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What Is Search Engine Optimization?

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the procedure of increasing the quality of a website with the aim of inducing an increment in its organic traffic. SEO involves improving the ranking of a website on the SERP (Search Engine Result Page) of a search engine platform.

Structure of SEO

SEO is structured to provide optimized search results to search engine platforms while also helping the website to achieve ranking. The classification of SEO is done into many parts which mainly include:

All these divisions focus on repairing a site’s quality and ranking.

How SEO Works

The definition of SEO can help us analyze its working process. All the results shown on the SERP (except Pay-Per-Click [PPC] ads) are placed thus on behalf of SEO.Every search engine, whether Google, Bing or Yahoo, presents optimum search results on a SERP for every keyword by making crawlers or bots (also known as spiders) crawl on a webpage. These crawlers analyze information present on a web page such as its content, design, HTML code and links. The crawlers then submit this information in binary language to the search engine platform and construct an index. This index is then scrutinized for its compatibility with the keywords. SEO works as a bribery channel that wins the favor of a crawler for a website and in turn, helps the website achieve a ranking on top of the SERP. On-site SEO makes sure that the title tags and meta-descriptions are relevant and good, while Off-site SEO revolves around social media marketing, link building, and bookmarking. These, then together, contribute in boosting the rank of a web page.

Strategies of SEO

SEO is easy to learn through an SEO course. An SEO company can also be employed to provide SEO service. Yet, having some prior knowledge of the methods or strategies of SEO remains imminent for doing an online business.

Professional/Technical SEO

This method or strategy of performing SEO involves certain technicalities such as crawling, indexing, and user-friendliness of a web site:
  • Crawling and Indexing-A good part of technical SEO involves making the site easily crawlable and easy for the crawler to build an index. This is important as it allows the search engine to acknowledge your site and prevents it from skipping it.
  • User-Friendliness-This revolves around optimizing and harmonizing user experience. This involves making the site mobile-friendly. The loading speed of the site also determines the user satisfaction. The site must not take more than five seconds to load.
  • Search Engine-Friendliness-CMS or any other search engine-friendly tech is recommended to be used in order to obtain maximum optimization of the website with regard to its ranking.

On-site SEO

This was already talked about and included in the following points:
  • Keywords-Keywords are searched by crawlers and observed whether they are compatible or not.
  • Meta Descriptions-Optimized Meta description tag is crawlers’ favorite meal. These then become an important factor in determining a site’s fate on SERP.
  • Strong Call-To -Action-A call-to-action arouses a visitor to engage with the site and improve its ranking on SERP. A good call-to-action, then, increases organic traffic.

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO focuses on optimization away from the actual site. It involves:
  • Social Media Marketing- This is a very broad term and revolves around building goodwill and promotion of goods and services on social media platforms.
  • Link building-As the name suggests, this process creates links to other pages that helps in increasing the website’s traffic.
  • Bookmarking-This involves creation of promotional content for the site and its distribution through various medium to generate leads.

Content Building

The content of a website determines the amount of trust a visitor will lend to it. It is actually the content that converts a lead. Content is then an immensely important part of SEO. A unique and relevant content will help the site rank higher on SERP, while a plagiarized and user-hostile content will lower the ranking of a site.

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