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Enhance Your Domain Authority? The 2019 Guide

By CTCDC.in | Monday, July 1, 2019

Ranking & Visibility


Before telling you about 7 proven techniques for building Domain Authority. “Domain Authority?” in short.
Well, Domain Authority is a standard of measurement which through it's metric predicts the website’s performance on search engine ranking. Domain Authority checks the website’s performance based on factors that are more than 40 such as

  1. Backlinking
  2. The Domain Authority of those sites that link back to you
  3. And your website’s age.
While Domain Authority is not Google used concept or term but google algorithm considers these factors for deciding web page ranking.

Examine Your Own Domain Authority?


Pretty simple just install MozBar(free chrome extension) to see your own Domain Authority. After activating your account on Moz, a black box with a blue bar will display on MozBar. And that box will show a number represents the Domain Authority of the currently visiting site.
Below screenshot Illustrates, Mozbar showing current Domain Authority

  1. Produce long form & detailed content:

  2. Well, the content that mostly gets linked is well researched, detailed, quality driven content. Such contents are- Tutorials, case studies and much other, so focus on producing that kind of content which audience can engage themselves to because these kinds of contents get linked by high authority websites. That will ultimately help you in increasing Domain Authority.

  3. Produce 'Top List' Posts:

  4. What I am saying is create/produce ‘Top List’ post. Well, these are those articles that list top experts in a particular field. Here are some examples of that:

    • The 20 top Digital Marketing experts around Globe
    • The Top 30 bloggers in India
    • The Top 10 Data Scientist around Globe

    How this is helpful is, once your article is visible on the net. Try to Contact those people who you have listed top in your article because people love to see themselves ranked somewhere.
    What half of them will definitely do is post your article on different social media platforms and will also post a link to your article on their website. This thing will boost your Domain Authority as people you ranked or are in your slot have high DA already, so getting a link from them is definitely helpful for your DA increment.

  5. Write content wisely when writing about experts:

  6. Well, this also works on the same principle as ‘Top list’ posts. There is no denying, that people love seeing themselves ranked and want to tell other people about it.
    So they will link with you or will share it on social media. In both senses, it will boost your Domain Authority.
    For tips on how to write content successfully: This is a conclusive guide to write successfull content.

  7. Do Guest Blogging:

  8. how-to-increase-domain-authority-2019

    What you need to do is start writing quality content for other websites and how will it benefit in boosting your Domain Authority ranking is pretty amazing, in a sense that after your content going viral publishers will search for you. To understand it completely, here is a guide for guest blogging.

  9. Buy Old Domain(with good DA):

  10. Well if buying the aged domain can save your work of 6 to 12 months(if started from zero) than buying a domain who has good DA score is a smart decision and help you focus on other core SEO On-page & Off-page activities.

  11. Make Website Fast-Moving:

  12. This is because Google is rewarding those websites which are quick & responsive because of the July 2018 speed update. As page loading time and response time also counts in users experience. For example:- if the page of any website is slow to load the visitor will click back to search result and let bounce rate to increase that will ultimately affectGoogleDA score.

  13. Throw toxic backlinks:

  14. page-authority-and-domain-authority

    Why I am saying this because these toxic backlinks will prevent you from increasing your Domain Authority. So how to track backlinks not good for your website is checking tool like Monitor Backlinks. The functionality of this tool is informing about links harming your link profile by picking links to your website. From where these links come from:

    • From webpages that are not indexed
    • From webpages have spammy domain names
    • From webpages having many external links
    • From webpages use anchor text( not natural)

    You can ideally ask the source to remove that link from your website. Well, that is time-consuming isn’t. So for that, there is this Google’s Disavow Tool. And remembering all the above 7 techniques you can start working on increasing your Domain Authority number but if you are struggling and wants someone to guide you not only for your website’s Domain Authority but with your whole website click this link DIGITAL MARKETING INSTITUTE to get complete guide to making your website visible on search engine’s first page.

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