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Digital Marketing Case Study: How Hubspot Became a $500 Million Dollar Company

By CTCDC.in | Friday, August 30, 2019

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Hubspot redefined marketing for all digital marketers. It universalized inbound marketing to all prominent online entities and revolutionized the concept of content marketing. With the help of many of its components such as Hubspot blogs, reviews, case studies, and Hubspot academy, the company was able to survive and grow in the dynamic environment of Digital Marketing. Hubspot started as a small company in 2006 by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah which initially earned $255,000 in revenues by 2007. What started as a small company now harbors 1,960 employees with 11 third-party company acquisitions and integrations in its bag along with $513 million in 2018. Hubspot has become a marketing company to which all other firms look upto. What made it successful? How did Hubspot increase its revenue tenfold? Was there only inbound marketing strategy and content marketing strategy involved? So let’s analyze the digital marketing strategies employed by Hubspot that made it a successful developer and marketer when all of its contemporaries were tumbling and falling.


What Made Hubspot Successful?

When Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah founded Hubspot back in 2006, they had an objective in mind. They wanted to build “a multi-billion-dollar beast” and that is just what they aimed for with a $200k budget, but their approach to this inexorable destiny was different and cheap from most of the firms in their industry. They opted for inbound marketing rather than outbound marketing or aggressive marketing. Inbound marketing , as explained by Dharmesh Shah, is associated with building a bridge for the customers instead of building it towards them. Meaning, inbound marketing allows a customer to find your business instead of a company finding a customer. This obviously sounds like optimizing customer satisfaction through various means so that they can be magnetized towards the company and that is what Hubspot aims to perform. And Due to this unparalleled perception, Hubspot was ranked as the 7th best place to work in 2018 by CNBC. This might not make a business the best in its industry but it certainly makes it unique. So let's take a look at the components that Hubspot offers to its customers through its digital marketing strategy:

Content Marketing

Hubspot’s blogs are famous for providing customer solutions as well as information to the searchers. It is one of the few of the companies that use content marketing strategy correctly. Hubspot offers a plethora of “how-to” blogs in order to help customers with their specific problems. Each blog post has numerous call-to-actions that allows the company to gain subscribers.
Similar to Hubspot’s blogs are its ebooks, guides, researches, and reports. These act the same way as Hubspot’s blogs and just maximizes consumer satisfaction. Hubspot provides diversity and options even in the content it is providing, that is what makes it superior.
Also, its CRM Free feature is built after integration with salesforce.com, SugarCRM, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and many others is also worth a mention.

Social Media Marketing

For those who never thought social media useful, Hubspot depends highly on it for its marketing campaigns. It even provides courses inSocial Media Marketing at Hubspot Academy. The company, throughout its journey, has integrated with many social media marketing tools to provide an enhanced experience to its customers. The Twitter tracking feature introduced in 2011 is one such component. Hubspot also offers many other third-party services such as templates and extensions.

Hubspot Academy

Hubspot’s pricing for its own online academy for inbound marketing may be very expensive for small businesses but it provides a significant takeaway. The company also provides certification in inbound marketing tactics and offers consulting services. Concurrently, It also hosts group conferences for people in need.


Hubspot Conference

Hubspot hosts inbound marketing conferences annually in order to keep its customers engaged. In 2018, it hosted a similar conference in Boston, USA, which was attended by an aggregate of 24,000 attendees. The conference discussed the futureprospects of Digital Marketing such as Video and Audio marketing. This not only further exceeded the company’s image among its peers but also messaged the audience that Hubspot cares about what is going on within the Digital Marketing landscape.

Final Thoughts

Hubspot first started as a small software solutions company but has now become an industrial giant that now feeds more than a thousand employees from all across the globe. Inbound Marketing was the major reason for its enormous success which it is still used to grow ahead, maybe this time to an actual “multi-billion-dollar beast”.

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