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Achieved Top Ranking? This Is How to Remain Number 1 on Google.

By CTCDC.in | Thursday, July 4, 2019

Ranking & Visibility


Congratulations! You have made it to the top among the top ten champions of Google SERPs. But do you know how to remain a champion? The Google ranking factors keep on updating from time-to-time, so-much-so that the Google you’ll look at today and the one you’ll look at tomorrow will be totally different. Thanks to this, the ranking of a website on Google SERP (full form of SERP is Search Engine Results Page, thank you) is dynamic. Basically, Google follows teachings from Bhagavat Gita. It gives your top place to someone else and then throws that someone else to #40 making way for other websites. This behavior of Google is also largely motivated due to stiff competition for almost every keyword. Other factors for ranking includes a long list of “tips” provided by successful SEO specialists, who impart this information from experience. We do this here too.

Long-term ranking on Google SERPs mainly depends upon user-friendliness and the relevancy of the website. Along with these, the rest of the factors have strings attached to them. What kind of strings? This is as good a mystery as the womenkind or Bermuda Triangle. To clear this mystery experts have resigned on using methods of charlatanerie which they named Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Among all the best SEO practices, the top ones include high-quality content, functional page design, the acceptable reputation of the company or person, accuracy of the information, and convenient and comfortable ad placements. Easy to achieve, right? Not in the long run!

But Why The Top Ranking?

If you’ve been sleeping under a rock or have chronic amnesia, you’ll find this question pertinent. Reports state that more than 60% of websites on all Google SERPs except the first, remains unclicked. The reason for this is that the searchers are only interested in fast result procurement. They will never go to the next page if they are acquiring the same data on the first page. The first position on any keyword related SERP, therefore, gains 79% more organic traffic as compared to other positions.

3 Good Tips To Maintain Your Top Ranking


  • Do not use Black-Hat SEO- Black-Hat SEO techniques are good in the short run but it will not help you maintain a long term ranking. Black-Hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing and providing poor quality content is now recognizable to Google under its latest update. Upon finding any questionable material, Google will lower the ranking of your web page and the spam score of the site will automatically rise. It is, therefore, recommended that White-Hat techniques should be employed.

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  • Keep On Updating Your SEO Strategies- If you cannot keep a financial reserve for paid ads, then SEO is your guardian's angel. Try to keep practicing the best on-page and off-page SEO tactics to succeed in maintaining your rank on the top. Optimization of a website is the core function that maintains its ranking.

  • Use Tools To Review Your Website’s Ranking: Tools like SEMrush, Niche, Google My Business, and Advanced Web Ranking helps in managing search engine stats. This provides visibility of SERPs to the user and provides related info. These softwares are also good for keeping surveillance on your competitors and tracking their website’s ranking.

We hope that you remain the king of SERPs for a long time with these secrets. Ciao!

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