Domain Authority

Domain Authority

What Is Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is the score of a website that estimates its ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Created by Moz, the range of this metrical instrument runs between one to 100, the higher the number, the greater the chances of obtaining a rank on SERP. More than 40 factors act as a determinant in the fluctuation of the Domain Authority which also includes linking root domain or all the sources of the links to your site. Other major determinants of Domain Authority include:
  • Goodwill of a website and its authors
  • Quality of the content in the website
  • centrality of the information presented by the website
  • Competition around the subject that the website deals with
Domain Authority is mainly used as a metric to scrutinize a competitor’s websites on SERPs. The analysis represented through Domain Authority shows the ranking score for the whole domain or website.

What Is A Good Domain Authority?

Domain Authority is only a calculating device for comparative use. You must not make it your priority to increase DA as it does not determines Google ranking factors but only predicts your website’s chances to rank on SERPs. However, it is widely considered that an average Domain Authority is between 40 to 50, a good one is between 50 to 60, and an above 60 score is considered excellent Domain Authority.If your website is a small business or a startup with fewer inbound links then your Domain Authority is fated to be low.

How to check domain authority?

Domain Authority checkers are amply available all over the internet. People prefer strategic means to survey their competitors through bulk domain authority checker. Many bulk D.A checkers are easily available. But if you’re using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, you can install Moz Domain Authority Checker extension (also known as Mozbar) to your browser. For this purpose, you’ll need to visit Moz official and log in. Then search for Moz Domain Authority Checker or Mozbar upon which the results will show you your desired material. Follow the easy instructions to install the same. You can also visit Moz official and check your Domain Authority without installing an extension. Just visit Moz open site explorer and enter your domain or subdomain address and then, check your results.

Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

Domain Authority measures and shows the ranking strength of an entire domain or website while Page Authority only predicts the ranking chances of a web page.

What Is MozRank?

MozRank can be defined as a link popularity score that represents the relevance as well as the significance of a web page on the Internet. It ranges from 0 to 10, i.e, from lower to higher. However, a 3 is considered a good rank for a web page (yes, it measures link popularity score for a web page). MozRank can be measured through Mozbar or from Moz open site explorer.

What Is MozTrust?

MozTrust is a global link trust score that is very similar to MozRank, but rather, measures a site’s link trust. Receiving links from spammed, illegal, or bad reputed sites lowers MozTrust of a site. On the other hand, linking to sites with a trustworthy background, such as the homepages of major university websites or certain government web pages, increases MozTrust. Similar to MozRank, MozTrust can be measured through Mozbar or from Moz open site explorer.

How To Increase Domain Authority?

Like talked about before, a domain owner must not keep it his or her priority to increase Domain Authority, since D.A does not alters the SERP ranking factors. But Domain Authority does proclaim that your site is worthy of being ranked by the search engines. Here are a few ways to increase Domain Authority:
  • On-site SEO-Domain Authority can be increased immensely through on-site activities such as using a title tag, description tag, H1 to H6 tags, and meta keywords. The URL structure of the site and its pages can be simplified to transform them into an easy-to-learn structure. Similarly, internal and external linking can be increased to produce desired results.
  • Off-site SEO-Off-site SEO such as Social Media Marketing, bookmarking and link generation also helps the site to gain Domain Authority. This also helps in spreading awareness about your website and its products and services.
  • User-Friendliness-The website can be made user-friendly by updating its content from time-to-time to keep visitors up-to-date and satisfied. The site can also be made mobile-friendly and its loading speed can be decreased to provide optimum user experience.
  • Improving Links-Domain Authority can be enhanced by improving your linking sources. You can try removing bad links from your websites, such as links that have a high spam score or that deals with ill-reputed image. Add links from a trustworthy source and witness your Domain Authority increase.

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