Is Traditional Marketing DEAD

By CTCDC.in | wednesday, December 30, 2015

Marketing is the way to communicate with people and make them understand and update about a particular brand, value of a product to the audience. As the technologies are evolving at rapid rate, Market is directly proportional on it. Traditional Marketing includes: Advertising through news papers, TV, Radio, Flyers, Cards etc on the other hand Modern Marketing or precisely #DIGITAl_ MARKETING focus on a more set of targeted audience through #internet & #social_media. No doubt traditional marketing techniques has delivered high success rates but with high use of internet and mobile, traditional marketing finding it difficult to deliver result in #isolation, on the other hand Digital Marketing has proved itself as cost effective and highly result oriented as it reached to millions of users. These days people are spending more time on #Facebook than on TV, using watsapp over normal text messages. The ability to target more defined set of audience is more in Digital Market with the measurable techniques to check the return rate in real time is making more difficult to stand the old school marketing techniques in today’s demanding market. There is no second thought on the fact that #Digital_Marketing is doing great these days, and to complete any Marketing plan successfully, Digital is now an essential part of the plan and has engulf a large section and budget and management strategies. If your business/brand is not visible on google or other search engines, there is a doubt on your existence in customers mind, visibility on search engines are somehow helping to build your Brand Image. Go with the flow by adopting new trends of Digital Marketing, you don’t need a marketing background for this. Your urge to learn more can help you out. We are arranging a Free Workshop on 10th & 17th Jan 2016 Who all can be a part of the workshop Students Job Seekers Working Professional Entreprenuers Location: Pitampura, Delhi register your seat @www.ctcdc.in

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