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How To Write a Blog Post

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Content Marketing Guide


A Guide To Both Paid And Free Blog Writing

Among the activities that have shrouded the internet with popularity, the art of writing blogs is the most popular of them. The phenomena of blogging rose from nothing to everything. They started as online diaries and evolved into a corporate SEO activity and now, they are today guides, news, opinions, recipes, and personal diaries. Blog writing has revolutionized the internet and has led to the creation of diverse blog sites and blogging platforms that have endorsed and promoted this art of writing blogs to its present glory.
Suppose you want to bake a cake but do not know how to do it. So you search it on the internet and receive 200 million blogs in the results that teach the same. Pretty neat right? Yes, it is! Researchers claim that out of 1.6 billion websites on the internet, more than 500 million of them are blog sites or blog related platforms. With 2 million blogs being posted on the internet every day, the reach of blogs has obviously become overwhelming.


This blog will focus on blogging for beginners and will ironically teach you how to start a blog and make money out of it. So, relax and read on!

What Is A Blog?

The word blog is a mishmash of the term weblog coined by Peter Merholz. The meaning of blog remains limited to a written piece of material which could be supplemented by images or videos and is updated within a short interval of time. Blogs in the past were tailor-made for personalized use, a feature which is still somewhat visible in present-day blogs writing style. But now, they follow a pattern to provide maximum information to the reader and aim at improving their knowledge or insight.
Blogs hold a very important duty in the commercial world. Reports state that websites with a blog section have 434% more indexed pages than websites that do not keep a blog page. This makes blog writing and posting a very important part of Off-site SEO.

Tips And Steps To Write A Blog

Let us take a look at a few tips and steps of blog writing:
  1. Blog Title-There are mainly three types of blogs that come under the category of effective and famous blogs:

    1. The How-To Blog-If you are an average guy or gal (we donot judge but let us suppose it for an example), you will search the internet with a how-to tag.


      This statistic is the manifestation of the popularity of a how-to tag. So, there are good odds that if you start the title of your blog with a how-to, yo will rank good on Google or Yahoo. Anyway, these blogs mainly focus on the procedure or technicality of the thing they are talking about.

    2. Infographic Blogs - These blogs mainly focus on providing information to the reader through graphical or image representation of statistical data (also known as infographics). These blogs are underrated as they usually have a very powerful readability ratio.

    3. free-blog-writing-sites-1

    4. List-based Blogs-You know these pestering little buggers. They are omnipresent in all of our Facebook feeds and are recognized by their quirky titles that always start with numbers: “9-ways to lose weight”, “5-tips to earn more money”, and what-not. However, they are common only because they are effective.

  2. Blog Writing Format-There is no format of writing a blog. People usually stick to their discretion and use whatever style they prefer. But in order to write a popular blog, you must ensure that your content has an introduction, a body and a conclusion. Try to insert pictures or videos in your blog. It will increase your chance of being read by 94%. And here is a common disease in blog writing: beginners, as well as professional bloggers, usually get writer block while writing an introduction. And heres a tip to solve the same. You can always start your blog with a relatable statement. For example, look at this blog introduction sample:

    Or you can also start by informing your readers about the history of the topic you are writing about. Here is another blog introduction sample you can take as an example:

    There are a thousand ways through which you can start your blog but these remain the most famous and most effective ones (refer to point 2). Remember your introduction will define your blog and your readership.

  3. Fill Your Blog With Stats- Another way of starting your blog is to provide statistics related to the topic you are talking about. You must have noticed numerous examples of statistical content in my blog. These factual descriptions blow the mind of your readers (not literally though) and make your blog an interesting read. However, try not to overfill your content with numbers as nobody would like to read mathematical equations.

  4. Relevancy -For the love of God or whatever you believe in, try to stick to your topic. This determines the quality of your blog. Make continuous attempts to reduce any irrelevancy in your content. One way of ensuring this is to exhort your friends or family to read your unpublished blog and ask them to rate the relevancy in it.

  5. Follow The 5Cs-

    1. Clarity-Keep a clear mind of what you need to write about. Provide headings for specific contents to prevent your reader brain becoming tangled.

    2. Conciseness- Donot try to keep your blog unnecessary long. However, there is no word-limit for writing a blog. But nobody will read an encyclopedia.

    3. Completeness- Complete your blog by concluding in the end or by providing all the relevant information about the topic you are writing about. Donot leave it for tomorrow or else you may never complete it. Confession: I have been writing this blog for three days now. Donot be like me.

    4. Correctness-Exaggeration is a bigger sin than understatement. Donot just makeup information out of thin air. Research your content and try to obtain your stats from a reliable source. You can also validate your data from sites like factcheck.org or snopes.com.

    5. Courtesy- Try to respect the views of other people or organizations while writing your blog. Donot post outrageous content on the internet or you will gain a fan-following of dangerous stalkers.

  6. Do not Go Full Stream-Of-Conscience Blogger- It is okay to experiment once in a while but readers hate anything that they can not understand. Remember that the audience walked out of Stanley Kubricks 2001: A Space Odyssey only because they were not simply able to comprehend it. Today the movie is, of course, considered a masterpiece but your blog might not achieve that glory. So, try to keep an understandable and relevant format and use comprehensible words because then again however much you try, you cannot become Stanley Kubrick (Fact-check this on snopes.com).

  7. Add a Call-To-Action- Inserting a call-to-action ensures that your subscribed readers are notified of your new blog post. A CTA also allows new readers to subscribe to you. This ensures a massive readership for your blog.

  8. Proofread-This is an important part of writing a blog even though it does not constitute any writing. It revolves around editing. Keep on revising your blog and refining it. It will minimize the mistakes present in it.

How To Start A Blog: In a Few Easy Steps

Follow these steps to start a blog that is popular as well as effective. If you are writing on behalf of a group or an organization you might not require to follow these steps. The topics will be provided to you along with the domain and research material. However, you can take reference from below for other reasons:


  1. Decide Your Blog-Well I hope this step does not require much explanation. Anyway, you must keep a clear pathway of what your blogs are going to be related with. Having a roadmap allows you to tread on the right path and prevents you from getting lost. Pick the topics you will be talking about on a daily basis such as personal health, economy, SEO, Content Marketing or freelancing. If the domain name of your blog site is animalsforever.com and all of a sudden you start blogging about chicken barbecue recipes, your audience will get effective, negatively most probably. Which also brings us to the second step.When you are writing on behalf of a corporate.

  2. Decide Your Audience-Learning from the barbeque example, you must decide your audience carefully. You can target them on the basis of their age, gender, race, color, nationality, the color of their hair, the length of their toenail, their walking style, etc. Blogs have an enormous reach, so innumerable topics can be addressed to innumerable issues. After targeting them you must understand their liking and disliking. One way to do this is to conduct a survey or create a feedback box on the blog site that you are going to create in the next step.

  3. Create Your Blog/ Choose a domain-Now this is the hard part. You will need to choose a Content Management System (CMS) and a website domain hosting service. A Content Management System assists you in creating a website domain where you can publish your blogs. The CMS provides you a platform where you can sign up to manage domains, create your own website; and subdomains, and create a web page that links to an already existing website.
    A popular option is to use WordPress to perform the necessary action and create a domain name for your website. You can also register your domain on the following websites after paying a meager amount of money:

    • HostGator
    • iPage
    • GoDaddy
    • DreamHost
    • Bluehost

    These websites instructs you in creating a blog site for your blogs. And kaboom! You have your own blog page.

  4. Customize Your Blog Page-A blog page must be visually enticing. Use an attractive color to optimize your blog page. Try not to use anything that is painful for the eye and restricts readability. Now you can write blogs and publish them using the tips and tricks that were mentioned above.

  5. Promote Your Blog-We always recommend using keywords in your content to make your blog rank higher. You can install keyword everywhere for this reason and research accordingly. Try to promote your blog on Social media sites and your readership will definitely increase. You can also use email marketing for the same reason.

How To Write A Blog And Make Money

After creating the blog and promoting it, make money by monetizing your blog site. You can sell your website space to advertisers who pay a good ratio of the revenue they gain by advertising on your web site. Once your blog becomes popular (which it will), you will have advertisers revolving around you for an opportunity to advertise. Google Ads becomes a champion under these circumstances. This advertising platform helps you choose the best and most profitable ads for your blog. All you need to do is login and Google Ads will instruct you the rest. So, see you at the top!
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