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Top 8 SEO Tools that Digital Marketer Recommended

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

seo tools


All we can see and say is that SEO is the most important and the most difficult portion of running a site. Different search engines rank your site in different manners from time to time and never remain constant. We have to stay on the top with the efforts made by us only.

But that’s not all, there are a lot of latest SEO tools that help you rank higher and the best part is that can keep you on the top if used in the correct manner.

The ones that had been most useful for us throughout the year were mentioned below, so just jump into this digital sea of knowledge.

1.) Google Keyword Planner Tool

When we come to talk about SEO, the topmost used tool is Google keyword planner which is an amazingly useful tool. It shows it’s benefits pretty clearly and that why it comes to the number 1 position when we speak about the best SEO tools in Digital Marketing.

Best SEO Tools

The keyword idea that we can get here is something you can’t find anywhere else. Still, most of the SEOs don’t have the exact idea or a clue to get the most out of Google keyword planner tool.
It is absolutely free of cost and we don’t need to use the money on AdWords for getting access to it. All you would need is a Google Account.

2.) Bing Keyword Research Tool

When it comes to Bing keyword research, then all your doubts and queries are sorted and that also via organic searches, not the paid or advertised ones. Hence, providing you the most precise data that you can get.

Free SEO Analysis

Another benefit from Bing Keyword Research tool is that it shows us all the keywords on the basis of the search done by people from the last 6 months and also it creates the results in a wide range of languages that support you to polish your ideas for the customers you are serving. You can also find the history of the last 25 keywords from history for getting comparatively quicker access to the topic you want to search.

3.) Word Tracker

When we talk about SEO tools, we cannot move forward without discussing this tool which is grabbing the attraction worldwide and helping us grow our business and increase profits. You actually get the keywords you can trust blindly. It saves your time and helps you improve your search engine rank. You get to attract the targeted traffic to your website and find out more profitable traffic to the website.

Free SEO Tools

It is one of the most advantageous SEO tools and for that reason, it is not free of cost. Still, it’s the tool that searches the keyword that is most authoritative on the internet to increase the targeted traffic and doubling the profits. The best part is that you get organic results and hence, it’s a database you can trust as it provides direct access to the latest data.

4.) Moz

Again, Moz provides us with a series of tools in its toolbox, including an enormous number of tools such as keyword suggestion, SERP features, SERP feature tracking, saved lists, accurate volume data, etc. And the list goes on with so many other impeccable features, being one of my favorite.


Also, it has a tool for researching popular search trends that makes it one of the most impressive features that it includes. Basically, it is an alternate option to Google PageRank and possibly, more useful than that. It is comparatively a more accessible and informative tool and is open to all.

5.) Keyword Discovery

Keyword discovery is widely used by professionals to find and do research on alternative search terms that are entered by different people while searching on different search engines when they are searching for similar topics. While the professionals use these, they use additional keywords to find better results and once they do so, they expand it to find and form similar keywords.

SEO Platform

Most of the times, various search engines give their own keyword suggestion tools that include a plethora of keywords. Then that is used to select the correct keywords which depend on the SEO goals you have.

6.) Keyword Spy

This is one more free search tool that keeps an eye on the competitors. Although you just require to pay in order to access through the complete keyword, even the free information that they provide is plenty enough to keep you going.

Top SEO Tools

It gives you an estimate of how much according to them will it cost to you to advertise on a particular keyword on the one-day basis that provides you with an overview of the data that is one of the most useful and helpful tools at such a low cost. This is exceptionally amazing when it comes to the top SEO tools.

7.) Spyfu

Basically, Spyfu shows all the keywords that different sites purchase on Google AdWords. Also, the keywords that the website shows for the encrypted search results and also provides services like search volume statistics and Cost Per Click(CPC) on keyword and then emulsifies the approximate cost expenditure that could be spent on advertising.

SEO Software

The budgets offered by Spyfu also gives an approximate idea of how much will it cost on the next advertisement project. The aim of this tool is to spy on the keywords used by other competitors to improve the quality of SEM and SEO strategies based on them. It can also uncover emerging or upcoming markets.

8.) SEM Rush

Last but not least, SEMrush is the one that sells most of the marketing analytics software and online visibility subscriptions as an SEO tool with a browser extension before taking the SaaS (software as a service) model. Hence, being one more useful SEO tool.
This software provides you with all the intelligence data which includes topic research, lead generation, website traffic information, site audit, keywords projected AdWord spend and other SEO related data.

SEO Analyzer

All we can say now, after taking this digital Marketing dip is that SEO used in the right manner can make or break your rank. Although SEO is a small part of the whole system, it is the CPU of our ranking. We can’t start or function without it. Hope this helps you gain some good ranks. Stay tuned.

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