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Top Off- page Activities to drive Organic Traffic

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Links and link building


As we understand that SEO is the necessity for getting organic traffic to your business website or blog. SEO includes both on-page and off-page optimization.

Here we discuss Off-page SEO strategies, Off Page SEO, is one of the real pieces of Search Engine Optimization. There are a few off page SEO methods used to improve page rank in the web search results page. Off Page, activities performed outside the page. We should manufacture great quality connections with great specialist locales by which we can rank higher on SERP positioning.

1.Social Posting


Social posting refers to Social media engagement, if you want to grow your business quickly and exponentially then social media is the necessity. Social also provides backlinks to main site and clients too. It’s a major in concern in Digital Marketing

2. Creating Shareable Content


Content must be your first priority whether it’s on-page or off-page SEO. Try to make user friendly content, someone read it and fell to share it. That is something called mouth publicity, nothing will be more beneficial than this.

3.Forum Posting


There are 100s of forum posting sites post your content there with a fresh content, must not be plagiarised. Select the topics of your niche, read previous forums, understand the discussion and after that write your content. This is same for Article Submission which is another off-page activity.

4.Classified Posting


Post your free ads on classified sites for your business. From there you will get clients to your business and some sort of traffic too on your website. Previously it cannot be considered as a major activity but now it is, as classifieds are updating day by day.



Major example of Question & Answering site is Quora, hope rest you will understand. Engage to ask and answer queries to others related to your website or blog category will help to grow ranking of webpages. Only the condition is share link of different webpages.

6.Photo Submission


These are the public sites where you can share images, with image sharing give your site or web pages links as alt tag. Try to share informative images, at least user read it and got some information.

7.Small Blogging


Use blogger, it provides free of cost domain and server. Here you can share mini blogs around 250-350 words which are just informative not promotive. Try to write on similar topics to your main site and content must not be plagiarized. Link blogger A/C with your main site.



Use 2.0 entities for blogging like wordpress, joomla etc. Have a one page of blogs on main site and at least use one 2.0 entity for blogging. Here you can post informative and promotive blogs.

9.Article Submission


This is same as of forum posting. Thing to remember is content must be fresh, not plagiarized. Articles generally contains news or research topics related to your business or blog.

10.Infographics Submission


Infographics are pictorial presentation of any theoretical information or data which are easy and quick to understand. So you can share your information in the form infographics with your domain and web pages links.

11.Search Engine Submission


Search Engine Submission considered as submission of domain and web pages links to different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Ask.com etc.

12. Forum & Blog Commenting


Engage with posted forums and blogs of others, just leave appreciation comments or sometimes you may leave promotive comments too. Never directly promote your business try to gave benefits to them indirectly.

13. Video Submission


Share your business videos on different sites which are specially for video submission, so that users understand about your business through videos and there are possibilities to get direct clients. You already have benefit of backlinks.

14. PDF Submission


Here you can submit PDFs which explains your business or any topic related to that, so that you will get traffic from these sites. Image, Video and PDF submission are just to share information in different ways and getting backlinks in revert.

So these are some known Off-page SEO strategies which help to increase ranking not immediately but gradually. Point to remember is that never do these all activities simultaneously but have these in regularity for better results. Understand complete SEO training.

After any activity never forgets to index it and have regular follow-ups.

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