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By CTCDC.in | Tuesday, August 13, 2019

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Google Ads’ keyword selection preference would be changing said by Google. Through Google Ads platform advertisers display searchers brief advertisements and other stuff by paying some amount. With new keyword selection preferences, competing of keywords on Ad Rank with each other can be avoided. Here are several situations through which you’ll be able to have an idea of Google Ads’ keyword selection preferences working design. Before we see the following scenarios, here is a blog link of Google Adwords Or Facebook Ads, with your idea of choosing one of them or both will be more clear. Google Adword platform is everything through which you can really improve ranking at its best and to properly work on Google Ads you must have Google Adwords certification and Google Ads info.


Moving on, Google initially announced or stated the changes to Keyword selection preferences.

  • New same meaning, MatchingIf a query searched by the user matches an exact phrase or keyword that is present in your account, Google will prevent that query from matching other phrase or broad match modifier that is not entitled to the same auction.
    Means Google will not pick other phrases that have the same meaning as of the keyword, every time query is searched and matches that keyword.
    The example Google used, if a user searched query “lawn mowing service near me” then it will continue to match “lawn mowing service” keyword, and not to the other phrase keyword exists in the account, even though the other phrase has the same meaning as “grass cutting service”.
  • Matching exactly and the same meaningFrom above you got the idea of preference working, when two or more keyword phrases have the same meaning, now if there is an exact match, then in that case keyword with more relation to the query will be considered over the other eligible same match.
    For example, if the user searched query grass cutting service, that will prompt keyword {grass cutting service} and not {lawn cutting service}, even though both are active in an account, nevertheless of Ad rank. Here’s how you can target Ads on Google without keywords.
  • New and existing keywords with the same meaningAnother situation will occur when there are new keywords with the same meaning as of existing keywords which matches user query more closely compare to existing keywords, let us understand what will happen in that case through this example.
    For example, if the query grass cutting service near me is matching with the phrase “lawn mowing service” exist in your account and then two keywords +grass +cutting and “grass cutting service” are added in account, and will trigger new keywords, when ever query with the same meaning occur.
  • Existing exact match and adding BBMWhat happens after adding a broad match modifier or phrase match of an exact match, let’s say query grass cutting service triggers {lawn mowing service} because of the same meaning and close match. Now, will the phrase “lawn mowing service” compete with an exact match?
    No, it will not be as only after adding new phrase(same meaning) the preference will change to new match otherwise, an exact match and its’ close variants will be first preferred.
  • Existing phase and exact match This situation is opposite to the previous scenario, here if your account consist of phrase match {grass cutting service} and you add the exact match {grass cutting service}, and if user query is grass cutting service will it trigger exact match or will exact match compete against the same match?
    The Exact match will be preferred as the query is an identical match of exact match keywords but if keywords are in other different groups, and there is a lower bid of phrase keyword with the highest rank, phrase keyword can be used instead. Some useful “Four free keyword research tools”
    Remember these systems are not exactly perfect, you should not expect your idea of “same meaning” aligning with system, regularly monitor your search term reports. Here are some other factors, which can cause same-meaning matching.
  • Matches in different ad groups.That’s something to keep an eye on, if you have match type variations of keywords in different ad groups then you must consider grouping them under one ad group for proper management.
  • Keywords pausing.When some pause keywords, assume in all other scenarios keywords enabled. So, when someone pauses keyword, it becomes unavailable to the auction system. Means the other keywords in your account with same-meaning to query can trigger. For example, you pause “lawn mowing service” so the query lawn mowing service near me will trigger “grass cutting services”.
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