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Four Free Keywords Research Tools

By CTCDC.in | Thursday, July 18, 2019

Keywords and Keyword research


Any SEO/Business strategies foundation is based on keyword research. Doing keyword research is an essential task for any SEO expert. No matter, you use the FREE keyword research tool or paid. You still need to have a keyword research tool, because being a creative process, it will always bring something essential for SEO strategies.

Keyword research tool function is to create organic ranking opportunities, brand awareness, competitive research, product development- you just ask it! Use your creativity, while optimum utilization of best free keyword research tools, free or freemium it may be. Keyword research tools will help you for your SEO strategies and to achieve top ranking organically.
So here I have brought Freemium or free Keyword research tool at your table, which are the best keyword research tool and useful as “keyword tool youtube” & “google keyword traffic tool”.

The benefit of using a free keyword tool is that you can, later on, upgrade it to grasp more features, also a free keyword research tool is quite satisfactory. Here are four best Interesting “keyword research tool” you can benefit from:

Rank Tracker: Compounded Keyword suggestion from many sources


A free version of Rank Tracker provides keyword research features, uses near 20 separate keyword research sources, consisting of Google Ads Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Wordtracker. You can download the RankTracker tool and for downloading it you need to provide your email and name. It’s not harmful to your browser and will get installed in seconds, free version of keyword research tool includes Keyword analysis feature, which finds out the keyword that can benefit in your content strategy. Metric it uses is:

  • Monthly search volume (according to Google)
  • PPC competition
  • Keyword difficulty reflecting the assumed level of organic competition per query.

Play further by exporting list into an Excel. With the paid version you get cross-tool reporting, task schedule, multiple projects and for getting free access or to look at a list of features click here.

Answer The Public


This keyword research tool asks no registration, and is completely free, which provides data into two forms:

  • Visualization i.e. Mindmap
  • Data
Using Answer the public “keyword research tool”, you can gather data results in CSV file or visualization in the PNG file. Answer The Public tool collects Google suggest data for finding questions, keywords containing prepositions or comparison based queries. Recent premium update of “Answer The Public” includes and provides features such as target keywords by location, compare data and team member of collaboration. Look out the tool by clicking here, it benefits you by providing a question that is often being searched.

Text Optimizer: Relative Concepts and terms


Identify concepts relative to each topic or query using this semantic analysis tool. Text optimizer not only acts as a research tool but also helps in optimizing your content, by popping up with related entities and concepts that help Google understand and classify topic. With the premium version, you can geo-target, build whole sentences and much other.


Click here and see it.
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Kparser: Grouped keyword suggestions


Use Kparser for free keyword analysis, Kparser allows you to use keyword filters to group your list by a common modifier, for exporting list you need to have an upgraded version. The benefits you get is Kparser merges multiple keyword sources such as Google trends, Ebay, Amazon, Google Trends to discover more queries. On another hand, it's premium features includes geo-targeting, unlimited searches and more. To get full insight click here. So here are some of the best keyword research tools, if you have some of yours, comment down in the box.

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