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How Google Search Engine Works!!

By CTCDC.in | Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Crawling and site Audits


In our day to day life as we are observing that intensity of Google searches increasing regularly, everyone wants to take their business online and wants to rank at first page of search engine. Today we will understand about this that how exactly Google Search Engine works. For eg. if we want to go for a vacation to himachal, then we will search best places to visit in Himachal.
We get results as shown:
how google search engine works

How these searches appear on SERP (Search Engine Result Page)

 search engine result page
Ranking of webpages depends on thousands of factors but we don t need to understand all that. Some major factors are:

Density of focused keywords

When Google spiders or crawlers, crawls the content it will check about density of focused keywords. If the density is high then it will gives negative impact and if it is less then also it also results to negative, then whats the right number?
Ideal density of keywords must be 2-3% with respect to the content and majorly focus on phrase keywords. for eg.
Visiting places - single word keyword Visiting places in Himachal - Two word keyword Best places to visit in Himachal in summer - phrase keyword
Always try to keep ideal density and use phrase keywords.

How old your webpage is

There are around 300 webpages created every second, people make new sites in every minute but how long they remain stick with it matters. Not everyone continued there pages/sites for a long period. Therefore, the more old your domain is the more benefit you will get but the condition is that your content is always up to dated.

The number of internal & external link your pages have

Quality backlinks always matters, whether your webpage redirects to some external site or from some other sites traffic is directing on your webpage gives a positive impact. None of the above factor works individually, but all 3 are important wrt to one another.

Backend Working of Google Search Engine

Basicallly crawlers first crawl the content what we updated on server, it classified the content in different categories on the basis of title and description tag.Try to focus your primary keywords in title and description tag. During classification the content indexed according to categories and when user searches for anything, Google checks its dictionary and show results.
To know more about crawlers and indexing click here.
Here circle ends, result shows on the above factors.
Google has largest web network of spiders therefore, users and marketers recommend Google Search Engine for researches.

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