External links In SEO

External links In SEO

SEO perspective of external links?

External links in HTML are hyperlinks and external linking is targeting any domain other than owner’s domain. if you link to any other website then link directing to other domain will be considered as external link to other’s website. Similarly, if other website links to you that is also considered an external link.
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Anchor text should consist of descriptive keywords that target page is trying to target or defines the same topic. There is no obligation of using the same keyword text time because it may trigger spam detectors. So go for a variety of anchor text that improves usability and content for search engines and users.

What is an External Link ?

When link directs users to external domain, that is known as external link.
  • External links are one of many essential sources of enhancing ranking ability, says SEO experts.
  • Link equity( ranking strength) passed by the external link is different than an internal link. Since, external links are considered as third party vote by search engines.


Best practice for SEO In external linking

For acquiring higher ranking, the single most essential objective is external links. External links are one of the best ways for search engines to identify the worth of a given web page and also the toughest metric to manipulate. The idea of seeing website worth through this was first used by Alta Vista and later improved by google.
Google co-founder larry page developed an algorithm and established itself by instituting the Stanford community to page rank. The algorithm considered hyperlink as popularity votes, pages with most linking directing towards them were appraised as most popular. And when pages established as relevant for a specific query, they would be visible in first pages listed in Google’s result. however this algorithm has upgraded into more complex algorithm, it still considers external links as votes.
Measures have been done to decide the worth of external links. Some of these measures are-
  • The linking domain’s trustworthiness.
  • The linking page’s popularity.
  • The content relevancy between the source page and the target page.
  • Usage of anchor text in the link.
  • The source page consisting of number of links to the same page.
  • The target page being linked number of root domains.
  • The source and target domains’ ownership relationship.
Apart from these above metrics, external links are significant for two reasons:


As stated by Yahoo! Search engineers, traffic is the toughest metrics to accurately measure but external links metric is stable and easy metric to measure because private server logs consist traffic numbers but external links are comfortably stored and are visible. So, for deciding the website’s popularity external links are considerable metric.


Relevancy clues dispense by a link are worthwhile for search engines. Humans can write anchor text used in links, who can interpret webpage finer than computers, anchor text are highly reflective of the content of the webpage being linked to. Domain, target and source page consisted of a link provides a relevant measure for search engines. And links internal or external direct to related content, which helps in establishing knowledge hub by search engine on the internet, which is later on used to validate given web document.

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