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Social Bookmarking to Enhance/Grow Your Traffic

By CTCDC.in | Monday, July 8, 2019

Digital Marketing


Being a best digital marketer asks many things from an individual, different things asks different strategies and as a digital marketer you always have to stay updated to increase website quality traffic & conversions.
The thing that we get to know here ‘How Social BookMarking will drive quality traffic?’
Read this article carefully to widen your knowledge of Social BookMarking and its role of increasing traffic on website. Before taking deep dive let's get started with Social BookMarking basic.

Social BookMarking in SEO?


As every name defines itself, Social BookMarking is no different than others. Its role is to make bookmarked content visible to users of the BookMarking platform and not just limited to one person. As it is cleared, that bookmarked content is public and can access by the user of those Social BookMarking sites.
Social BookMarking enhances traffic to your website because similar is your target on the Social BookMarking platform as was on search engines, just aim for the top & follow the right path.
To be true it’s hard to form your content visible on the front page of these sites. So go through some tactics down below to emphasize upon, to get the desired rank on these platforms.

Points to Enhance Traffic Using Social BookMarking Sites:-


  1. Content No doubt the king of the jungle is content which decides web page ranking on both Social BookMarking platforms and search engine. You can’t just ignore the power content carries in itself. Users might get attracted to catchy headlines but making the content up to the mark is not everybody's thing.
    Making your content is itself is an art consisting of rich, interesting & interactive-information, as nobody stays on boring content and conversions never happens with trash. So if you want to enhance this art, taking training in Content Marketing will not only widen your knowledge but also give you an awesome start to reach the audience/readers globally.
    Don’t start with trash writing and before going further have some idea about Content creation, otherwise you will end up getting banned permanently from posting.

  2. Headlines Many times trash content also gets views just because it has catch headline. So if you have written a very informative content but if your headline is not catchy enough then your content might go to waste.
    A headline should be short, simple & interesting and should state what users want from the content. Use your imagination and creativity to make headlines catchy and well framed.
    Your good content will deserve the exposure of what it's worth and interesting and influencing headlines will do that. Understanding Social BookMarking in SEO will teach you proficient use of headlines in content.

  3. Description No doubt headline will give you an idea of what lies inside but the description will always hold your mind to read the full content. A description is a gate to lead a user to the room of content. So make sure to make your description accurate and well informative. If a user gets impressed with it he/she definitely will go for the content to read.
    A perfect description should be with true information, unique, short and written in simple and meaningful words. Don’t puzzle others, use your creativity in the description and don’t make it longer than 150 words. There is word limit on Social BookMarking site for description so make sure to stay behind the mark.

  4. First paragraphWe are done with an attraction part, to bring the user to your actual content. When you start writing your first content try to provide the user a glimpse of your content because the real game begins with the first paragraph.
    Brief your whole content in it with simple words that are engaging and interesting to read. It is because the user will go through your whole content only when he/she will find interest in the first para.

  5. Submission time Experts says submission timing matters a lot for your content ranking. These Social BookMarking platforms provide only 24 hrs to you to get yourself on front page, after submission. So make sure to post your content when your potential audience is online to provide more exposure to your content for gaining traffic.
    To find the right timing first you have to really observe, experiment and figure out the suitable time for your content. For example- in case of US, posting content before 10am or around 3pm is beneficial. As your main job is to publish the right thing for your audience, so it is also important to publish it at right time too.

  6. Publish the right thing Just start with publishing the right content because you can’t do much about your profile in the start. To make your profile more professional you have to earn link to your content and that can only be done by following above points carefully.CLICK HERE TO KNOW LINK BUILDING STRATEGIES FOR BOOSTING SEO In two words it should be true and genuine, and post consistently to give exposure to your content.

Most of the important is how to make a bookmark, so follow below steps to get the right way-

  1. Choose a Social BookMarking Site
  2. Upload bookmarks and the links
  3. Then link to Social Media Channels
  4. Include best and relevant tags
  5. Download the extensions


So that’s all folks, what you read above is beneficial only when you follow it correctly. And if you still didn’t get the idea of social book marketing or think that i missed something up there. Make sure to comment below. And if wants to have a vast knowledge about the role of social media, do click below links.

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Enroll yourself in Social Media Marketing Course to know the right way of using Social BookMarking and much more about Social Media, and how else can you use it for your growth.
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