On-Page Ranking Factors

On-Page Ranking Factors

Your unique way of optimizing page will impact page ability to rank on SERP.

Search engine optimization & use of On-page Ranking Factors

SEO On-page Ranking Factors impact immensely on any page’s ability to rank on search engines. Let's start with On-page SEO factor that made the first position for ranking any page:

Page Content

No one actually knows who Google algorithm works in a ranking website or its specific page but marketers are sure of one thing that content of a website designates its worthful place on Search engines. An SEO viewpoint on Content consists of two attributes, it must be linkable & must provide beneficial information. So we ensure to develop sensible(good) content however what's sensible content?

Good content(beneficial information)

The content that is benefiting to users will have more demand, compare to other content. Content can be in any form(IMAGE, TEXT, VIDEO) it can be a piece of news or it can be information on Wikipedia. It will be regarding any topic however it'll solely be thought of nearly as good content when it has the ability to reach the maximum audience and is linkable.

Good content & its linkability

SEO experts say if the content is not linkable than it'll not be going to induce a decent rank and if it doesn’t get rank than how it will reach the maximum audience(won’t drive traffic). And if it doesn’t reach the utmost audience then being sensible isn't value something(content will go to waste). Good content supplies, what users demand and should be clickable because what’s not linkable is not visible on search engines. Look out some Link Building strategies for your content.

On-page SEO factor that comes after content is:

Title Tag

Low efforts/big results with second On-page SEO factor known as Title tags. Making SEO friendly title tag will help you increase CTR. Read by clicking “Title Tag” and know-how.


URL must show the category hierarchy of the provided website, apart from smart internal linking.

Example of a good URL structure:
The above URL clearly shows the categorical hierarchy. Through this, search engines can determine the relevancy of the webpage. And due to the hierarchy shown above in URL, search engines can deduce that webpage is about Digital marketing training/course and not about the history of digital marketing. Such a URL makes webpage a capable candidate for getting a good search result in its specified field.

Example of a bad URL structure:

Different from the first example, the above URL is not providing clear information on hierarchy. Search engines cannot determine, about where to put that particular page because the above URL may be telling about the homepage but with “id&esdv=2&v=20” cannot determine what page this is about. The good URL structure is essential because it helps the search engines to understand relevancy metric to a particular page. Apart from this, it is helpful on anchor text basis because will only link to the content(keyword included in URL) which has relevant word or phrase.

Best SEO exercise

Given below 4 areas should directly state the purpose of the webpage:

  • URL
  • Title Tag
  • Image alt text
  • Page Content

Faultless content shows specific & relevant information about a webpage(product/service/information mentioned in it).

Faultless and optimized web page

Search engine optimized and ideal webpage should consist of the following:
  • Should have extremely accurate information about the product or single object. Including further things such as-

    • The title tag must consist of subject
    • URL must consist of subject
    • Image alt text(must include subject)
    • Describe the subject several times

  • Provided content should be unique about a given topic
  • Link back to its category page
  • Link back to its subcategory page (If applicable)
  • Link back to its homepage

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