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SEO Through Mobile Marketing

By CTCDC.in | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Mobile SEO


Mobile marketing is the unsung technique of marketing that still remains under the cloaked blanket of major disuse. Only a few have noticed its brilliance and have utilized this form of digital marketing to generate leads as well as sales. But do you know that mobile marketing strategies can also be harvested as an effective SEO technique?
Search Engine Optimization is the main priority of any online business. However, many businesses undermine the fact that there are about 5.11 billion (with a “B”) mobile users all around the globe and focus on other digital marketing strategies such as Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Marketing, and many more. Mobile phones too are a very effective medium for marketing and believe me all the search engines think the same.

What Is Mobile Marketing?


The term “Mobile Marketing” is very much self-explanatory, but still you’ll get a definition free with this blog. Mobile marketing is a branch of digital marketing that focuses online marketing on smartphones and tablets. Mobile marketing resorts to the circulation of e-mail, SMS and MMS, social media info, or mobile applications on mobile devices to generate sales.

Benefits Of Mobile Marketing

If you really need to know the benefits of mobile marketing then you should get out of the rock under which you sleep and interact with the actual world. Of course mobile marketing has a plethora of benefits since the amount of users of this device exceeds the total number of internet consumers which is 3.2 billion. And a complimentary fun-fact: The overall population of the world is 7.3 billion. The reach of mobile phones, then becomes, extraordinarily extensive.
People actually care about their devices. They look at their notifications, organize their data, and remain updated with news. This makes marketing on mobile phones enormously advantageous for generating sales.

How To Do Mobile Marketing Effectively To Perform SEO

Take a look at the following points and create your mobile marketing strategy accordingly to perform SEO:


  1. Make Your Website Mobile Friendly Reports claim that almost 8% of traffic on any site is from mobile devices. If your website is not mobile friendly and have irksome bugs and screen-covering banners when your site is opened on a mobile device, then you quickly need to make your site mobile-friendly. In fact, stop reading this and Get up now and do it. It’s a really easy task. All you need to do is login on WordPress and download WPtouch and follow the provided instructions to make your site compatible with mobile devices. Then see that traffic soar up high.
  2. Post Mobile Friendly ContentIdentically to the first point, you need to make sure that your site’s content is both for the mobile as well as desktop users. Make sure that the content is visible on the smallest screen that the mobile world has to offer. You must ensure that the content offers not only visibility but also quality as it is easier to share data and information on mobile phones.
  3. Use Text Messages You will find it easy to believe when we’ll claim that 58% of mobile users check their smartphones every hour. Why do we find it easy to believe? Because we’ve got eyes to observe people around us spend lifetimes on their mobile devices, clicking pictures of what they are about to eat.
    SMS, in this case becomes a very good medium to get your product, service or brand acknowledged. This does not come under SEO but it is a good way to increase traffic to your site as links can be given in an SMS to redirect the customer.>
  4. Decrease Loading Speed On Mobiles When it comes to searching on the internet, the users become very impatient. They tend to avoid sites that take an eternity of internet time to load (which is limited to 15 seconds). Since many users use their mobile phones to conduct queries and searches, it becomes a good SEO strategy to decrease the loading speed of your site’s pages.
  5. Avoid blocking CSS, JavaScript, or images Ancient mobiles were unable to support these elements so designers thought to block these to optimize the site’s loading screen. But now we’re living in a modern age where mobiles support everything. So, maximize the mobile user experience, you must avoid blocking CSS, Java or images.

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