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What are Different Posts in SEO Jobs

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Digital Marketing


As we know all of our 5 fingers in one hand have different size, shape and orientation and all of them are unique. Likewise, SEO is that hand from where different fingers or branches emerge. It gives birth to diverse SEO job profiles with separate job titles. You must have heard just about an SEO expert or an SEO consultant or simply an SEOer. That’s why today’s blog is to aware you about multiple divisions of SEO so that you can take a well-informed decision regarding your career in SEO domain. Each SEO division performs exclusive tasks, therefore it is highly important to be a good judge when it comes to your future and financial stability.


SEO is a blanket term where numerous SEO job profiles take shelter. The fundamental task of a Search Engine Optimizer is to examine, review, administer changes to websites in order to optimise them for Search Engines. SEO plays a prominent role in accelerating your sales and clients by maximising the traffic to your website. An ideal Search Engine Optimiser can make your dream fulfil of being on number one position in Google Search Result Pages . Many people do ask “How to be a successful SEO consultant”? Looking into the present scenario a modern website optimiser should be a problem fixer and focused thinker to make wise profitable decisions for clients.


Everyone cannot possess a similar set of interests, experience, skills and educational qualification. SEO offers encouraging job opportunities with distinct profiles. We have come up with a list of SEO job titles enlightening you about each of their tasks, position and salary.

SEO Trainee

SEO Trainee

SEO trainee is like the smallest member of the family who has to begin from the basics. A trainee is new into the SEO field and is made to study SEO techniques and its realistic applicability. An SEO trainee works under the supervision of an SEO executive. Tasks which an SEO trainee must be familiar with are:
  • On-page and off-page techniques
  • Conducting Keyword Research
  • Monitoring website performance
  • Knowledge of web technologies and computer languages
  • Average Salary of an SEO trainee- 12-15k per month

    SEO Executive

    An SEO executive can be called as the second child in the family. The ranking of an SEO executive is considered to be one level higher than an SEO trainee. Tasks performed by an SEO executive can vary from one organisation to another. The primary work is to monitor the functioning and progress of SEO objectives. Other responsibilities of an SEO executive:
  • Keep an eye on the activities of the competitors
  • Formulate Strategy Reports and Performance Records
  • Generate the most relevant SEO- friendly keywords
  • Design creative headlines and tags for the website
  • Discover productive ideas to maximise online traffic
  • Examine the quality and originality of the content
  • Average Salary of an SEO Executive- 22-27k per month

    SEO Analyst

    SEO Analyst

    The third SEO title in the chain of command is given to an SEO analyst. Viewing through the literal meaning, one can decipher that job of an SEO analyst is to analyse the work of an SEO executive. The task is limited not only to examining but also to counsel the best methods and SEO strategies. An SEO analyst plays a major role in maintaining the online reputation of a company’s website. Other duties of an SEO analyst:
  • Drive quality traffic to the website
  • Indulged into day-to-day search marketing activities like PPC
  • campaigns or social media management
  • Plan strategies for content improvement
  • Analyse backlinks and execute link-building ventures
  • Manage search engine ranks in order to enhance SEO techniques
  • Average Salary of an SEO Analyst- 25-30k per month
    SEO Specialist

    SEO Specialist

    An SEO specialist holds a superior position in the hierarchical order of SEO job titles. Your potential customers are just one step away from you and an SEO specialist can help you to bridge that gap. An SEO specialist conducts detailed online market research to build a powerful online presence of your company’s website. The implementation of marketing campaigns and SEO strategies are held under the supervision of an SEO specialist. The major responsibilities of an SEO specialist are:
  • Devise marketing strategies in accordance with the client’s goals and requirements
  • Inspect the website’s performance and employing appropriate measures
  • Rectify on-page and off-page errors
  • Utilise every Digital Marketing channel for gathering quality traffic
  • Convert online traffic into leads and then further into sales
  • Take care of every SEO news and update
  • Regularly Update website content with fresh blogs and articles
  • Average Salary of an SEO Specialist- 30-35k per month

    SEO Consultant

    An SEO consultant works like a mediator or third party intervener. SEO consultants have expertise in evaluating a company’s website. Going through detailed examination, an SEO consultant offers advanced ways and SEO strategies to enjoy finer search engine results. They specialize in providing productive suggestions to the company. Therefore, an SEO consultant can also be called as an SEO expert with all-inclusive knowledge and experience. Other duties of an SEO consultant:
  • Identify SEO-friendly keywords for boosting online traffic
  • Ensure mobile optimised experience for the viewers
  • Implementing strategies to strengthen link-building
  • Average Salary of an SEO consultant- 40-50k per month. It can vary according to per project charges.

    SEO Manager

    An SEO manager stands as the head of the family who delivers constant support and guidance to other members. The manager is intended to analyse each and every action performed in the domain of Digital Marketing. With the help of everyday report, An SEO manager builds strategies to drive sales and awareness. Intense knowledge of SEO-friendly keywords and impressive promotion campaigns are requisites to be an ideal SEO manager. Other tasks of an SEO manager encompasses:
  • In-depth market research and analysis
  • Forming and fostering an online group for contact building
  • Monitoring everyday tasks and furnishing subordinates with regular feedback
  • Formulation of SEO plans
  • Incorporate online marketing campaigns
  • Average Salary of an SEO manager- 50-60k per month. Vary as per experience.


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