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By | Friday, August 9, 2019

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SEOs suggest instead of managing multiple publishers and falling into complexity, it's better to experiment on a variety of digital ads using a powerful tool known as Google Ads. though it isn’t wholesome shop of all advertising it is close.
This ultimate guide to Google AdWords will help you enlarge a digital marketing strategy without keywords targeting optimization. Also help you analyze difference between Google Ads and Facebook Ads.
If you don’t want to venture beyond Google, for that we have some tactics you can experiment within Google Ads and can even use it in your Adword remarketing campaign.

Display Ads

GDN stretches out to 90% of global internet users and embraces over two million websites. There are a variety of display ads but for categorization purpose, display ads are banners and text ads( not video ads) which displays on websites( blogs, youtube and within apps).
Advertisers get plenty of options when advertising with Google ads in case of ad formats.
  • Animated and non animated image ads
  • AMP HTML (mobile-optimized) ads
  • HTML5 ads
  • Responsive image ads
  • Text ads
  • Video ads (I’ll address these separately)

A complete list of ad specifications is here. There are a variety of ways in targeting display ads without display keywords targeting. Keywords targeting on display and keywords target on search differ.
Display ads has no impact of user search query but shows content that is actually relevant to the advertiser's specified keywords. Using targeting criteria focuses on topics, interest, and demographics instead of keywords is helpful.
Affiliation targeting or interest or choosing specific websites can be used or involved in display ads targeting. For narrowing down impressions and clicks volume, a multiple targeting criteria can be selected by advertisers or for broader reach of campaign advertisers can pick one or two types of targeting criteria(for narrowing), which is more suitable for branding.


The same basic broad range is offered by Google’s display network as a third-party programmatic display network. As there’s no time boundation, digital advertiser’s can experiment and do creative work with ad formats, different targeting criteria while extending to large audience.


Video Ads

These ads are shown on GDN and Youtube. For promoting videos on youtube digital advertisers can choose from a variety of ad types and formats while promoting. Ad type and formats include display, overlay, skippable or non-skippable video and bumper ads.


Ads can be used for targeting in various of ways within Google Ads platform. And broader targeting area involved in it are basic and detailed demographic( for example, college students, homeowners and others.
Interest targeting, affinity audience, life events, remarketing audiences, placements/channels, topics, keywords and devices these all are supported by youtube.
May keyword targeting is available on youtube but it’s not essential. Involving keywords in your youtube targeting may reduce the volume of impressions. So this tactic should be closely observed as it can limp a campaign in terms of reach.

Shopping ads

Instead of keywords for targeting shopping campaigns rely on merchant product feed. Shopping ads are the only ad type, which includes images on Google’s search results pages.
Key aspects of the product are shown in the shopping ad, that’s how one can make a successful shopping ad campaign and apart from focusing on key aspects, shopping ad is used for displaying or includes a product photo, title, price, store name, product review and more.
3 types of shopping ads are:
  • Product shopping ads: BuilT from merchant center feed data. These ads surface either at the top of Google’s search result or shopping search results page.
  • Local catalog ads: Feed data from local inventory ads on the GDN is used by these ads, for driving traffic to local stores.
  • Showcase shopping ads: Merchant cacewn group related products together and showcase them side by side in the search results, BY showcase shopping ads.


Enlighten yourself with the topic Ads and Digital Marketing

App promotion

If you want to promote app download or in-app purchase then Google has specific campaign type (for advertising) for you, though you need some text to set up the ad.
Publishers (youtube, GDN, AdMob, Google Play, Google Search) allow app ads to run on their platform as they host app ads. App ads consist of an “Install” button when clicked directs to the store page for the given app.

Doing marketing again and targeting audience

Remarketing, and audience targeting can be applied to the most campaigns but not on categories like gambling and healthcare, as it is prohibited from using personalized advertising features of Google. Personalized targeting is a powerful way of advertising and is above keyword targeting.
Where, Remarketing is a method to show ads on external websites or apps, advanced remarketing enables advertisers to display specific product or service ads, as it is more dynamic and personalized, advanced remarketing is based on what user search on website.
Advertisers can upload customer’s data on Google taken form customer contact information and ads will only be visible when the user is logged into their Google account( effective path to reach an interesting audience).
Through Audience targeting advertisers can create audience lists that serves customer ads. Audience list is assigned at the campaign level and are set up in Google ads as remarketing lists. With affinity marketing advertisers can enhance their reach, affinity marketing targets display search, or video ads based on user search query.
One can begin with the Google Adwords course to understand Google Adword completely.

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