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SEO Case Study:From 0 To Acquiring 100000 Visitors Within 12 months

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, August 21, 2019

International SEO


Here is another SEO case study that will definitely inspire you to learn more about SEO and opt for an SEO course nearby. This case study is about SEO process opted by Columnist Andrew Dennis for the newly built website to gain ranking and visibility by not using any tricks or hacks but following and implementing SEO techniques effectively.
Everyone desires more traffic, isn’t it! It’s all in the sequence, more traffic-more signups, more conversions, more purchases and finally more revenue. Every knowledgeable SEO expert has their own way of doing SEO, some do hacks and some follow SEO tricks but to capture more traffic presently, where things on search engines are evolving because of more searchers, you need to have a nice start and for that implementing SEO strategy that increased visitors from 0-100,000 will help you create your own strategy.
Before moving further with the SEO case study, one thing that every SEO expert focus, in the beginning, is focused on controlling every aspect of the site, along with optimized use of SEO tools.

Starting slow with a new site

Andrew Dennis Started slow with a newly built site, as there are limitations in the beginning, He focused on low competition opportunities and used SEMrush to predict traffic value and researched manually a lot to see the range of competition. And apart from it he examined SERPs and looked for results with:
  • Content which is outdated and low quality
  • Low link pages
  • Bad exact-match domains.
  • A lack of big name brands.
While doing your research on Search engine ranking pages you will find big brands ranking and along with them, you’ll see bad exact match domain result( consisting of poor quality content), like this one-


with recognizing these results you’ll have enough confidence that you are eligible for building something that searcher would prefer.
After recognizing the opportunities Andrew Dennis focused on building successful content while targeting specific SERPs. Here’s some points to project your content in awesome way:
  • custom-built graphics.
  • clear, concise, compelling copy.
  • original photography.
  • optimal formatting
After building content, searchers prefer and need or fulfiling searcher query, his page was set up to have rank in the SERPs.
More resources: Link Building Strategies For Content Creator & Boosting SEO

Collecting Links for important pages

After researching on SERPs, he focused on securing links as for ranking and visibility you need useful links. In this link building strategy he focused on acquiring only quality links to rank well because nowadays search engines places more emphasis on quality and less on numbers. While doing your project you should also focus on acquiring quality links and let positive engagement validate the page as an authority in search engine eyes. This tactic helped Andrew Dennis in acquisition of sustainable link for newly built site and drive initial engagement for the site.
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Setting up passive Link acquisition channels

Though link building is hard and you need links to grow traffic but let’s see how Andrew Dennis solved this issue to achieve 100,000 visitors for newly built website.
He focused on establishing passive link acquisition channels to boost all link building efforts. His one strategy for content was to build high-quality, original photography content which helped in attracting passive links. Another potential ways to acquire or earn links he followed were:
  • Community building and sponsorships
  • Building original data or research
  • Being interviewed or quoted
  • Unique tool
All you need to do is create something original and engaging for others to site to you as the original source.

Building content strategically

We all know content is core for any SEO strategy and drives SEO success. And Andrew Dennis felt the same while running an SEO campaign, apart from focusing on securing links at page’s bottom, he also focuses on gathering links at the top and middle of the funnel content, by creating useful content with available opportunities,( sound SEOs strategy). And to identify opportunities he compared SEMrush traffic data against competition level, to know the site's worth and work accordingly.
This research helped him create content that would not only serve user but rank as well. Instead of reviewing manually you can use MOZ’s keyword explorer tool to analyze keywords or phrases.
He invested in the quality content and within a few months saw an impact of content over SEO.
More resources: Four Free Keywords Research Tools

Improving up over time

With your SEO campaign, your results will enhance and have multiply effect, as with more visibility you’ll able to acquire more visitors and if those visitors get satisfaction from what you deliver, they will opt for it again and again(increasing traffic), and promote your site for free by sharing on different platforms(social media, blogs, podcasts and so on).
After working on for 6 months on-site, Andrew Dennis felt momentum on-site and started to target more competition which he was avoiding in the beginning and because of strong base with solid authority and trust on the site, he got the success. And after that, he focused on taking bigger steps like adding interactive elements, original design and custom tools and video.
Another strategy he focused on was updating old content, updating old content provides freshness to your content, increases CTR and shows readers the latest information. And with the end of 12 months, Andrew Dennis gained a significant amount of traffic, achieving 100,000 visitors with earning more visibility.


There are no secret tricks or hacks to gain traffic, all you need is quality content, valuable link acquisition, and with the growth of site your expectation to make it best every time. Follow this process of growing traffic:
  1. Starting slow with a new site
  2. Collecting Links for important pages
  3. Setting up passive Link acquisition channels
  4. Building content strategically
  5. Improving up over time
Repeat this process, ofcourse adjust it according to you and make it unique. Hope you will take important things from this case study.

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