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How To Avoid Fake Influencer on Instagram

By CTCDC.in | Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Digital Marketing


With the astounding enhancement of people’s interaction on different social media platforms such as Instagram, brands around the world are not sitting back but connecting with Social media Influencers such as “Instagram Influencer” for brand and sales promotion. As people nowadays before making the decision of buying any product or service( of any brand) look towards their favorite social media influencer “what they have to say about the BRAND”. That’s a good thing for young entrepreneurs, as they can connect different Social Media Influencers to Promote whatever the product or service they provide.
Especially, within the case of Instagram, brands or young entrepreneurs can attain the goals they desire, just by connecting the right Instagram Influencer. They don’t need to worry if they are beginners because here I share with you Instagram Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners.
But before joining hands with any Instagram Influencer, there are things that young entrepreneurs or brands should keep in mind. As with increasing demand for Instagram Influencer marketer, FAKE influencers are also entering and looting their clients. All of this is happening because more than 63% of marketers work with more than 10 influencers and marketers have estimated Instagram Influencer Industry worth $ 5 billion to $ 10 billion by 2020. Some tips that will assist you to recognize Fake Influencers and shortlist true Instagram Influencer.


Identify Fake Influencer account on Instagram

  1. An Unclear, incomplete profile always remembers to look out the ‘influencer profile’, it will tell you many things. Most fake Instagram influencer profiles will not have bio except emojis or have a fake-sounding email or do not have what true influencers posses such as email, and other information, which makes a credible profile, or verified profile. Apart from that, you can look out if they are limited to one social media platform. If they are then its sign of fake influencer because of most influencer work on many social media platforms.
  2. Followers with an unusual username and stock photo influencers who are fake generally buy followers from a different internet source to lure innocent clients. These different source overflow bots and spam profiles in fake influencer accounts to increase follower counts. If you see stock photos and unusual/spammy username, just turn your back. Interested young entrepreneurs, who want to promote their brand /service to grasp deep knowledge about SMM can just enroll themselves in Social Media Marketing Course. Though you cannot be sure to enlist an influencer “fake” having a few spam followers but a good way to start shortlisting the best influencer.
  3. Unreasonable Engagement Rates Fake influencer will not work hard to build a loyal follower base but try to find shortcuts to land a deal with big brands. Engagement rate refers to the percentage of likes, comments, and shares in relation to followers count. Marketers state the percentage of likes falls between 1% to 5% of the followers of an account. If you see unusual engagement rates, then turn your back because it takes a lot of hard work and time to get a good amount of engagements.
    One smart way to check, look for accounts who are in a hurry to like and comment the moment post went live, look that if they are following influencer you are engaged with. If they are not, then you are certainly dealing with a fake influencer because it's very unlikely to get 50%+ like and comment in the first 15 minutes and that too from accounts not following “influencer”.
  4. Generic Comments on most posts one more way is to look down in the comment section of earlier posts by an influencer. If it doesn’t look content specific to you then surely its fake. Most fake influencer post will consist of generic or repeated comments from followers such ‘great picture’ or ‘nice picture’


    Apart from that real influencer will never miss out on the chance to interact with its followers.
  5. Sudden enhancement in followers or engagement Getting engagement organically takes a lot of time and hard work, that why to beware of influencers who got a good amount of followers overnight. This sudden enhancement in followers count shows the influencer profile is not authentic. Well, not saying that this a hard and fast rule. There are cases, where people are getting a million followers overnight that doesn’t mean they have a fake profile. It can be the effect of any video or post going viral. You just need to look for tools like Social Blade, which give you historical data of influencer like this:


    Building a fake influencer profile on Instagram is easy, all these scammers do is buy followers and create their profile in such a way that it will look real to anyone but they cannot thug you. If you know how to grasp the right and not the fake influencer.

What else can you do to figure out the fake or true influencer AND not being scammed

  • Ask them about the past campaigns they did for others and if they procrastinate it, don’t go any further. And if they tell you, then you can review it and choose the best.
  • Always ask for actual examples, what do you think if someone faked their profile will they stop at lying you about their past. Don’t get lazy when reviewing Instagram Influencer past projects.


Getting in touch with the right influencer will bring good growth to your business by spreading your brand among the audience and aware people about product or service you deliver. According to the report, brands earn about $5.20 on every dollar they spend on an influencer, to reach that stage you need to be aware of fake influencer accounts. Still, there are many things a business or young entrepreneurs should learn before entering into the digital world of competitors. With that, a wise man would advise you to go for the Digital Marketing training and get complete knowledge of Digital Marketing.

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