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Clickless SERPs and Optimizing Rich Snippets Benefits

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, August 28, 2019

SEO Analytics and Reporting


There is a lot of theory existing in the SEO community such as Google doesn’t send users to websites but to their own properties. A theory like this makes people think Google is ruining their business, as less traffic is deriving to their websites.
Google functions to satisfy users or searchers with relevant information and if there’s no need then what’s the point of sending a user to the website. Yes, in paid search you can monetize or external content creator gets the benefit but that’s a benefit, not a right. Since the beginning, Google focused on upgrading its technology for keeping fresh and updated index and gather new content at the same time.
It’s a trade: you make content and user will find it through Google if the user feels that it is relevant to the user search. Every search engine in the early days, including Google, returned only title tag and URL of a webpage, only 10 links on the front page and even no ads. Everything was ok in the SEO world.
But then snippet was introduced by non-other than Google and imagine if snippet provided information user looking for and user turned back without clicking on the page, looks like we survived and turned snippet element into art and science for SEO.
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Are Snippets Going to kill SEO?


No, because SEO is done to provide ranking to the website by understanding the user and providing content which satisfies user search needs. When a user searches he/she goes through various stages like-

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional
The informational stage is about giving an answer to user search/question which is instant, simple and enlighting. And even with the zero-click result, you will be rewarded if you help Google in providing relevant information to the user. You can literally do the brand building if you provide a seamless result for Google which further provides it to the user.
Focus on providing information in a mobile-friendly manner, along with co-promotion and sponsorship activities.
Here’s how you can optimize rich snippets for amazing user experience-even with the zero-click result.

Optimize for Snippets


Your brand can become more visible at the top of SERPs with optimizing for snippets. As providing a direct answer, the three most common formats for snippets are:

  • Bulleted, itemized list
  • Chart format
  • A short paragraph
Here’s what we found regarding snippets, most common snippets are paragraph snippets and list snippets and table snippets with 82 per cent, 10.8 % and 7.3% of featured snippets. All of them displayed images but the format never overlapped. In one of these formats, try to experiment and structure your content, you may earn a spot in a Google answer box through this opportunity.
To make sure your page is optimized, follow this:


Employ speakable schema, when using structured data, helps in recognizing sections within an article or webpage best adapted to audio playback using TTS.

Measure snippets


Many tools like a conductor, SEOClarity and others supply to you information regarding searches being triggered as snippets and also ranking in SERPs of ‘quick answers’ kinda featured snippets in your site.


Your SEO strategy must also include featured snippets because if you’ll blend according to Google's way of playing a game, your site will definitely reach above all. Start working on rich snippets with making yourself clear that you have some control(not immediately) over certain zero-click results.
If you know about advertising and an SEO professional at the same time. Think of zero clicks with an SEO in this way- Consider you are reading a magazine, you are trying to click advertising on it but nothing is happening. I hope you figured out the benefit that will come from that ad, may it not be clickable.

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