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Google Search Console and its Beneficial steps to fix your site

By CTCDC.in | Friday, June 28, 2019



Getting knowledge of how Google Search Engine works will only be beneficial if one understands, It’s an excellent usage of tools such as Google Search Console. If you don’t understand Google Search Console or its usage getting training in SEO is only the best thing you can do for the effectual working of your website. Here you will get a little idea about how Google Search Console helps in the proper functioning of your website. This free webmaster tool provided by Google is used for the smooth functioning of the website by quoting out what your site is lacking or struggling with. Google Search Console takes one step further by sharing data that you can’t find in Google Analytics.

Read this post to get insider insight on How to use Google Search Console for your overall site performance.

“Google’s Search Console” What is it?

Formerly known as “Google Webmaster Tools” diagnose everything your site has and gives you direct insight about search engines seeing your site. It’s functioning mainly includes offering data and configuration control for your website, checks errors on your website, sees broken pages & site indexing, etc. in addition, Google sends messages directly to you about hack attack, Malware warning, about bad linking practice penalty or other technical notices via Google Search Console. Google Search Console gives an overview of how Google Search Engine sees your site. Why app developers able to use this tool so good? It is because they have also explored SEO tools. They use it for deep linking for their apps (Making it mobile friendly) for handling crawl errors and much more.
Literally, it takes only a few minutes to get your site in the system.
Confirm it by heading to the homepage, enter your website URL into the bar & hit it

And now it's time to get detailed data on website traffic, ranking, search results, site errors, redirect issues bu to get that, here are some points that will benefit you:

Benefits of Google Search Console

  1. Identifies issues related to your website security:- Being on the Internet has its own disadvantages like getting hacked. Maybe your website is not that big but that doesn’t mean you are safe from getting hacked. And the problem becomes double if your website is an e-commerce website.
    But don’t worry because of Search Console aware you with quick and easy heads up about security issue problem. Just activate your security issue option on Google Search Console by going on the left side menu & clicking security issues option.
  2. Grasp common keywords people use to find you:- New Google Search Console provides you information regarding what countries people are coming from, their device & what keyword they used while searching. All you need to do is click on performance either on the left side menu or in the top-box in the main dashboard.
  3. Confirm working of schema mark-up & structured data:- How Google Search Console works is provide details on whether you need to make changes or your coding is right for categories such structured Data, Rich Cards, and Data Highlighter.
  4. Check broken links:-Click on each entry and Google Search Console will provide you information about a broken link like -problem with the link and it’s a location. Just go to the crawl section of Google Search Console and get details on every error to google founded when crawling your website.
  5. See which sites link to you:- Google Search Console gives information on each backlink & anchor text site uses most often for linking back to you. Also, it gives you more information on each backlink by clicking on the link listed.
  6. Improved UI:- New Google Search Console is redesigned to provide a premium level UI. As web developer will agree that without the clutter you will remain more focused and organized because of briefer monitoring and navigation in a new search console update.

Conclusion:No doubt Google Search Console will always be the best free SEO tool and with every new update help marketers manage SERPs appearance. And if you care about your website appearance and don’t know how to use Google tools.

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