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Ramit Taneja, Founder of the Institute

“I always wanted to explore new trend of digital marketing. Instead of earning galore of profit alone, I wanted to share my knowledge and that’s why I established this institute. “

Mr Taneja carries futuristic approach. He knows about digital marketing like a back of his hand. Before establishing the company he has worked with national and international brands. Mr Taneja believes working in an industry is constant learning experience. With over 5 years of experience under his belt he adores to consult brands to create unique positioning.

According to Mr Taneja now days people do not go for door to door marketing rather they prefer e-shops. Likewise many corporate have changed their promotional activities. Now they believe more in social media.

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Digital Marketing Manager

I not only teach in the institutes but also visit companies to impart SEO training. I make it sure, after digital marketing training; company’s executives find significant change in their knowledge. My training curriculum includes search engine influences, besides this I also carry out SEO reviews for clients; work with content and media manager to devise solid strategy, send key campaign report to clients and work with the PPC manager to ensure effective key word targeting.


Digital Marketing Trainer

CTCDC is not just an institute but a wholesome experience, which teaches you about life. Here, with organizational behavior, you also learn to be mature and self reliant “ “I am teaching in CCTDC for the last 5years. I have helped professionals in achieving their objective. One of greatest advantages that I feel about this institution is the small batch size wherein everybody knows everybody, and there is this sense of camaraderie and belongingness. Students trained by me are working as Brand executive, SEO trainer, Strategist and this makes me feel proud.

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