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The Rise Of Digital Marketing In A Digitalised World

By CTCDC.in | Saturday, July 6, 2019

Digital Marketing


By the 1990s, the industry of Information Technology (IT) was under means of developing a method of marketing that followed a digital mechanism. This was defined by experts as Digital Marketing. Anything that was advertised on the internet became a part of Digital Marketing. Only a few predicted that it would become the default marketing method within two decades and would take over the most famous traditional methods of marketing such as Billboarding, Telemarketing, print advertising, and the types. These methods were effective in their own ways but when the world shifted its platform from reality to virtuality, so did the advertisers.

Digital Marketing became a catalyst in helping the world move from the real land into a digital swamp and the world fell gladly into it. Reports state that presently an average person spends more than 24 hours a week on the internet. That’s almost 4 hours of valuable time spent online per day! These facts simply concern adults. Youngsters spend a lifetime on the internet. With this amount of traffic, the internet becomes a coal-mine with potential diamonds for advertisers.

But do you actually know what is Digital Marketing or have I been ranting about it in vain? If yes, then it can be best understood with the help of some examples. Do you ever get unwanted promotional messages in your inbox or those irritating 5-seconds-to-skip video ads before watching your favorite video on YouTube? Or Do you see banners on the side of a website or on the top of the page searched? These are all types of Digital Marketing strategies. So basically, every ad you see on the internet is a part of Digital Marketing. That makes it a very broad term and a very important one in this digital world.

Growth And Scope Of Digital Marketing

The advent of Digital India in 2015, which promoted the digitalization of transactions, marked a healthy growth of the Digital Marketing industry. This industry is now worth over $200 Billion approximately which is equivalent to the combined GDP of many small countries spread all over the globe. This becomes the reason why the industry of Digital Marketing caters promising job opportunities in abundance.
The scope of success in this industry is concretely foolproof. In India especially, a large number of freshers prefer to take Digital Marketing courses or SEO courses from premium institutes such as Croissant Technologies Career Development Centre to boost their competencies. And why shouldn’t they? The role of Digital Marketing in the coming years is of immense importance, be it in online shopping or just online surfing.

Benefits Of Digital Marketing


Since the marketing sailed for the shores of the internet, the output gained by the companies has been enormous, especially in the field of social media. The companies through Social Media Marketing are able to create brand awareness and are able to acknowledge their product or service to the customers. The customers too are able to engage with the companies by commenting, liking or sharing their posts on any social media platform. The companies receive instant feedback about their promoted item. This also provides space for unpaid promotion by customers. They capture photographs and write reviews and share them among communities, thuswise increasing the recognition of the brand. Furthermore, about 80% of Social media users appreciate a brand responding to their posts. In online shopping too, Digital Marketing provides a specific route to shoppers as more than 90% of online shoppers randomly search for their desired item until they choose a brand. Here Digital Marketing techniques such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads help shoppers choose a product.

Channels Of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing has numerous channels from which it accommodates its functions but the most common of them includes:

  • Email Marketing-This is a Digital Marketing technique that focuses on sending commercial or promotional emails to people. These emails have information or promotional data about a product or service which pursue people to become their client. This common channel of Digital Marketing has been around before the 1980s and has been flourishing ever since. According to the Radicati Group, 205 billion emails are sent across the globe every day. This symbolizes the immense power wielded by the emails.
  • Social Media Marketing- This self-explanatory term became useful after the invention of social media platforms during the mid-2000s and became an important strategic channel for advertisers. India alone harbors 351 million social media users and 250 million of them are active on Facebook. With these overwhelming statistics, social media becomes a very favorable hunting ground for advertisers. For this very reason, companies hire Social Media Optimization (SMO) experts to improve, update and manage their social media profiles. Some popular social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and many others.
  • Search Engine Marketing- The forte of Search Engine Marketing is to handle paid advertisements on Search engine platforms such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. This channel works in a similar pattern to Social Media Marketing (SMM) but concentrates mainly on Search engine platforms. It is a popular medium if the advertisers are opting for the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method of advertisements which demands money from advertisers only when the ads are clicked. PPC remains one of the most preferred options for advertisers as it ranks their website on the top of the search result page and also spaces their ads on certain related websites. Another ad method of SEM is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which remains the heart and core of SEM. It revolves around improving the rank of a website based on some keywords.
  • Affiliate Marketing- This technique calls for salesmen for selling online through different channels. The system employed by Amway for sales is given an online gravity under affiliate marketing.
  • Content Marketing-This channel focuses on the creation, posting, and distribution of content on a website to optimize it. On the basis of the content that a website provides, a consumer builds his trust. Content Marketing involves blogging, creating infographics, pictures, podcasts, and videos.

Digital Marketing proves to be a very broad term and beneficial too especially for marketers. It caters to one of the most crowded places, the internet and had made itself thriving on the same.
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