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Industrial Training in Digital Marketing

By CTCDC.in | Friday, March 13, 2020

Digital Marketing


Hey fellows,
Good to join you here!

Are you one of them who is seeking Industrial Training or want to accelerate yourself for stepping into the corporate sector then you are lucky enough to find us here.

Most often many of us fail to find a good job due to lack of any professional attributes. And in this technology-driven world merely having a degree certificate would not land you anywhere.

So, today in this blog we will let you know how industrial training can prove beneficial for your professional career growth.

Industrial Training?


Industrial training refers to a program that helps students to get prepared for the real corporate industry. It is an integral part of the academic curriculum. Generally taken during semester break it helps student enriching their knowledge and boost their professional career.

Objective of Industrial Training:

The chief objective of Industrial Training is to develop the familiarity of the students to the real work environment and enhance their knowledge of what they have learned in the theories in college. Another purpose of the program is to embed all ethical values, good working practices, and the spirit of teamwork in the students to become competitive.

Benefits of Industrial Training:

  • Industrial training equips students with the necessary skillset, experience, and knowledge.
  • It exposes students to the real work environment and helps in attaining work experience, grows work ethics and be well-versed with the business operation.
  • Training-in-Digital-Marketing

  • Industrial training help student gets aware of market demand, learn new technologies and develop skills to become employable.
  • Industrial training provides the chance for students to be a part of live tasks which sharpen their analytical & technical skills and build their confidence.
  • Industrial training paves the way for future employment and rolls out endless opportunities for students.
As per interest and potential students can opt for Industrial training in various specialization like Java, PHP, Python, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Handoop, Linux, CCNA, Ethical Hacking, Dot Net, Web Designing, C and C++ with Data Structure.

Why you should go for industrial training in Digital Marketing?
Today Digital marketing is the most demanding skill in India. It has become the strength of every small and giant business and various digital marketing channels are the most efficient way to target global audiences in a very cost-effective manner.


As digital marketing demand is growing exponentially, every marketer is looking for hiring a skilled workforce to boose sales and productivity by a great margin. Hence, there is a tremendous employment opportunity for experienced and efficient graduates. Here we have provided you 4 main reason why you must choose industrial training in Digital marketing.

  1. In 2020 there are more than 50 lakh jobs available in Digital marketing and get trained in digital marketing will help you obtain lucrative salary packages.
  2. As technology is constantly upgrading and online business scope has increased there are huge employment opportunities for skilled candidates.
  3. Learning Digital marketing unleashes vast career options such as SEO specialist, SMO Expert, Blogger, ORM manager and many more.
  4. Digital marketing training enables aspirants from vast academic backgrounds to learn effective business strategies to run their own business, start freelancing and enhance their growth opportunities.
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Topics included in Industrial training in Digital marketing:
Students will get comprehensive knowledge on- Viral Marketing, Designing Online Marketing Campaigns, Introduction to SMS Marketing, Effective Business Strategies, PPC Advertising, Work On Search Engine Optimization, Google Analytics, E-commerce Marketing, Adsense & Blogging, ORM, Work With Core Website Development, Creating Engaging Content, Marketing Automation, Email Marketing, Website Designing and much more.

If anyone is looking for Industrial training in Digital marketing can join CTCDC’s exclusive 6-month Industrial training in Digital Marketing Program which will train student and aspiring individuals to become job-ready and create a roadmap for them to get aware of the competencies in the real working world.

Any query you want to resolve you can also comment in the below section. We will respond to you shortly.

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