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A Marvelous Journey Of Bira 91

By CTCDC.in | Friday, August 23, 2019

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A Beer Brand which by “B9 Beverages PVT LTD” launched in the year 2015. AN Indian craft beer “B9 Beverages PVT LTD” initially had a brewery unit in Flanders region of Belgium and imported ‘Bira 91’ to India, till the Indian born entrepreneur Ankur Jain(who started it), found the brewery in India, as it was cost-saving to process beer in India. ‘Bira 91’ branding strategy was 9 months long and this time investment really paid as it has reached to the customers head and setting the right benchmarks for other brands that will come in, ‘Bira 91’ is banging on with its product strategy, they don’t really step into activities that really need not be done. ‘Bira 91’ has literally no meaning, except ‘91’ which represents India’s country code. The iconic monkey logo


‘Bira 91’ started with two flavours BIRA WHITE ALE AND BIRA BLONDE LAGER.. ‘Bira 91’, when launched in 2015, sold 150000 cases and in 2016 it was 700000 cases. ‘Bira 91’ became popular among young Indian because of its flavourful taste that was not in the market before, even though the Indian beer market was mostly captured by big brands like Kingfisher, from 2016 ‘Bira 91’ became the word of mouth and gained its popularity. Ankur Jain who is the owner(currently 35% share) launched 5 types of beer under ‘Bira 91’ and still imports ingredients from Canada or Europe to ensure quality. The ‘Bira 91’ five variants are- ‘Bira 91’ white, ‘Bira 91’ blonde, ‘Bira 91’ light, ‘Bira 91’ strong, ‘Bira 91’ IPA, alcohol content ranging from 4% to 7%.

Ankur Jain, at first raised funding from his friends and it was about $1.5 million and focused mostly on the distribution sector and gained popularity and received funding from sequoia capital about $6 million and participation from angels as well. ‘Bira 91’ marketing strategy is to give what urban consumer’s generation wants and that too at affordable prices and enhance consumers' experience. ‘Bira 91’ is successfully targeting urban millennia online by creating the right content and spreading it through the right partners along with focusing on-ground activities.


‘Bira 91’ received its International attention at Tribeca Film Festival in New York and did 3 city tour with hip-hop artist “Lady lecturer” along with that in 2017 company launched ‘Bira 91’ eight stuff also, as it is against Indian law to directly advertise beer brand in India, so the company has collaborated with “SAAVN” to launch ‘Bira 91’ hip-hop channel to advertise. In 2017, ‘Bira 91’ engaged with customers by reaching various customer connecting points like bars and restaurants and did on-ground promotion named as free-flow-test, along with that they used zomato to further reach customers, means if someone wants to drink beer they can simply log in to ZOMATO and search nearby place serving ‘Bira 91’.

They associated with ‘Magnetic Fields’ with a strong focus on consumers, with rocky and Mayur ‘Bira 91’ launched ‘Bira 91 Hotstuff’- where both personnel explored hottest chilis in India and paired the hottest chillies with chilled ‘Bira 91’, just to reach as many as people and to create new taste.

In May 2018, ‘Bira 91’ was acknowledged as the beer of the month of may at Global headquarters of the united nations, also in the same year company raised $50 million from Sofina a company that not only owned funds but also an existing investor and is Belgian family.

As of 2018 ‘Bira 91’ supplies its beer among countries like India, USA, UK, Singapore, HongKong, Thailand and UAE. In November 2018 ‘Bira 91’ announced its Global sponsorship for ICC Cricket world cup and other events. In May 2019, pre-series c-round, ‘Bira 91’ raised funds from sixth sense ventures of $4.3 million The company, ‘Bira 91’ expected revenue of more than 4 billion Indian rupees in the fiscal year 2019. To promote itself further ‘Bira 91’ launched brand merchandise consist of T-shirt, Bags, Ice bucket and Mugs.

With stronger brew remaining the most favourable and increasing demand of ‘Bira 91’ it is expected the company share in the Indian market will grow further, although in the Global market company has to beware of international competitors or other Indian brands looking for market but Ankur Jain says, he is upbeat about ‘Bira’s prospects and knows that customer will only pay for beers which more resonates and flavorful to young people. The aim of ‘Bira 91’ is to deliver flavorful and tasteful to customers and they will focus on scaling up customer driven-events such as Light Lunch & Free Flow Festival, to become top beer brand in India by 2020.

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