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Guest Blogging For SEO specialist: The Ultimate Guide(2019)

By CTCDC.in | Friday, June 28, 2019

Digital Marketing


The main principle for effective content marketing and link building strategy is to understand and execute guest post guidelines. Guest blogging is beneficial to a person who is looking for more traffic on site. Starting out by submitting a guest post is one of the best ways to start for expanding the website’s online presence, promoting useful content and institute quality & authority links.
Various websites all over the internet have set out a standard of practicing guest blogging and also set out guest blog post examples for 2019 by using some new technique & strategies in 2018 that brought more changes to how we all do search & SEO.
The functionality/goal of guest post blogging is providing a website ranking on search engine from quality content and as we all know that this function is acting useful for quite a time, down below is the 2019 guide of guest blogging to make your content visible & relevant.

Quality is dominance on the internet

Why I am saying the above statement because when users search on the internet they make sure they get most out from the abundance of choice on the internet when they access the internet on a regular basis. And if your content is relevant, informative & useful to the user than guest post definitely helps in bringing a good amount of quality. So to ensure your content is relevant, informative or quality driven, click this for successful content creation.
CTCDC digital marketing center provides training in content marketing and focuses on key elements such as- writing quality content and integrating this with other elements for granting a guest blog- the power of (sharing & reading). Some basic tips before writing something- Before writing about anything do your homework and gather accurate and reputable information about the particular topic because users always look, read & share the content of an author who they assume(by reading blog) has substantial knowledge about the topic the user is looking for.


Successional interviews

  • Effectual utilization of interviews: Interviews are the best ways to influence online users & bring valuable insights to the website. Finding interviews online is just a few clicks away, Crucial things such as- Good audio & video setup(for effective communication) to attracting a user to watch full interviews should not be missed out. What is most important is ideas & information and thanks to the internet and social media if it is quality driven than it will travel for a long time.
  • Unique Identity: if your writing style is unique/distinct than having such quality on your site will influence a lot of users to come back to your website to read articles.
  • Intelligently Choosing words: The usage of action words & strong statements will increase your website’s chances of getting good traffic because this wisely usage of words creates interest & curiosity among users. Asking questions in your title with having the right title for your article draws users to your website by creating a sense of wonder in them.

AI and CHATBOTS Boon over Human or Not?


Experiment and Explore: With millions of articles getting posted across the internet every day, there should be no doubt that a lot of topics you be thinking of writing have already been written in different forms. So keep that in mind and find your own unique way of writing on familiar topics by exploring different sources. And also get the benefit of different tools by using them and experimenting with them. For example, when I wrote about AI Chatbots Boon Over Human or not? I searched many sources to gain a better idea of what it can do.

The Right Pitch

Maybe we are finished with the guest post but the next challenge is to ‘How to pitch it on a website of your choice?’. Well, pitching seems difficult at first but getting rejection & gaining experience will nurture you and refine you. The important thing to remember is to learn about the person or site you are pitching to. Go for background search on a website that you want your post to appear on which will give you an idea that if their interest fits your topics.

Link Responsibly

As guest blogging is an important part of link building, well make sure that people click on them. The interesting thing is most websites allow a do-follow link to your website, along with the information that they provide the guest post of their own in return. Finding an anchor text that stimulates interest & curiosity of readers, and no doubt it can take a while to find it but never stop.
CTCDC digital marketing center provides training in content marketing and focuses on key elements such as- writing quality content and integrating this with other elements for granting a guest blog- the power of (sharing & reading).

Other Sources

Well exploring is not a bad idea. So here are some of the topics you must explore to boost your interest:

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