketing training”.

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