7 Most Advance SEO Techniques

By CTCDC.in | Thursday, November 7, 2019

On Site SEO


Aims to enhance your Google ranking? In this blog, we have discussed some really advanced SEO techniques that will help you get past your competitors. The techniques you used this year would not work ahead. To be in the top in SERP's one must have to adapt and improvise.

There are ample metrics from content to keywords that one should utilize to make a mark in the digital world. The realm of SEO is changing and adopting advanced SEO techniques to become number 1 in Google is essential.

Before that let us first discuss how to optimize your website for SEO:
  • Make your site useful for the target audience
  • Capitalize on existing customers
  • Analyze your website data
  • Create value-rich content
  • Speed up the pages

Let us depict few most advanced SEO techniques quickly to dominate your competitors-

Google Voice Search


People have changed their means of searching. Nowadays people use to simply ask their questions in Google Voice Search. With the help of this approach, they are getting answers very easily. Due to this reason, search engine optimizers need to refresh themselves by switching to Google Voice Search. Also, it helps people to do things faster.

Proper research of your keywords


It is the chief thing to attempt. Once you are done with general ideas take a search for relevant keywords. To analyze keywords one can use keyword research tools like Google Keyword planner, KWfinder, Moz keyword and more.

All you have to do is just enter your target keyword. After that, these tools will fetch all your keyword mixtures for you and additionally, you will see the search volume for your keywords. Using long-tail keywords as well, this will work higher.

Site Speed

The primary thing is to ensure, your site works at a fast pace. We all know that visitors will not wait more than a few numbers of seconds to open their pages. In order to load your pages faster remove the unnecessary stuff in your post. This is among the simple techniques of On-Page Optimization.

Social Media Engagement


Social Media Engagement will play a major part in the Off-Page SEO. If you want to improve your site, engage with the individuals who are on various social media platforms. To blast out your content, increase your productivity, customer support social media will accomplish this job. Your social presence will enable your market growth and help you get more backlinks.

Post in Yahoo! and Bing


The most recent technique of SEO On-Page Optimization is publishing our articles on Yahoo! & Bing. Earlier We use to publish our posts in Google. But, the latest researches have revealed that publish the posts on Yahoo! & Bing will leads to get more traffic. These search engines as well help you to be visible at the forefront.

Use Internal Links


Getting a user to your homepage is not your final goal. You want users to spend more time on your website reading more and more posts. An easy way to achieve this is to link your articles internally. These internal links gives an idea to Google about the structure of your website.

If you link all of your content internally, it makes your website and content structure more organized and easy to find by the target audience. This SEO technique make sure that Google’s web spiders can easily crawl through your content. Along with that, when these visitors will go through your older posts as well, that will help you pull more traffic.

Long contents are prioritized now

Writing content has always been for a certain word count that has to maintain. But the minimum word count for a blog is not more in trend now. The algorithm of search engines now prefer long posts.

This results in getting surprising business results than ever According to a conducted research, long content has received more backlinks than otherwise. Even SEO techniques will not guarantee your success. One need to keep a fine balance in quantity and quality for SEO technique to work better.

Taking advantage of SEO strategies is the core of all the structures when we find that all the businesses are encircled on Digital platform today. SEO tactics are now more than just to stuff keywords and getting backlinks. One has to go far to ensure their business success. Seo algorithms nowadays target even improper content to ad ratio. The SEO is evolving each year and knowing its massive changes is the key to lead yourself ahead.

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