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The Advent of Modern Times in SEO Strategies

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Digital Marketing


In todays dynamic era, it is substantial to remain updated with upcoming marketing trends to secure a leading position amongst your competitors. Before commencing a new business, you go through deep commercial research and understand the scenario to attain higher profits. Similarly, revised SEO methods and tactics will encourage you to triumph over the online world and collect handsome revenue. It is rightly said that “change is the essence of development.” Your job is to put those changes into action as per your standards or requirements. Engaging the latest digital marketing trends will make you stand out in the crowd and evolve your intelligence in the current high-tech century
We have come up with 8 impactful SEO techniques to increase online traffic. The year 2019 demands for topmost google rankings, so be the one to ace it. Higher organic traffic shoots up the overall ROI(Return On Investment) of your SEO strategy. CTCDC is a real digital marketing institute that truly understands your objectives and prepares you to bloom overseas by imparting the latest skills and developments in technology

8 Impressive SEO tactics to make you a digital marketing pro in 2019

Digital marketing new developments, trends, and updates help to optimize your SEO techniques and comprehensive performance.

latest SEO Strategies

Promoting Video Content

Video marketing has become a strong strategy these days to document your business proposals and creative ideas. Promo videos create a personal link with potential customers while displaying real characters and relative experiences. It provides a perfect blend of visual and hearing impact on viewers which advocates faith and loyalty. Video offers an exquisite demonstration of your product for customers to reach on a fair judgment which eventually leads to generate admiration for your marketing strategies. Dont forget! Images and videos speak louder than a heap of words. CTCDC trains you not only to create influential promo videos but also communicate the best ways to entice the target audience.

Optimize for SEO 2019

Voice Search will govern SEO in 2019

“Hey, Google! Find the meaning of onomatopoeia". Everyone must be aware of such voices murmuring around searching for one or the other thing. This ultra-effective technique is known as Voice Search Optimization. Nowadays voice search has become the key to success for upcoming flourishing brands. Searchers prefer to use their voices instead of scrolling through sites on your mobile screens. Only 4.9%-word error rate was recognized against a 95% accuracy rate in 2018 if talking about Google Assistant competency of understanding the English language. Programs like Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, and Cortana are amongst the leading voice search assistants. To acquire top rankings, it is essential to ensure that your website loads speedily as google appreciates those websites that load fast. It is advised to include easier and longer keywords that users can use orally while searching. People generally use full sentences while giving voice commands as opposed to short message language. Keep your content organized and insert featured keywords so the voice box can easily identify customers demand and connect it to you straight away. CTCDC educates you to acquire expertise with Voice Search capabilities. We instruct you to create optimized content for voice search and prepare you to approach the target audience in a much trendy way.

Designing Mobile-friendly Website

You must have heard the term Mobile First Indexing as an important step in the field of advanced digital marketing. It is considered as one of the latest google development to shape cyberspace more mobile-friendly. Taking into account the increasing number of mobile users, Desktop Site is being replaced with Mobile Site as the primary version. A comfortable experience for a mobile visitor can raise a phenomenal number for visitors to your website. Creating a Responsive Mobile-Friendly Website is the ultimate key to unlock the doors of the online marketing world for you.
CTCDC evidently knows that SEO is all about guiding the right people to locate the right things on the right website. We simply seek the finest ways to achieve that. The mobile revolution calls for Digital Marketing experts to own mobile-friendly web design. So, ready to face the competitive world? If not, dont panic. We are here to help you. Join hands with us as a beginner to shake hands with your clients as professional digital marketers.

SEO enrichment is a cakewalk when Social Media befriends you

Hey! I just saw a superb advertisement on Facebook, Ill share the link. These are the common conversations you might have heard around you. What if they talk about your products advertisement? Social media sites have created a benchmark as an effective tool to strengthen your Google ranking. Links shared on Facebook and Twitter are taken into account in terms of ranking signal, confirmed by Danny Sullivan (Author of Search Engine Land). In January 2018, Matt Cutts released a video declaring that Social Media channels do not influence search engine result rankings. However, Neil Patel in his article “Why Social is the new SEO” clarified “We need to understand that search engine optimization includes the search that happens on social media search engines”. His research explained all the notions and proclaimed Social sites as one of the most important ways that you can invest time, works and money to earn profitable outcome.
The three magical words “Like, Comment and Share” can stimulate the fractions of Googles algorithm, rendering you a hike in google rankings. Sharing of your business proposals through popular social media sites help to reach a larger audience and index your blog content faster. Social citations of your brand assist in engaging a large audience as well as allows you to manage your online reputation single-handedly. After thorough research and survey, it is said that social media marketing can touch more personally than webpages.
CTCDC builds a social media marketing expert out of your intelligence, capabilities, and efforts. Our advanced teaching sessions are loaded with knowledgeable modules and contemporary digital marketing concepts.

SEO Trend

Old SEO strategies V/S new SEO tactics

There has been a drastic shift taken place in the realm of Search Engine Optimization. SEO marketing tricks have tailored to modern user style. New school SEO strategies rank for relevant keywords as contrasted with ranking for all keywords. Stuffing your content with keywords unnecessarily is an old school teaching. Upgraded Google demands precise, accurate and intent matching content. The spotlight has shifted from seller-oriented to the buyer-oriented website. To build a strong SEO it is necessary to persuade viewers and stand up to their demands as CUSTOMER IS THE KING. Creating an appropriate title for the body content is the need of the hour as against old ways of fooling the viewers by displaying unplanned titles. If you are still using outdated SEO strategies then its high time to upgrade your ways. CTCDC consists of well qualified and experienced faculty to refine your marketing skills and frame you as a digital marketing specialist by conferring trendy SEO tactics of 2019.

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