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How to start with Content Writing

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Content Marketing


Hey fellows,
Good to see you on my portal again.

As we know that content marketing is the most cost-effective tool In digital marketing today. Content is exploding in popularity and those who love to do it their growth is certain.

If I am not wrong, there are lots of people who have started writing a blog or creating content. And those who are not aware of content writing & marketing strategies have marked their presence on the right platform.

Today in this blog we will discuss what are the ways you can create content and different ways of marketing it.
To move ahead let us learn what is content writing first.

What is content writing?

Content writing is simply writing content on vast topics. And for content writers, it is providing topic-specific information to the audience in a language that is easy to understand and follow. It can be in any form like blogs, articles, tweets, reviews, social media posts, etc. There are a wide variety of niches on which you can write.

Here I am sharing you a step by step guide for starting content writing:

Research more and more:


Research is a fundamental part of any writing. To keep your new content ideas flowing you often have to enter in research zone. As soon as you find the idea you are going to write do a lot of research on that. Take your notepad with you and start writing key pointers about the idea. It is obvious that you will have so many reference pages but how you will proceed with your content need to be outlined first.

Select a particular niche:

You may be a multitasker and topics for content writing are vast ranging from healthcare, marketing, fashion, finance to Information Technology, etc.


But when you are a newbie it is good to pick a specific topic in your area of interest. Choosing a particular niche will also help you grow expertise in that field. And if you are aware of Digital Marketing Domain you are on your halfway to start your content writing.

Be creative:

To hit more traffic and reliable audience, Content writing is a major component in a Digital strategy of an organization. So to take yourself ahead it is essential to expand your innovation and be creative. Giving a new makeover to your piece of content is necessary and it is where a content writer skills surface up.. While writing a content piece make it different from what is already available on the internet. The three major factors that you should keep with you: “idea”, “topic”, and “view”.

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Don’t exaggerate your content:

This point is an important aspect of how to start with content writing. Try to write your content as you are writing for laymen. When you write, keep your content simple and don’t exaggerate and try to alter true points. Provide more and more information to your readers so that they can be engaged for a longer time.

Make a killer head title:


Your headline, as well as the first paragraph, should be highly engaging and for that, you need to form an interesting title. Let us suppose your topic title is how to start content writing, and anywhere else you come across titles like 7 Unique ways to start with content writing, winning tactics for content writing, etc.

It is more likely that users will pay more interest on the latter topics
Moving ahead when you have learned different content writing strategies it is also important to learn the ways of marketing this content.

Content Marketing?


Content marketing involves the creation and sharing of content( blog posts, social media posts, tweets, videos) to stimulate and trigger the mind of users about your services, product, and brand.

Get a brief idea:


Familiarize yourself with the beginning, middle and end prospects of your content. You need to dig deeper into details about all the aspects of content marketing. What process you will exercise to attain the highest ROI and other core benefits of content marketing for the growth of your business.

Research your competitors:

Before executing your content marketing plan take a moment to research your competitors. Analyze what content marketing techniques they are adapting to stay ahead in the industry. What kind of audience they are targeting? As what content you have written should not go in vain.

Your well-researched content will need SEO optimization for wider visibility. You probably know the importance of Content Marketing in SEO and if you don’t have an idea of SEO, you can consult or hire an SEO expert to do this job. Well, I recommend going for SEO training at CTCDC, a leading DigitalMarketing Institute in Delhi.

Determine the types of content:

There are plenty of content options you can create. Here are some popular content formats and tools that you can use:
Types of content
  1. Blog posts
  2. Case studies
  3. Videos
  4. Podcasts
  5. Infographics
  6. Social media
And to distribute your content post it on different social platforms such as:
  • Linkedin
  • Youtube
  • Snapchat
  • Instagram

Optimize your Content:

You should use more keywords so that it can hit the target users. Keyword selection in content plays an important role when you optimize your content. And users could be able to find the things they are looking for. Apart from text content use keywords in title, introduction, sub-headings in posts with images and videos. In ALT tags, meta descriptions, file names use of keywords is essential which helps in gaining higher web rankings. feed your content with proper keyword density.

Publish and Analyze your statistics:

It is the final step to carry out your content marketing strategy:
  1. Set a schedule for sharing your content on social media
  2. Use email marketing to share your content
  3. And finally, measure your benefits through Google Analytics

Monitoring your regular progress is necessary and tools like SEMrush will help you access your search ranking.

Content Marketing tools:BuzzSumo, Kred, Clickfunnels, Canva, etc.

Guys! That’s all from my side from elaborating ways to start content writing and various content marketing strategies.

Hoping you are now confident enough to initiate your career in Content marketing successfully and ready to make a mark in the digital world.

If still left with any question buzzing in your mind can connect with us 95582 44444 or visit CTCDC.in

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