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Backlinkos (case study)

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, August 21, 2019

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Here we are, with the practical example of “Backlinko”, who used 9 step-SEO Strategy for 2019 to rank #1. With increasing competition and regular changes , new SEO experts often find themselves stuck in a great dilemma which strategies to use for their clients business and searches for the best SEO strategy to apply in 2019 but finds very little and wastes a lot of time experimenting on things from which result is uncertain, though the result is uncertain in every case but if you look at today case study, chances of having a successful SEO campaign can enhance. We apart from providing the best Digital Marketing Course in Rohini, also focus on providing information to enthusiastic SEOs(wants to be an SEO expert) in Delhi.
Let me first introduce you what is- An SEO blog website where you will find every article in a form of the case study. And here is a complete Backlinko case study.
A SEO art used by “Backlinko” team to turn their SEO strategy into most effective and successful SEO Strategy for 2019, observing its strategy and learning from it will help not only young SEO experts to adapt from it but also increase the interest of young lads interested in doing Digital Marketing course in Rohini.
The SEO Strategy used by Backlinko also helped in getting #1 rank in “VIDEO SEO” page and #1 rank in “keyword research tool” page.


The first step of strategy was to find “opportunity keyword” the reason they chose this because first of all Google keeps adding things to the search result. For example, if you search for SEO tools you will see Google Ads, featured snippets, People also ask box and then #1 results. That is why they focused on “Opportunity keywords” as they are the keywords with high organic click-through. No doubt there will be ads(not to distract people from the organic result) but it is good for you as more ads=high commercial rate. Along with that you can predict organic CTR and click percentage with ahrefs and that takes us to the second step.
  • Analyze Googles First Page - After finding an opportunity keyword, they looked for what is working for that keyword. For analyzing type your keyword and try to find out the pattern on search engine by scanning the top 10 results. For example, if you search On-page SEO Activities on a search engine, you will see “lists pattern” with figuring out you can work on “lots of list posts”.
  • Create Something Different… Or Better -After analyzing Opportunity keyword, the next step “Backlinko” involved was to focus on creating something different or better. In the case of content, you can do only two things:
    One, create something new and second upgrade or make already existing content better, for both of them you know “how to create successful content”.
    Try to focus on creating new content because it helps you stand out. Now, if you search about career opportunities in Digital Marketing, you will see website promoting themselves but here is what I created-

Reasons To Choose A Career in Digital Marketing

Because people want to hear about opportunities and not website promotion and because of that it ranks well and most important of all backlinks and sharing on social media platforms.
The fourth step is to “Add a Hook”, see if you want good ranking, there is no doubt you need backlink but how?

Fifth step, Backlinko followed is On-page SEO optimization, means worked on internal linking, focused on creating short, keyword-rich URLs, as from a study it is found out that short URLs crushes long URLs, in search engine optimization case. That is why to have fruitful results “Backlinko” worked on creating URLs of keyword or with words related to target keywords. Here is how you can find related words, simply search target keyword on Google, you will see words related to your topic in “searches related to… section”, while building content simply just pour those words into your content and you are all set.

The next step “Backlinko” focused on is…

  • Optimize For User Intent- Here is A quick example for you to understand this, if your page satisfies user intent then only more traffic will drive to your website, and that is what “Backlinko” did, they focused on delivering what most users likely to understand and not what bounce off their head.

Tip: if your content is too advanced for a user to understand rewrote it again to make it understandable and eventually gain rank.

After building user intent content, to gain top ranking, they worked on Building look of content- Writing content is not enough, it will look dull and many will avoid reading it, “Backlinko” invested a lot of time and money for content design, as you may have seen their “the definitive guide” it is totally designed and coded100% on WordPress, it is expensive but to cover that, here are 4 visual content that you can use (and they used) to make content look awesome.
  • Graphs and Charts
  • Screenshots and Pictures
  • Blog post banners
  • Graphics and visualization
  • Build Links to Your Page-After covering all aspects “Backlinko” moved to the next step, i.e, building links, the 3 link building strategies that they worked on are-
  • Broken link building(fixing problems)
  • Competitor analysis
  • Evangelist Method (more about bringing content to the right people).
To know in detail, how link building strategy helped them, here is a link to Link building for boosting SEO.
The last step, that they worked on is improving and updating content, with this tactic they achieved 260.7% more organic traffic in 14 days. And if you work with this tactic, your approach will still work.
For example, every year people update their older post of SEO strategies, what differs every time is the updation of old content with recent content(new strategies). This year they also updated SEO strategy content and the result was 62.60% organic traffic boost.

Here are some bonus steps you can look into, like work on Increase your domain authority, SEO becomes a lot easier with high domain authority. As “Backlinko” carries good domain authority, its “SEO AUDIT” content ranked top 3 within weeks and only with 38 websites linking to the page. To know how you can use domain authority, follow the above link.
The next bonus step you can work with is building a community on your site, blog comments may not sound like directly helpful to your site ranking but indirectly helpful to SEO. For getting more comments on the blog is to be picky and be responsive to the comments. Now, I hope this case study will be helpful to you for your SEO Campaign.

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