Exact Match Keywords

Exact Match Keywords

Meaning Of Exact Match Keywords

Exact Match Keywords are significant for organic and paid search and a hot topic of SEO debate, the origin of exact match keywords is from the Google Adwords keyword match type and it means keywords matching of search result/content with the search query, exactly.
How to do exact match search in Google? Just cover the phrase you are going to search in quotation marks, this will communicate Google to search for a given keyword in a prescribed order.

Partial-match keywords?

Partial-match keywords simply mean that exact-match some part of the keywords in the search query and not all of it.

Difference between exact match and partial match keywords

In case of exact match keyword, keyword searched exactly matches to website’s domain name, anchor text in a link or search query. Whereas, a partial match indicates that some part of your keyword matches to search results, domain name, and is together with other elements or keywords in search results. Exact match keywords and partial match keywords, both have their purpose of existence as not one is better or worse than the other and together they help in link building, SEO and PPC. if you want to have precaution against Google penalties make sure you are not using negative keywords and using the right match type.

Google Adwords and exact match keywords

Use of exact match in Google Adwords is that when someone searches with specific word or phrase, you want your ad to show up for that. With recent Google Adword updates, the treatments of keyword has slightly changed means ‘functional words’ within a statement don’t matter now and in different sequences, the same keywords will represent an “exact match”.
Broad match is another type of Google Adwords, the meaning of broad match is- when similar terms are searched on google and google considers it relevant to your target keyword included in the longer phrase then your Ad might appear.
Targeting the right match is the right, choosing the wrong match type and your ad will be visible to the wrong audience. If this happens you will be paying for traffic that not going to convert. Get Google Adwords training and enrich yourself with its knowledge.

Organic results and Exact-match or partial match keyword

Being an SEO, If you want to target organic search results? Then remember control over the display of content doesn’t work here, as works in Adwords. Google’s algorithm determines an organic ranking and is improving in understanding language and intent. By using the quotations marks search operator, you can realize exact and partial match working in the wild.
See for yourself and after doing several searches with or without quotation, you’ll realize the advancement of Google by its ability to understand user intent and synonyms to provide results that user needs.
Even if your content partial matches it can still rank because of different ways people search and power of Google to understand user intent, for the query searched.
Your best SEO practice for ranking content is to use the target keyword in relevant places like the title tag and build content with synonyms, examples, and whatever step you need to take to mount successful content.

Exact match domain names

When searcher, searched with a keyword that matches your domain name that is known as the exact match domain. For example, searcher types in “Beer Bar” and you own beerbar.com, it is an exact match domain.
Your domain name represents your brand online if you think having an exact match domain name is right then go for it otherwise search for a domain name that is long-lasting, memorable and versatile.
It is doubtable that the exact match domain will improve ranking, it was once a powerful way but it is not known. After the 2012 update, Google's aim was to pull out spammy websites with an exact match domain name and penalize them, though there are examples of exact match domain ranking well.

Anchor text with a partial or exact match?
If you want to make Google understand the relevancy of content to your topic, attracting other sites and requesting sites to link to you with your target keyword in the anchor text will be way very helpful in making your page appear as more relevant to the user search query.

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