Google Search Console API And App Feature Removal

By | Thursday, August 29, 2019

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From the current search console API, some features are to be removed and most features are related to android app search appearance types. Removing features makes sense because, from the new Google search console, app properties were removed by Google.
For dealing with this kind of thing, app developers were told by Google to transition to Google’s Firebase platform. The reason the appearances haven’t been populated is that in the UI these appearance types are no longer used, along with giving above information, Google also stated it won’t be showing these types through API.

Google API Console, API changes-

Following Search appearance types of app are no longer supported, said Google. Which are-
  • Is Install
  • Is App Universal
  • Is Opened
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Sitemaps API-

The indexing status(in the “indexed” field) of submitted sitemap files is no longer getting populated by the sitemaps API said by Google and without any official announcement the status was removed. So, in the indexed field, you (an SEO) shouldn’t expect to see this fact.
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Don’t think that Google is no longer working on search console, in fact, Google is currently working on replacing search console API with a new search console, which shows there commitment to update Google search console.
Why you should know- New search console features are going to be coming soon, which means a new search console API in the coming future. SEOs won’t see data anymore from the above-listed feature.

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