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Google Ads Vs Facebook Ads

By CTCDC.in | Saturday, July 27, 2019

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To prefer Google or prefer Facebook? That is the question. A billion dollar question (literally, check out both the companies’ revenues). The companies are arch-nemesis of each other. One administers the best search engine service while the other provides the best social media platform. Now the question arises (again) which is the best platform for marketing? Let’s analyze together.

Which Is The Best Advertising Platform

Google Ads and Facebook Business provide the most effective marketing stage for advertisers on the whole world wide web. But one must possess the knowledge of which one to use for what campaign. Google Ads allow you to display your advertisements on all the Google owned platforms.


On the other hand, Facebook Business allows your ads to crawl into the feeds, right column, stories, marketplace, and in-stream video of different Facebook accounts.


A quick FYI: These ads do not concern free ads on Google or facebook. We have invented SEO for that.

What Is Google Ads?

This is the ultimate Google owned online advertising platform which was established in 2000 and has helped businesses around the world garner some major acknowledgment since then. Google Ads allow paid ads to accumulate on the search engine results pages and allow a range of price options for both small businesses as well as the big sharks. Google Ads accommodates a plethora of features and services:
  • Google Ads Keyword Planner
  • AdWords Express
  • Google Ads Editor
  • Google Ads Manager Accounts
  • Reach Planner
  • IP address exclusion
  • Google Partners
  • Google Ads extensions
  • Google Click-to-Call

These features not only optimizes the user experience but also help the users understand and track their conversions.


What Are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads, which is christened by the name of Facebook Business, is a Facebook owned feature that provides advertisers to market their products on one or all Facebook owned platforms.


Through Facebook Ads Manager, you can track your advertisement and see it live on the platform you opted for it to be posted. Instagram is one such platform that benefits the advertiser enormously.

Facebook Vs. Google Advertising Revenue

Google Ads helped Google to earn a revenue of $39.92 billion last year, which contributes to 86% of its total revenue. On the other hand, Facebook, grossed $21 billion through its online advertising platform Facebook Business.

Facebook Vs. Google Advertising Cost

Facebook ads cost around $1.72 and allow your ads on Facebook in feed, right column, stories, and in-stream video, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram in feeds and stories. While the Google Ads pricing starts at $2.69 and provides ads placement options on Google and on search partners. The average click through rate of Google Ads is 3.17% and the average conversion rate is 3.75%. The Facebook offers 0.90% average CTR and 9.21% of average conversion rate.


Facebook Vs. Google Advertising: When To Use Which

Facebook is appropriate for advertising when you need to market your newly introduced product or service. It allows the viewer to know about the product even when he or she is not searching for it. On the other hand, Google ads are purely based on keywords and search engine page results. They show the ads only when the person is looking for it, except when the advertiser opts to show it in Google’s partner’s platforms.

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner: Who Is The Winner?

There is no clear winner in this bout. Paid advertisement is absolutely fruitful when the advertiser knows which campaigns to use where. In this situation, Google becomes as effective as Facebook and vice versa. This blog is not only focused on the clash between two giant corporations but also between SEM and SMM and which is the best effective Digital Marketing Strategy for promotion. The winner can only be determined by your subjectivity and the size of your business.

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