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By | Monday, July 15, 2019

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Our PPC experts always look for new updates, some of them are those updates which likely to force PPC experts to adopt new pay per click advertising strategies. PPC experts suggest this simple tactic(to always remember), the more you blend with(an artificial mind of Google ads- bids, placements, etc) PPC latest updates the more fruit it will bring to your PPC(SEO)campaign.
However, apart from blending with the above stuff( no matter how much it is becoming “autopilot” campaign), you still need to understand your audience, what visually triggers them, usage of keywords for a search query and many other aspects.


To know about your audience, one must understand how its need has evolved from the past few decades with the rise of digital marketing in the digitalized world.
So here comes the most crucial factor to lift you and your Google Ads campaign in 2019.

Ad Copy:

how to set up google pay per click

To provide the best user experience, look at your current ads and modify them by issuing several ad variations for the same keywords. You can reimagine your current ads, test different variables or experiment with USP(unique selling proposition), as there is always something to enhance with Ad copy. First figure out your USPs( could be a free trial), then figure out which one(USP) can work for your online audience. Experiment and play with representation of ads by bringing twist such as-representation of a number, excluding or including brand name(just try and discover) because these things can noticeably enhance your CTR. We are giving this suggestion because we experimented it & improved our CTR by a good amount.

Responsive search ads-

ppc latest updates
Use responsive search ads(functions on AI basis) to supply more to the point message to your audience. You(An advertiser) can write up to 15 headlines;each with 30 characters MAX., along with 4 descriptions with 90 characters MAX. This update which has been around for a while helps advertisers to present product or service in the most compelling way using the innovative and creative mind as now they have 300 characters plus URL paths.

Using RSA:

ppc strategy 2019

Make a transparent and optimized process faster by adding one responsive ad/group. Remember, creating a meaningful and combinable headline or description for responsive ads. Attempt to create headlines shorter(under 15 characters) to be picked by Google. Set your Ad by using this above technique but if you run out of ideas(as everyone does) don’t forget to adopt inspiration from others. Borrowing ideas from others is not a bad thing. You can also look out the new SEMrush Ad builder tool.

Ad formats: Get Ad extension

seo campaigns

This format supplies extra information about the product or service you deliver. As ads get more extended & visible on this format on the search engine page. The user gets required information faster and Ad extension not only impacts CTR but they also take part in enhancing quality score and CPR reduction.
Extension types; most beneficial to your Ad are:

  • Sitelinks
  • Callouts
  • Structured Snippets
  • Calls
On search engine up to 3 ad extensions are displayed at once, adding more will let google to decide which 3 to display on SERP. Some additional helpful ad extensions are:

  1. Price
  2. Reviews
  3. Address
  4. Link to app
  5. Message
Note: There are currently seven types of automated extensions:

  1. Automated call extensions
  2. Automated message extension
  3. Dynamic sitelink extensions
  4. Dynamic structured snippet extensions
  5. Automated location extensions
  6. Seller rating extensions
  7. Dynamic callout extensions
Study Google Ads Help to grasp more additional information about these extensions and there working.


Keyword Research: furnish negative keywords

Using negative keyword is always a big challenge for PPC experts, because of two problems: Using them at the wrong place and as a consequence losing traffic. Not using them at the right place where you should use. The first one is the most common mistake. Let us understand this through an example, consider you have not sold mountain bikes for years and had the name of mountain bikes in the negative list, then you started selling them.
But your PPC expert forgot to remove that word from your negative list, the consequence will be “not getting any traffic” on that keyword. For avoiding such situation, regularly check your negative keyword list and bring those keywords back to life which has relevance. The second situation is not ignorable(way to reduce CPC) and is challenging. Let us consider you sell mountain bike, road bike, BMX bike and so on than using broad or modified broad match may cause trouble when google will show relevant ads(with 2 ads of yours) regarding user query. The trouble will be, increasing CPC when your ads start competing with each other. For this issue, you can add the word into a negative keyword list whosoever is causing trouble/unnecessary competition. Though this method will only work for comparatively small keyword lists. With dozens of product categories, it will be big trouble, for this one must look for the realm of PPC.

Device Targeting: Merge Mobile to Your Campaigns

Some of the impressive stats from Google studies state when required to search something 69% of users turn to a mobile device, and within it, 76% search for nearby business, 28% of these daily searches end in purchases. For any PPC specialist, mobile campaigns have brought new opportunities and of course new challenges. As an advertiser, you cannot treat mobile users the same as a desktop user. Along with a mobile-optimized website, you also need to modify Ad copy to micro-moments. Let’s look at how it can be done: searching for “digital marketing institute” on a desktop can mean someone is looking for later on appointment.
But the “digital marketing institute” searched from mobile may mean, the person may be more serious to go to an institute. The most searches made from mobile are made with “strong intentions”(to buy the product/service). These are known as micro-moments, micro-moments can be subdivided into four categories:

  • I want to know a moment
  • I want to go a moment
  • I want to do a moment
  • I want to buy a moment
And understanding this micro-moment of limited time, screen space and speed of the internet can help you express what you need to in your ad copy. So be very certain & determined in case of your mobile audience.

In-market audiences

Simply a fun & creative game for advertisers focused on converting regular visitors into likely buyers. An in-marketing audience can be used in various ways such as target options for display campaigns or bid modifiers for search engines. Similar to GDN marketing it is used for targeting audience who are in “buy-now” mode and extensively interested in product or service.

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