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Quora Marketing 101

By CTCDC.in | Thursday, July 25, 2019

Content Marketing


Have you ever wandered the land of Google in the quest for truth of your answers? Then the possibility is that you might have come across Quora. But does it ever came across your mind that this site can be used for lead generation? We digital marketers sure do find ingenious ways to get things done. The website Quora, just like Facebook or Twitter, can be used as a marketing tool. With over 500 million monthly users, Quora can be effectively used to transform potential customers into loyal ones. This website supports 16 languages, allowing you to reach a number of people. Along with this, Quora feed and Quora digest, increases your chances of getting discovered. Now, all you need to do is understand this site and you’ll be getting heavy leads. So let’s get settled down and get to business.

What is Quora?

Quora is your generic Q&As website where you can answer as well as question anyone with a screen and an internet connection. The website quora also allow you to follow people and chat with them on a personal portal. This gives a great opportunity to online businesses to explain their prospects to interested parties.

What Is The Meaning Of Quora?

Why don’t you search that on Quora itself? You’ll surely get a pretty good response.The best we were able to gather links it to its co-founder’s gumption where they named the website quora “in competition to quiver” because it sounded good to one of its co-founder’s friends.

Is Quora Safe?

Yes, Quora is safe. And how are you? But humour aside, Quora can be an unreliable source since it is populated by professionals as well as novices. It can be hard to determine who is telling the truth but among a 100 answers, you get to observe all facets of a quora question. The moderators of Quora too are always active. In case they recognize any spam content, they delete it and let the accused account know the term and condition of using the website. Try not to post any spam content for the sake of marketing or your account will be temporarily blocked from using Quora.


Using Quora To Generate Leads

The website Quora is not a social media website so do not try to use it like one, even though Quora communities are inhabited by some well-known people such as Jimmy Wales, Richard A. Muller, Justin Trudeau, Barack Obama, and Hillary Clinton. You can see some serious results through Quora marketing. There are people on Quora who have gained 25k followers for only 100+ answers and have got great traffic from Quora. This level of result is not unattainable for you, it only depends upon your writing skills.

Create A Professional Looking Quora Account

Sounds easy, does it? Well it is all you need to do is sign up on Quora and create a Quora account which can be made easily. Try to write convincing credentials and please do not exaggerate. Remember to add achievements and a professional-looking profile picture. This will accompany your success in Questioning and answering on Quora.


Answer Question That Is Relevant To Your Business

You must know which themes does your target audience pursues in order to do effective quora marketing. Yet you can pick a plethora of themes of personal interest just to build your fan following. People consistently request answers from you on Quora. Try that you answer them all and if you have no knowledge about a certain subject, then there is no shame in skipping a question or two. Quora too keeps feeding you with questions based on the themes that you chose. So you'll have your hands filled as soon as you start your account.


Write Consistently And Review Yourself

Don’t stop writing on Quora or you’ll be rendered dead. If you write consistently, you’ll be able to explore styles and communities. Try to add images in your content, this will improve your readership. You can also compare yourself in the stats which is available in the drop-down menu with your profile on it.


The website Quora allows you to review the views on your questions as well as answers along with the upvotes that you gathered within a specific period of time.


Aaaand you are all set. You’ll be able to garner good leads through Quora Marketing, just remember to do it right.

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