Know About meta description

Know About meta description

What Is A Meta Description?

Meta description tag is an HTML label that depicts a small description of the content that a web page is offering. On a search engine results page, it is shown below the site address as an informative column. Meta description tag has a character length of 160 characters approximately.

Example Of Meta Description In HTML


Meta Description Character Limit

The optimum character limit of meta description tag depends upon the message you want to convey. But Google meta description usually limits itself to around 130 to 160 characters. It is therefore recommended that you keep your gist of the web page within 50 to 160 characters.

Meta Description Format

Meta description tag does not follow any particular format. It depends upon the user’s discretion to cram as much as vital information related to the web page as possible in a non-spammy and readable way. Try to insert related keywords in the beginning to provide the potential visitors and crawlers with relevant summary about the web page’s contents. It should also be unique from the descriptions of other similar pages. Meta description tags are not responsible factors for google ranking. Google announced in 2009 that its ranking algorithm does not consider the meta keywords tags neither the meta description tags. A good meta description tag can effectively encourage a user to visit your web page. This is why the format of the meta description tag becomes very important.

How To Write Meta Description For SEO Best Practices

Write Irresistible Description

Meta description in a way acts as an advertisement of the website which compels the user to visit the web page from SERP. Creating an irresistible and clear description with the help of keywords can lead to an improved click-through-rate. Therefore, a meta description acts as an important factor for increasing the traffic to a web page. It is important to note that Google, as well as other search engines, embolden a query related keywords in the meta description. The bolded keyword becomes eye-catching to the visitor, so try to include keywords before the 160 character limit.

Don’t Use Plagiarised Meta Description Tags

The uniqueness of Meta description tags should not be compromised. A duplicate meta tag only draws trouble rather than traffic. One way to rectify duplicate meta descriptions is to use active and methodological way of creating unique meta descriptions for web pages.

Don’t Use Double Quotation Marks

Whenever double quotation marks are used in meta description’s HTML, Google truncates the content from double quotes on a SERP. To avoid this, try to disavow the use of any alphanumerics.

It’s Not Mandatory To Write Meta Descriptions

Meta description is an important aspect of SERPs but it is not necessary to write a meta description. When the web page or website deals with more than one heavily searched item that requires a very informative description, it is better to leave the meta descriptions empty in this situation. The search engine under this case will populate the meta description tag with relevant keywords that they actually detract from the web page or website.

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