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Voice Marketing and Impact over SEO

By CTCDC.in | Thursday, August 22, 2019

Local SEO


What worked today, may be considered as outdated tomorrow because this is Internet and it is evolving every day and is something that SEOs should watch carefully, to follow up with the trend and the trend you are going to read about is, voice search and no doubt voice search trend are emerging. Voice search SEO is the future of search and is shaping it. The next thing SEO experts are focused on these days is voice marketing and it is necessary, as you have seen when Alexa arrived this tech assistant stormed the market. With more people using voice to search the web problem for traditional marketing streams will increase if SEOs did not cope up with the trend as early as possible and start building SEO strategies according to trend instead of leaving things to chance.
In this post, you will read about voice marketing, what are voice search and its impact over SEO and key factors that help you in running an SEO campaign and improve marketing efforts.

What is voice marketing?

You may have got an idea of voice marketing by now if not here is a quick definition- when you target voice searches it is considered as voice marketing. As you know people opt voice assistance service on their phone to search for something and not typing a search query is considered as voice search and when SEOs target those searches, it is known as voice marketing.
Voice search assistant popularity can be seen by- people rate of searching queries through voice is increasing along with installing standalone voice assistants.


Voice marketing fundamental task is to target voice search and achieve higher ranking for those voice searches, though voice marketing is at its beginning stage, it will help you take a long jump for having ranking and visibility on search engines.

What is voice search ?


When you use your voice and ask or use Google assistant or request Siri to guide you, your activity will be considered as a voice search, as you did not type manually into the browser on your phone or computer. Mostly the voice search is conducted with an assistant - Siri, Google Home, Cortana, Alexa, etc. where both Google and Siri dominate the voice search market.

Useful resource: SEO through Mobile Marketing

How voice search may impact SEO ?

It is estimated that by 2020, 50% of searches will be happening through voice search. Tips for online marketers to improve SEO.

The importance of Semantic search

Apart from keywords, there are other factors that Google relies on in providing a solution to the user query and one of them is the user searches and patterns of search. Semantic search means when Google understands the pattern and deliver search results based on what Google considers right for the query. And no doubt Google is getting better at understanding queries.
Look at the semantic search example, Google understands that you are looking for movies time in Los Angeles rather than movies about Los Angeles when you search [movies Los Angeles] on your computer.


Both of these searches would have made sense in the absence of semantic search but with semantic search, Google knows that you are searching for movie times near you. When people do voice search they are more conversational so you have to turn your content according to it.

Content catering

In the era of voice search always writes for your customers, as keyword-stuffed content is considered boring to read now. Acknowledge various social media platforms to understand what customers talk about your business or understand it through the review they wrote about you or answer FAQ on a blog post. Produce content according to it and make it understandable, and optimizable for local branches because voice searches are likelier to be local.
Read more about Local SEO.


Google has fairly given a warning about- shifting towards the mobile era. If your site isnot responsive on mobile, it is likely that your bounce rate will increase and sooner your ranking will suck.
If you donot want that to happen, start improvising to make site mobile friendly and easy customer experience.
Because having a mobile-friendly website is good for voice search. See below the graph displaying voice search percentage.


Voice search would not be going anywhere

From Google to Microsoft everyone is investing in voice search, voice search is coming and is coming for good, as one can speak more words than the fastest typist at the same time voice assistance is going to satisfy user needs.
Voice search accuracy has improved, see the graph how Google machine learning is improving word accuracy.


For the long run, brands need to act according to customers tastes and change their SEO strategies accordingly because voice search is increasing and will definitely influence SEO. What do you think about the above predictions? Let me know in the comment below.

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