A Guide To Link Equity

A Guide To Link Equity

What Is Link Equity?

Link equity or popularly known as link juice is a concept in SEO regarding the passage of ranking ability or value of a certain page to some other related page. This happens due to a number of factors such as 301 redirects, canonicalization, etc. Passage of link equity are some of the many factors Google considers to rank a page on the SERPs.

Link Equity With PageRank

PageRank was once Google’s algorithm used to determine how a site should rank based on its backlink profile. It used to be the main determinant of how a site should rank. However, today, it's one of the many determinants Google use to assign a rank on SERP.
Link Equity can be defined as shifting of ranking power of one page to another. People used PageRank sculpting to achieve this purpose in which people use to follow and no-follow links to regulate ranking power.

How To Determine Link Equity?

Internal links, as well as an external link, pass a considerable amount of equity. The following points are a major determinant of whether a link will pass equity or not:

  • Relevancy Of The Link: The linked keyword must be compatible with the linked page’s content. If both the link text as well as the linked page share absolute distinctiveness then Google will recognize the folly and restrict any flow of link juice or link equity.
  • Reputation Of The Site: If you are linking to a site with a trustworthy profile then the chances are that greater amount of link equity will pass through that site.
  • Followable or Crawlable Links: If you use nofollow links to restrict the crawler to crawl the site, then there is no use of expecting passage of link equity. Similarly, don’t use robots.txt file to block crawlers or it will affect the flow of link equity passage.
  • Location and Number Of Links: Google gives more weight to the links that are located on the body of the content than those entombed in the footer. Similarly, if a website links to your page, and you are one of the thousands that were linked, then there is no profit you are going to gain out of it.
  • The HTTP Status Of The Page: Google allows pages that resolve 200s and 301s redirects to retain their link equity.

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