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Instagram Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

By CTCDC.in | Friday, June 21, 2019

Social Media Marketing


When Big Businesses are using Social Media Marketing tools to Promote their Businesses, Especially on apps like Instagram. Then it is an indication for Beginners to not get late and get training in Social Media Marketing. Frankly saying operating and promoting on Social Media Marketing is easy but to be in that phrase individuals need to understand its functioning. Taking little steps like doing training and pursuing a course on Social Media Marketing will only help if you follow daily marketing tactics in SMM. In recent updates, one thing that catches my eye is how Instagram is acting as a direct channel to connect business to its target audience. To understand further things in SMM, we have to understand “Instagram Influencer Marketing”. And, What makes it so important in the eyes of Social Media Marketers?

Instagram Marketing is so effective for your e-commerce business because Influencer marketing is giving businesses chances to target their desired customers with the implementation of a crucial Instagram Influencer marketing strategy. These strategies are generating new growth opportunities not only for existing players in it but Beginners are getting great chances and getting a stores audience with the platform. This post will teach you crucial Instagram Influencer marketing strategies that will generate store sales and build brand buzz. You will also get an overview of Instagram Influencer marketing and know the tools you will need to grow your stores audience with the platform.

Instagram Marketing-Create your own separate audience


There are two ways to reach the market on Instagram:-
  • Build your own followers and start marketing your service and product to them,
  • And the second is through Instagram Influencer marketing.

  • Build your own Instagram audience-Tools


    Ways for getting followers organically.
  • Use tools like Webstagram or Iconosquare, and uncover your top hashtags for your particular slot. So that you can use those hashtags to reach the right audience.
  • Find popular relevant hashtags for your business and conduct webstagram search excellently.
  • Identify key information relevant to your Instagram marketing strategy & Use relevant keywords to reach your audience.
  • Choose the right days and optimal timing to post.
  • IconoSquare, helps you figure you out the exact times during which you get the most engagement and ideal times to post.

  • Build your own Instagram audience-Siphoning followers


  • Do siphon of followers from your competition and effectively increase your audience.
  • The siphoning of the audience from a competitors account almost guarantees you to build a targeted audience. Do this by visiting and viewing the competitor “Followers” list. Engage followers in a super effective way like by
      1) following them,
      2) liking their photos, or
      3) commenting on their photos.
  • No matter what tactic you are using building your own following will take time and using Instagram Influencer Marketing strategy will surely benefit here.

    Instagram Influencer Marketing: What is it?


    An Influencer is a user, and the Instagram user is an established individual who has a good amount of trustworthy audience which he can persuade easily into buying his/her product or service. Well, it takes a while to understand what is working or not and you some times wondering if someone even sees your post or not. So getting Instagram Influencer will build you a huge trustworthy audience which will effectively help you generate your sales just by featuring your products on their profiles. Now, if you have an Influencer with a large following in your pocket sharing one post will effectually get you thousands of targeted users to view your post overnight. Trust of potential customers towards Influencer and your post on Influencer Instagram profile. Imagine how great this thing will turn out for your E-COMMERCE business. Products with strong visual appeal build a large following in a short period of time which will turn user viewing post, sales promotion, and product offerings to more sales.

    Here is a step-by-step approach for beginners to use Instagram Influencers for Instagram marketing and to get your own audience.


    1.Adjust your Goal and KPIs
    As discussed above target desired audience but there is one thing you must be certain about - what do you want from this start because the answer will form the basis for your start. Clear your campaign goals? Raising awareness about your brand? Or, wants to do a product launch? Or increase sales? Whatever your ultimate goal is just to be clear about it because clearing your goal will help you understand the better idea of doing a campaign. Not only that but having a clear goal will help you choose which performance metrics will be relevant for the campaign. Metrics such as reach, impressions, engagement, etc. would be relevant in case of brand awareness. Remember to look at how your rivals are measuring the result for the campaign. This will help you choose the better metric required for growth. Also FYI the most used metric is “Engagement” with the audience.

    2.Search for Ideal Influencers
    As discussed above search for ideal Influencer who will do what you need to achieve your campaign goals. Some points to keep in mind while looking for ideal Influencer:
  • Reach -Look for relevant top-tier Influencer if your campaign goal is to raise brand awareness. And do not forget to consider it reaches to the audience. Or, if your metric is to get engage with targeted audience look for relevant micro Influencer instead.
  • Voice -Be clear about the voice of your ideal Influencer. I mean to say which voice will be more relevant to reach your audience like serious, professional or Influencer with a good sense of humor.
  • Engagement Rate -Do not stop until you drive a significant level of engagement. Do this by setting the standard for your engagement rate. Use Instagram money calculator tool and filter results based on your location and Instagram follower count.

  • 3.Strategies for smooth functioning with your Alliance
    Now comes the most important task-How to collaborate with your Influencer for the smooth running of your campaign?
  • Setting time frame for campaign -Clearly, communicate your deadlines and campaign time frame to your Influencer for smooth functioning.
  • Discuss with Influencer about content production -Like, exactly what content you want from your Influencer.
      1.Do you want to mention the brand in a story?
      2.Do you want it to be in Instagram photos?
      3.Or maybe you want it in combination?
  • Whatever it is just clearly communicate it to your Influencer
  • Content Usage Rights -Request full content usage rights from your Instagram Influencer so that if in case you want to reuse the content in coming future in the form of social media ads though ownership remains with Influencer.
  • Compensation -Discuss with Influencer "How they want to get paid?" Do they want flat payment per post? Or Do they want it based on performance?


    With my little bit of knowledge in Social Media Marketing and Instagram Influencer Marketing. Above are some of the most essential tips for beginners to successfully execute Instagram Influencer Marketing campaign on Instagram. That is beneficial in your long run.

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