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What is PPC?

By CTCDC.in | Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Digital Marketing


A Look Through The Realm of Pay-Per-Click Marketing

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or Cost-Per-Click (CPC) marketing is an online method of advertising that advertisers employ to promote their products or services. This method follows a format in which the advertiser pays every time an ad is clicked. You must have noticed the sponsored items that come embedded at the top of the page when you search for something you need. Well, those are christened by the name of PPC ads.


The advertisers who use this method believe that SEO is for pensioned grandmas [Just kidding SEO is important. Apply for the SEO training course here] so they buy the top ranking for a searched keyword on a search engine. This ranking is bought on behalf of the keywords related to the promoted material. Nowadays, many companies pay top-dollar for their product or service to show at the top of the page. This soaring high demand is what caused the invention of Bid-based PPC. Bid-based PPC is a system of allotting a PPC advertisement to the highest bidder of bidded keywords. Advertising systems such as Google Ads , choose the advertisers on the basis of relevancy, popularity, and user-friendliness. And according to these factors, they allot the advertisers with appropriate ad spaces. The arch-nemesis of Bid-based PPC is Flat-rate PPC which follows the traditional advertiser-publisher agreement of a fixed rate amount for the publishment of an ad. But for now, lets focus on the benefits of PPC.

PPC and the Searchers - Searchers are lazy. No offense, but they do not want to exercise their fingers to scroll down a page. What they see on the top of the search result page, they click. To go down is a guilty folly for them from which they think they will never recover. And to go to the next page is an act by a desperate being. So, PPC then becomes a catalyst to the sloth of the searcher.
PPC and the advertisers - They are easily making their product or service rank at the top of the search results page. They do not need to hire pensioned grandmas (SEO experts) to make that attempt. So, they are happy.
PPC and the Search Engines - They are getting paid. We never saw anyone being unsatisfied for being paid. They are also providing their customers with the top quality search results, So, they must be satisfied.

Pay-Per-Click advertising can take the form of:

  • Expanded Texts Ads - These PPC ads are custom-tailored for mobile phones. They consist of a limit of 30 characters in headlines 1 and 2 with description limit up to 80 and path 1 and 2 limits set to 15 characters.
  • Product Listing Ads - These are advertisements that list a product along with its price and picture.

  • cost-per-click-formula

  • Image Ads - The name says it all. Image ads only feature the image of the product sponsored.

Famous PPC Platforms

Google Ads- It is probably the most famous advertising platform, celebrated by many companies for their advertisement use. Google Ads allows your ad to be posted on every Google property but follows an extensive system of choosing advertisers through Bid-based PPC system.
It filters the best advertisements based on cookies or keywords provided by the company and assigns an appropriate space ad to the company. Every time an ad is clicked, Google receives a small sum from the advertisers, a ratio of which Google sends to the websites on which the ad is published.
Microsoft Advertising - Similar to Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising offers all the Microsoft owned properties to advertisers. This includes Yahoo and Bing. Microsoft Advertising uses Bid-based system and determines the importance of an ad on the basis of its Click-Through-Rate (CTR).

Technical PPC Tools

Google Analytics - Google offers web analytics services through Google Analytics. The job of Google Analytics is to track and dispatch the information of traffic on your website. It is recommended that you use this tool if you are marketing through PPC advertisements, as it helps you track a visitor to your website and helps you differentiate between a customer and a visitor.
Conversion Tracking- It is a free tool offered by Google to track your PPC advertisement performance. Conversion tracking is helpful in analyzing how a customer reacts to your ads, whether he or she clicks your ads, ignores them, signs up on your website, contacts your business and so on. This guides you in predicting the performance of your existing ads and build new ones on such basis.

Determinants of a PPC Strategy

Platform and Devices- These are important determining factors. The kind platform or device elected for the ads regulates the amount of traffic or clicks ads will earn. Mobile Phones, Computer/ Laptops and tablets are some devices where ads can be posted.
Location- Location plays an important role in the success of a PPC ad. You must have the knowledge of the interest of people in different locations, for example, the majority of working people in Bangalore will be interested in technology, similarly, people in Ramnagar will be interested in tourism. So, prepare your PPC ads accordingly.
Budget - This is the biggest enemy of an advertiser. It alters the overall objective and determines the quality of the ad. So, critique the budget carefully and use it efficiently.

Making an effective PPC Strategy


Decide Your Ad Group- When forming an advertising campaign decide your ad groups carefully. Ad Groups are subcategories or groups within a keyword. Brown recliner chair, white recliner chair, grey recliner chair, are some examples of Ad Groups.
Decide Your Keywords- The relevancy of keywords holds paramount importance in PPC advertising. Choose keywords that have a broad sense or ambiguity as in such case more people will be able to see your ads. Avoid misspellings and shortened words.
Decide Your Audience- You must research your audience. Categorize them as target audience based on the pages they visit, the amount of time spent on related pages and their frequency of visiting a relevant page.
Following these three tips, you will achieve what any premium advertisers achieve in PPC.

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