What is the SERP Features?

What is the SERP Features?

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Google generated the SERP feature actually a response by Google on the Google search engine result page. Search engine result pages come up with the required information as SERPs are intended to show special results to users with minimum required clicks. SERP attribute is different from traditional organic result and are those result which is visible through paid advertising, organic listings and Google-devised “features” such as:
  1. Rich Snippets are visually displayed data on Google Search results that are additional to existing result. These data are reviewed, stars on existed data.
  2. Paid Results are those that occurs on Google are generally brought up results.
  3. Universal results includes new results, image results which are additional to organic results.
  4. Panels or boxes that appear on the Search results and shows information about weather, celebrity, etc is knowledge graph data.
A few years after Google began, the organic results that used to appear on SERPs were looked the same and this aspect has not changed much over the years also with the coming of AdWords, Google got busy showing non-organic results in SERP.

14 Most popular SERP features are:-

AdWords(Bottom) AdWords(Top) Featured Snippets Image Outcome
In-depth Article Knowledge Card Knowledge Panel Local Pack
Local Teaser Pack Related Questions Reviews Shopping Results
Site Links Video

(Top)AdWords of Google

Not technically a SERP feature as the results appear aren’t from organic results but are included in list of SERP feature because these results take space similar to an organic result. Their nature makes them a valuable real estate as they'll grasp the highest position on SERP.

(Bottom)AdWords of Google

While Google Ads sometimes take up the highest of a SERP, they will conjointly take up area at an all-time low of the results page if there are enough advertisers.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets provide a summarized answer to a particular question asked on Google. A featured snip may be an outline of a solution to a user’s question, that is displayed on the prime of Google search results. It’s extracted from a webpage and includes the page’s title and universal resource locator.

Image outcome

These outcomes appear where it fits relevant by Google to make these visual aid appear. They draws searchers eyes and can appear at any position on SERP. They appear organically in a horizontal way.

In-depth Article

Not differ from organic search results but in-depth article ranking rules are somewhat differ from core organic results, as large publisher dominates on this.

Knowledge Card

sub-category of knowledge graph, in most cases they appear at the top of SERP. They surround human-edited sources such as wiki data and also other ground.

Knowledge Panel

Searcher get background knowledge about a topic from these panels which appears on the right side of SERP. These panel usually show results to query such as queries about a people person or things.

Local Pack

If searchers use a keyword that has local intent as deemed by Google(like SEO training near me or SEO training In Delhi) the searcher will see the local pack containing three physical locations, Google considers most relevant.

Local Teaser Pack

Not too differ from local pack, this feature function is to show local business results in 3 pack, such as hotels and restaurants with more information about business working hours, reviews and images.

Related Questions

This feature function is to show relevant questions ato the searchers search that Google think is relevant to your search query. Every relevant question on SERP expands to something similar to featured snippets. The results that appear as related questions are algorithmically generated and apart from it ‘people also ask’ box contains questions which are relative to a search query which appears on SERP.


This feature function is to show review, rating data for product or other relevant item, and visible to user above snippet results if a business website has received any review or rating from internet users.

Shopping Results

These results made their position here because of the impact they create on SERP. these are technically advertisement display product ads of business. These are important to know even if you are not working with the paid result and using organic way to get top rank. These product listing ads are rich in information (images & pricing) and sell the product directly and is similar to AdWords.

Site Links

Links that offer user to visit website subfolders and these links appear below description of search result.


Results that show videos on search engine with search results.

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