A Guide For Anchor Texts

A Guide For Anchor Texts

What Is Anchor Text?

Anchor texts or link texts (also called link titles) is the distinctly colored clickable text in a hyperlink. Anchor texts can also be defined as the clickable text that hyperlinks display when linking to another page. An anchor text looks like this: Learn SEO.
An anchor text usually appears as blue but can be changed to any color through your HTML or CSS. An external anchor text is used by search engines to link your website to other sites. This can help your page to rank well, as when more and more sites begin to believe in the relevance of your content, they use anchor texts linking to your site.

Anchor Text Examples


Anchor Texts Format

An anchor text has to be relevant in order to work effectively. Link text must give appropriate information about the linked page.

Types Of Anchor Text

  • Exact-match: These types of anchor texts makes the linked text or keyword reflect the linked document. For instance, Quora Marketing is effective.
  • Partial-match:These anchor texts have variation in the linked texts and the linked site. For instance, Google Analytics is a good tool.
  • Branded:These anchor texts have a brand as a link text, redirecting you to the homepage of that brand’s website. For example, CTCDC is a premium digital institute.
  • Naked link:A naked link is raw URL used as an anchor text. Take https://www.ctcdc.in/blogs as an instance.
  • Generic Link: Generic links are anchor texts that use keywords like, click here or visit this site to create a CTA.
  • Image:An image’s alt tag can be linked to create an anchor text. Check out the following example:


SEO Best Practices

An anchor text can become SEO-friendly by keeping in mind the following points:
  • Keep it Brief
  • Keep it Relevant
  • Keep it non-generic
  • Keep keyword density in mind
Sticking to these practices, you can determine the success of your anchor texts and make your website achieve ranking.

Brevity Of The Anchor Text

There is no word limit for anchor text, however, it is required that you keep the anchor texts short and succinct as the shorter and expository it will be, the more readers it will attract. For this purpose, you need to choose appropriate keywords as link texts so that the visitor would not face any dissatisfaction.

Relevancy Of The Target Page

A Target page is a web page to which you link your anchor text. It is basically the page where you want your visitor to land after clicking the anchor text. Search engines such as Google determine the ranking of a web page through the links available in it. Link relevancy is then measured by the web crawlers who then scan both the pages, the source page as well as the target page. Links that display related content to the source page are bound to get more page relevancy and might obtain better ranking.

Keyword Density Of The Anchor Texts

If you use a certain keyword as an anchor text for a number of time, Google will detect it. So it is better to keep a variety in your keywords to avoid suspicion from Google. Also, try not to fill your content with anchor texts as this might prove harmful for your content. Keep it regulated and in a flow.

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